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The markets are taking a long deep brerat this morning. Two former students alleged he abused them. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow Pages directory, including proximity to where you are searching, expertise in the specific services or products you need, and comprehensive business information to help evaluate a business's suitability for you. This is followed by the typical post-traumatic response of numbing and constriction, resulting in inactivity, depression, self-blame, and feelings of helplessness. Suit also alleges that there were 9 other victims, including 2 minor males. One man said he reported his abuse, including sodomy, in Shown in release of documents to have "maneuvered behind the scenes to shield molester priests, provide damage control for the church and keep parishioners in the dark about sexual abuse in their parishes.

The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma

I've walked thru Chinatown late at night and have not seen any - I'll be surprised if someone says that's a thriving area for prostitution. Originally Posted by mmyk Originally Posted by sean Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick.

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Page 2 of 3. Boston 30 posts, read , times Reputation: Originally Posted by chaxey Honestly, I had a quick dinner at Del Frisco's down on the waterfront last night and the place was infested with what HAD to be high dollar half-hookers Boston 7, posts, read 15,, times Reputation: Boston, MA 1, posts, read 3,, times Reputation: Originally Posted by Urban Peasant Those are probably high priced call girls that are less likely to be prosecuted than ordinary streetwalkers.

We'll certainly look into it. She said neither Mr. Brady nor the Secret Service would comment on additional matters involved in a criminal investigation by the U. Attorney's Office of the homosexual prostitution ring that Mr. Spence patronized. White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater and several of his deputies have said repeatedly that they do not know if Mr. Bush considered it appropriate for male prostitutes to be touring the White House at 1 a.

Yesterday, while talking informally to several reporters at the White House, Mr. Fitzwater parried one question this way: Fitzwater has not held a general briefing since before the prostitution ring stories broke, largely because of the holiday weekend and because administration experts gave briefings on Mr.

Bush's European trip, which begins Sunday. The last of those briefings was scheduled for today, but Mr. Fitzwater reportedly was considering holding a general briefing as well, his first in nine days. Fitzwater and his staff have declined consistently to say if they would take the question to Mr.

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Bush, a practice done only rarely and generally only on matters they expect the president might be willing to discuss.

One senior official, who insisted on anonymity, said it was unlikely any staff member would ask Mr. Bush such a question, discounting any threats to security and portraying it as a sordid sex matter beneath presidential dignity. Photo, Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady concedes a probe is under way.

Spence, the Washington lobbyist and power broker, was the subject of a Secret Service investigation even before a February raid on a homosexual prostitution ring to which he has been linked, The Washington Times has learned. Spence arranged at least four midnight tours of the White House, including one June 29, , on which he took with him a year-old boy whom he falsely identified as his son.

The Secret Service last week expanded its investigation with inquiries about friends and associates of Mr. Two of those friends are former U. Attorney Joseph diGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, a former deputy assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's criminal division. During interviews last week with friends and associates of Mr. Spence, the Secret Service made copies of photographs from a July 4, , party showing him mugging for the camera with Mr.

It was on that same weekend that Mr. Spence arranged a 1 a. The Secret Service also wants to talk to Mr. Spence, but has been unable to locate him, according to persons the agents have interviewed. He has been interviewed twice by The Times over the past two weeks. In the first conversation, he described a fleeting contact with Mr. Spence which, he said, was based solely on mutual business interests.

In a second conversation, he said he attended a few of Mr. Spence's parties, as U. Business contacts made on the trip proved fruitful and are still being pursued, he said. Spence] might be using cocaine. Well, of course my antennae went up right away, and I checked those rumors out. He said he didn't report his findings or concerns to authorities.

Although the Secret Service hasn't said what sparked its interest in Mr. Spence, one of the persons questioned by the Secret Service said investigators appeared to be "interested" in the connections the lobbyist had made. The Secret Service was the lead agency in a Feb.

The federal investigation, headed by the office of U. Attorney Jay Stephens and conducted by Secret Service agents, appears to be aimed at determining whether Reagan and Bush administration officials and others were compromised by Mr. Spence, through the use of female and male prostitutes and with electronic audio and video eavesdropping at parties at his house in the fashionable Kalorama neighborhood in Northwest Washington.

Another focus of the probe, persons interviewed by the Secret Service have told this newspaper, is whether White House security was compromised by the late-night tours arranged by Mr. Stephens has said only that his office is investigating "possible credit-card fraud" in connection with arrests made in the 34th Place raid.

Spence's activities. Secret Service agents on Friday also asked a former Spence colleague detailed questions about attempts by the lobbyist to obtain information about the Delta Force, an elite U. Spence had given a gold Rolex watch to a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who is now associated with Army anti-terrorist units.

