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When Josuke and Okuyasu try to help him by slandering him, Yukako kidnaps Koichi, determined to make him love her whilst holding him with her new Stand Love Deluxe. Locked inside an unfamiliar house, Koichi has to suffer Yukako's presence for a while. When she leaves, Koichi sends Echoes outside to call for help but is noticed by Yukako.

As she smashes open the house's door, Echoes evolves into ACT2 , Yukako is blown away by a sound effect. Despite Yukako trying to kill him, Koichi rescues her when she falls down a cliff; the boy is victorious and has grown, while Yukako tempers her love for him. Josuke and Okuyasu discover a strange Italian restaurant whose owner and chef Tonio Trussardi cooks dishes for Okuyasu.

They are extremely tasty, but cause strange effects on Okuyasu's body, leading Josuke to suspect a Stand attack. However, it is only a misunderstanding and Trussardi is in reality benevolent. Red Hot Chili Pepper finally reappears, attacking Josuke in his home but retreating quickly, unssatisfied with its current power.

Jotaro gathers the group in a field, aiming to be free of its range and explains the arrival Joseph Joestar in town to utilize his psychic Stand Hermit Purple to locate the user. However, Red Hot Chili Pepper has eavesdropped the plan and flees to the port. Okuyasu pursues Red Hot Chili Pepper but, although he manages to defeat it, Okuyasu makes the mistake of uncovering underground electrical cables and the enemy Stand escape.

As Joseph arrives at Morioh's docks, Jotaro and Okuyasu go to the boat to escort the old man. Meanwhile, Akira Otoishi reveals himself to Josuke and Koichi. Josuke manages to trap Red Hot Chili Pepper inside a rubber tire and when it punches a hole through it, it propels the tire into the ocean, dispersing its electric power. Okuyasu, having never seen Otoishi, manages to unmask him through dumb luck just as Red Hot Chili Pepper makes an attempt on Joseph's life.

Father and son finally meet. Otoishi 's Bow and Arrow are taken into the Speedwagon Foundation 's custody, fostering a temporary peace. Josuke and Joseph share an awkward moment before discovering Shizuka , an invisible baby of the Stand Achtung Baby apparently abandoned on the streets of Morioh. When Shizuka falls into a pond while invisible, Joseph manages to impress Josuke by using his own blood to discover her, and their relationship improves.

Joseph subsequently adopts Shizuka. Later, Koichi and Toshikazu Hazamada meet the eccentric mangaka Rohan Kishibe , the user of Heaven's Door which can transform anyone who sees his drawing into books. Rohan, very interested in Koichi because he makes a great comic character, forces him to come back to his house to dig further experiences from him.

Josuke and Okuyasu witness Koichi enter Rohan's house. They try to save Koichi but the mangaka's power is difficult to deal with. Rohan disables Okuyasu and forces Josuke to step inside his drawing room, the student closing his eyes to avoid being affected by Heaven's Door. However, Rohan taunts him about his hair and the youth literally becomes blind with rage.

Immune to Rohan's Stand, Josuke beats him down.

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How Josuke got his haircut is revealed, and Rohan is sent to the hospital. Later, Jotaro enlists Josuke 's help in hunting a rat Stand user. Josuke discovers the rat which uses Ratt , enabling it to melt anyone it shoots and narrowly defeats him. However, the existence of a second rat using the same Stand dubbed Bug-Eaten by Jotaro is revealed.

Jotaro and Josuke hunt Bug-Eaten but are lured into a disadvantageous terrain where the rat is free to snipe the two Stand users. Jotaro decides to use himself as bait, and Josuke manages to shoot the rodent, killing it. Out of the hospital, Rohan draws Koichi into helping with his research. The pair discovers a ghostly alley inhabited by Reimi Sugimoto , the victim of an unknown serial murderer over a decade prior, and her dog Arnold.

She begs Koichi and Rohan to find her killer, who continues to prey on the population of Morioh, and Rohan accepts her request. Rohan and Koichi also escape the malicious spirits of the alley who drag away anyone who looks behind their back into an unknown place. Yoshikage Kira is introduced, speaking as though on a date to the severed hand of a woman.

Striking a deal together, they accomplish several schemes in order to gather money, but the gains make Shigechi greedy. When the trio gets rich thanks to a winning lottery ticket, Shigechi steals the paycheck. After a chase through the streets and roofs of Morioh, Shigechi manages to corner Josuke and Okuyasu by injecting alcohol directing in their bloodstream.

However, Okuyasu uses The Hand to teleport the paycheck into his hand and Josuke tears it apart and throws the pieces into the wind. Shigechi sends Harvest after the pieces but is defenseless when Okuyasu punches him. The trio reconciles afterward. One day Yoshikage Kira enjoys a picknick with his girlfriend , a severed hand hidden inside a sandwich bag. Coincidentally Shigechi swaps bags with Kira by accident.