Later, according to the former friend, Mr. Spence alluded to the gift of the watch and asked the veteran detailed questions about the Delta Force operations. Spence but said Mr. Spence had asked for nothing in return. Spence collected key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, media celebrities and high-ranking military officers, among others, for his glittery dinner parties at his Kalorama home.

According to friends, visitors to Mr. Spence's Wyoming Avenue NW house and records, the host eavesdropped on some gatherings to compromise guests and blackmailed some associates with threats to disclose their indiscretions. Prior to that, he was an assistant U. In , as chief counsel for the Senate Rules Committee, Mr. From June to April , Mr. Miss Toensing, who also is in private practice, was chief counsel for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence from to when she resigned to join the Justice Department as a deputy assistant attorney general.

At Justice, she headed the criminal division's procurement fraud unit and was instrumental in a number of high-profile indictments, including several involving General Dynamics. She also was responsible for the investigation and prosecution of terrorists. A number of photographs, including more than a dozen from the 1 a.

White House tour, were taken over the July Fourth weekend in by a participant in Mr. Spence's revelries. The photos, copies of which were obtained last week by The Times, have been reviewed by the Secret Service. Of the several snapshots of the July 4, , tour reviewed by the Secret Service, only two - both of which included Mr.

Craig Spence was a registered lobbyist for several Japanese firms through and established close friendships with a number of leading Japanese politicians, including Motoo Shiina, considered by Tokyo analysts to be an inside favorite to replace scandal-plagued Sousuke Uno as prime minister. Spence and Mr. By the time a lawsuit filed by Mr. Shiina over the property was settled, the Japanese official had admitted in court papers to giving Mr.

Spence has told several current and former friends that he obtained the money to buy the house by blackmailing Mr. Shiina has denied he was blackmailed by Mr. The lobbyist moved in November from the Kalorama house, on Wyoming Avenue, to an apartment on Massachusetts Avenue NW, but apparently his operations remained unchanged.

A female prostitute who worked for the escort service that supplied Mr. Spence with call boys, said he hired her to have sex with young military men in his part-time employ. The prostitute, describing herself as retired, said Mr. Spence ordered her to engage in those assignations in certain specific locations in his Massachusetts Avenue apartment, enabling him to eavesdrop on the encounters.

One of her clients, an enlisted man stationed at a local Army base, confirmed that he worked for Mr. Spence, and the prostitute's account. Spence's influence with the Washington power elite appeared almost limitless, demonstrated by his ability to arrange midnight tours of the White House. The Times has confirmed that Mr.

One man Mr. Spence apparently cultivated was a uniformed Secret Service officer assigned to the midnight shift at the White House. The officer, Reginald A. Five Secret Service agents, armed with search warrants, searched his house for nearly two hours Friday night, although they wouldn't say what they were looking for.

The agents seized several photographs from Mr. According to one law enforcement official, Mr. Spence right and former U. Attorney Joseph diGenova watch Mr. The tour, arranged by Craig J. Spence, is the subject of a Secret Service probe. The photo was taken by another tour pa[rticipant. Due to an editing error, a story Monday in The Washington Times incorrectly said that photographs of former U.

Attorney Joseph diGenova and his wife, Victoria Toensing, an ex-deputy assistant attorney general, were taken during a July 3, , tour of the White House arranged by former Washington lobbyist Craig J. Toensing did not go on the July 3 tour, which, according to one participant included two male prositutes.

However, the couple did attend a party at Mr. Spence's house on the same weekend, during which the photographs were taken. The magazine "Shukan Shincho," a popular weekly, raised past allegations that Mr. Shiina leaked sensitive U. Shiina, 54, a member of Japan's lower House of Representatives, has been keeping an extremely low profile lately amid a swirling scandal involving his relationship with Craig J.

Spence, a onetime U. Shiina has declined to answer telephone inquiries on his dealings with Mr. Spence, but has responded cautiously to direct questions through a lawyer, Chikahiko Soda. The questions have dealt mainly with a loan by Mr. Shiina to Mr. Spence to purchase the Wyoming Avenue NW house where homosexual parties took place.

Shiina's] involvement in any of this is true, then it would create a serious political problem for Shiina and his political life will probably be damaged considerably," said Hisao Imai, a well-known Japanese political commentator. Imai, head of the Japan Commentators Association and a former political editor of Sankei Shimbun newspaper, said yesterday that there is hope among younger ruling Liberal Democratic Party members that Mr.

Shiina will be a future party leader or even prime minister. Imai said. Shiina is touted as a rising star is that he has been previously untainted by any scandal and he is an internationalist," said another political commentator, Kan Ito. With his own independent style of diplomacy he has established himself as a leading expert on U.

Although several Diet members speaking anonymously yesterday described Mr. Shiina as a "true internationalist" and "good friend of the United States," one Japanese magazine came close to calling him a spy for the Soviet Union. Shiina to photograph on microfilm specifications of the new F fighter. In exchange, the newsman was quoted as saying, Mr.

Shiina agreed to lobby for the company's involvement in the joint U. The magazine noted that stories surfaced in Japan that the technical data of the F was leaked to the Soviet Union by "the son of an influential Japanese politician. Ito said yesterday, "Any charges that he is soft on the Soviet Union doesn't add up in my opinion.

He's always speaking out about the Soviet buildup in Northeast Asia. Ito also said, "Mr. Shiina is regarded as well-informed on foreign affairs and defense matters and has been known to criticize both ruling and opposition members for talking nonsense on those subjects in the Diet. He said some rumors hold that the Central Intelligence Agency cooked up the whole thing to discredit Mr.

Shiina is not such a bad guy as was described in recent Japanese periodicals' reports," said Mr. But because of this scandalous news, he may have some difficulties in reaching a Cabinet post or beyond. Shiina was closely associated with Mr. Spence was quite a shock to LDP members and those in the Diet. But a possible examination into the matter will not come before the July 23 Upper House elections for which they are waging an unprecedentedly defensive campaign," he said.

An article profiling Mr. Shiina published 10 years ago in The Daily Yomiuri English-language newspaper began: Meanwhile, outside, the gently falling snow had blanketed Shiina's quite ample garden, giving up an impression of serene quiet. Shiina spent his campus days at Nagoya University, graduating in with a major in nuclear physics, a field in which he was awarded a scholarship by the U.

State Department for one-year's study of nuclear reactors at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. Leaving his infant daughter behind with his mother, a friend was found to sponsor Hideko's stay in the United States. On his return to Japan in , the younger Shiina set up his own company which manufactures precision instruments.

He founded two other companies, one a joint venture with an American firm, according to newspaper reports that provided no additional details. Shiina's lawyer said yesterday of his client's business affairs, only that he resigned as an officer of the Tokyo-registered company Samutaku Co. In addition, Mr. Shiina told a reporter at the time that World Economic Information Service collates and studies economic information from all over the world for the guidance of the Japanese government and business world.

Shiina told an interviewer prior to his first election that he devoted much time to a private organization called Participation which sent out Japanese artists and musicians to various Southeast Asian countries. Shiina and Mr. Shiina's Policy Study Group. Spence also bought a Kalorama house using cash loaned to him by Mr.

When he refused to pay back the loan, Mr. Shiina sued. Bush added that "I'm not into all of this" and said it was "good" that The Washington Post wasn't following The Times' story. Speaking publicly for the first time about the July 3, , tour arranged by former Washington lobbyist Craig J. Spence, Mrs.

Bush said she and her husband have no fears of a security breach. Bush, noting that she reads all of the stories printed in the Daily Press Summary, a half-inch thick digest of stories in the print and electronic media, said the reports about the scandal uncovered by The Washington Times haven't alarmed her.

Presidential spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said the service hasn't raised security concerns for the White House as a result of the probe. White House officials have said that the midnight tours such as those arranged for Mr. Spence do not threaten the First Family's security because they are allowed only in office areas and not the residence.

The tours for Mr. Spence, who has been linked to a federal investigation of a Washington homosexual prostitution ring that catered to government, media and business officials, were set up by Reginald A. Fitzwater said the Secret Service is "looking into the action" of the officer. White House officials have said any staff member with the proper credentials such as those held by Mr.

The tours commonly include a view of the Oval Office. No one knows who these guys are," said one administration official, referring to the associates of Mr. Spence named so far in The Times. But, he added, the White House continues to closely follow the story. Spence, has placed a third White House guard on administrative leave.

The June 29 tour, according to several of Mr. Spence's friends, occurred after the Washington lobbyist visited the ABC television studios of Nightline and introduced a year-old boy, identified as his son, Will, to anchorman Ted Koppel. Secret Service officials also interviewed a captain on the White House security detail for more than seven hours over the weekend, although he remains on the job, according to law enforcement officials.