Although Kira tries to stealthily retrieves the hand, Shigechi discovers Kira's secret. Kira reveals his Killer Queen which can create bombs and kills Shigechi. The boy's last action is to send a button torn from Kira's jacket to Josuke via Harvest. Thus, the known Stand users of the town congregate and agree to collaborate in locating Kira and ending his depredations.

Yukako is still in love with Koichi but doesn't know how to repair their relationship. Following Joseph 's advice, she meets Aya Tsuji , the beautician, and manager of the Cinderella salon who makes women more attractive with Cinderella. Yukako manages to win Koichi's heart but forgets to put on her lipstick, rendering her ugly. When Yukako, Koichi, and Aya meet again in the latter's salon, Aya tests Koichi by having him choose Yukako's original face from a multitude of other faces.

When Koichi wants Aya to make him blind if he's mistaken, Aya is impressed by his love and gives Yukako her original face back. After Shigechi was murdered, leaving a single button behind as a clue, Jotaro and Koichi find the corresponding vest of Kira 's button in a shoe shop doubling as a clothing repair, where Kira attacks with his Stand's secondary power, Sheer Heart Attack , a miniature, invulnerable and threaded bomb.

Kira leaves before Jotaro and Koichi learn his identity. Even Star Platinum cannot harm it and Jotaro is defeated when he protects Koichi from an explosion. Although he easily defeats the boy and almost kills him, Jotaro intervenes and pummels Kira before fainting. Josuke and Okuyasu arrive and rescue their companions.

They then surround Kira, who cuts his hand and sics Sheer Heart Attack on them. Josuke uses Crazy Diamond to make Kira's hand fly back toward him to trail him, but the group learns that he has forced Aya Tsuji to alter his features with her Stand, killing her before she helps the group. Kira escapes with a new identity.

Yoshihiro traps Jotaro and Josuke inside a room with his esoteric powers and almost beheads them, but Jotaro captures him inside a photograph featuring only the ghost. Yoshihiro escapes with a second Bow and Arrow; aiming to create a group of Stand users in order to protect his hiding son.

Meanwhile, Kira is shown as having occupied the likeness, home and family of Kosaku Kawajiri. Formerly indifferent to her husband, Shinobu Kawajiri notices a change in "Kosaku"'s behavior, only to be charmed by him. In order to keep the heroes off his son, Yoshihiro Kira decides to create as many Stand Users as he can to sic them on those investigating him.

The first one he grants a Stand is a boy. Later, Rohan is challenged in a series of games of rock-paper-scissors by Ken Oyanagi. Rohan refuses but Ken harasses him into accepting a game. It is then that the mangaka discovers that the boy is the user of the new Stand Boy II Man , which can steal someone's power if he wins three rounds of rock-paper-scissors.

On the verge of losing, Rohan manages to use Shizuka 's power to make things invisible to save himself, transforming Ken's "scissors" into "rock" and wins a first time. He then completely defeats Ken in their game of rock-paper-scissors fair and square. Meanwhile at the Kawajiri, Yoshikage Kira labors to adapt to his new life and repress his murderous urges; provoking the suspicion of Kosaku's spying son, Hayato.

One day, Josuke and Okuyasu encounter Mikitaka Hazekura , proclaiming to be an alien with the shapeshifting ability Earth Wind and Fire. Eventually convinced, Josuke befriends Mikitaka and cooperates with him in cheating money from Rohan in a game of dice by having Mikitaka become the dice. Mikataka has difficulties maintaining the masquerade and Rohan eventually suspects Josuke of cheating.

Their game is interrupted anyway when Rohan accidentally sets his home on fire. Josuke and Mikitaka finally get away scot-free while Rohan's house is burned down because of a magnifying glass. Still sour about their game, Rohan meets Josuke again on a bus. Inside of a tunnel, he spots in the walls what appears to be a room in which a man bends over and severs the hand of an unconscious woman.

Unable to convince Josuke of what he's seen, Rohan investigates the tunnel alone. Is it then that the Stand Highway Star traps Rohan in the room and absorbs his life-force to heal its user. Josuke intervenes and decides to go look for the user. While Highway Star relentlessly pursues Josuke who rides a motorcycle across the streets of Morioh, the student calls Koichi who discovers the location of the enemy.

Josuke manages to reach the user, Yuya Fungami , and beats him down. Meanwhile at the Kawajiris, Shinobu Kawajiri accidentally kills the cat Tama. However, Kira finds it resurrected as a plant using the Stand Stray Cat. Kira and Stray Cat fight briefly and Kira has difficulties against the air-controlling Stand.

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Never to scared to try new things. Archived from the original on April 9, Tobias had been a top foreign aid adviser in the State Department until his resignation on April 27 after he acknowledged to Mr. Please contact us at: Josuke and Okuyasu arrive and rescue their companions. We want those people gone as much as you!

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