The reason for the lengthy questioning of Capt. Joseph Shober - four hours Saturday and three hours Sunday - was not immediately known, and Capt. Shober was not available yesterday for comment. He was the supervisor of Officer Reginald A. The uniformed Secret Service officer who was placed on administrative leave Monday night, whom Secret Service spokesman Rich Adams refused to identify, worked some of the same midnight shifts as Officer deGueldre and another uniformed guard placed on administrative leave last week.

Adams also declined to comment on why the third officer was relieved of his duties or why Capt. Shober was questioned. Just because we're talking to someone does not make them a subject of the investigation. Spence and attended by several of his friends. Officer deGueldre has acknowledged knowing Mr. Spence and attending parties the Washington lobbyist held at his Wyoming Avenue mansion.

The officer also admitted during interrogation by the Secret Service, according to an affidavit filed in U. District Court, that he removed valuable china and other items from the White House, some of which ended up in Mr. It is not clear what Mr. Spence, if anything, or what favors might have been expected. The officer has denied any wrongdoing. Spence's name surfaced following a Feb.

Spence has not been available for comment. Alleged credit card fraud involving a number of escort services that sent male prostitutes to the 34th Place house is currently under investigation by the office of U. Attorney Jay Stephens. Stephens has declined to discuss the matter. The Secret Service has jurisdiction over credit card crimes.

According to several people who were on the White House tours arranged by Mr. Spence, the Washington lobbyist put together at least four tours of the presidential mansion last year, two of which - June 29 and Nov. Several of the persons who went on the White House tours have been interviewed by the Secret Service about Mr.

Those interviewed said investigators were concerned about possible security breaches and about Mr. Spence's connections to well-placed military and government officials, but that the agents did not elaborate. One tour participant said some of the items allegedly taken out of the White House by Mr. The participant said Mr. A portion of the editorial said: This is the same person whose story of a severed head was looked into.

Neither tale could be verified. We hear about it in the news and we see some kid dressed in black with suicidal lyrics.. A1 Friday, July 28, T hree female prostitutes took part in a sex party at the Australian Embassy in November that included several members of the embassy staff, according to one of the women involved who worked for an escort service now under federal investigation.

She said she had been to Mr. Spence's house on at least four occasions and that during each visit she had sex with young soldiers whom Mr. Spence bragged he was blackmailing The prostitutes had sex with at least three men each during the party that lasted a little longer than three hours, said the woman. The young blonde former prostitute, who asked that she not be identified, described the men she had sex with as middle-aged, adding, "We're not talking Crocodile Dundee here.

The former prostitute also said she had sexual encounters with U. Spence, a major client of the male call-boy ring, and with a high-ranking Canadian diplomat at his waterfront Georgetown home. She provided details about her jobs, including the names of some clients, which have been confirmed by The Washington Times.

Both the diplomat and one of Mr. Spence's soldier-bodyguards have admitted they had sex with the woman under the exact circumstances she described. The U. Attorney's Office is probing alleged credit card fraud involving the escort services, and the Secret Service is looking into possible security breaches that may have occurred during late-night tours of the White House arranged by Mr.

Spence for his friends. Two male prostitutes went on one of the tours, according to a person who participated in the 1 a. White House walk-through. The former prostitute, who was interviewed on several occasions by The Times, described in detail paid sexual meetings with foreign diplomats, both in their homes and in Massachusetts Avenue embassies, scheduled through Jet Set, the escort service which the woman said supplied the Australian Embassy party.

The woman said that during the late afternoon November embassy party, the group, which included the two other women she came with, a few other women she believed were prostitutes and a dozen or more men, met in one large office-type room. The men never identified themselves beyond first names, she said. We were there for one thing. Australian Embassy officials, when told on July 6 of the woman's allegations concerning the party, originally said they would turn the information over to U.

Attorney Jay Stephens for a full investigation. However, John McCarthy, minister of congressional liaison for the embassy, said during a second interview with The Times that he and his staff had conducted an extensive internal investigation - coordinated by Australian Federal Police stationed at the embassy - and, while not ruling out the possibility that the November affair had occurred, had concluded that the woman's story was "improbable.

A story concerning the allegations ran yesterday on an Australian network news program. It was my feeling she was telling the truth," he said. Coghlan said the factors which led to the embassy staff concluding the episode probably did not occur did not impress him, and that he found the woman's depiction of the event consistent with his knowledge of the embassy and Australian customs.

Neale Prior, a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald, said his newspaper published a story yesterday recounting the television report. He said the paper planned a follow-up account in today's editions. Prior said yesterday. We haven't been able to take it any further. Singh said. One of the prostitutes employed by Mr. Singh said she was given a W-2 form at the end of the year listing her job as "escort.

The Canadian official originally denied the encounter. But after he was provided with detailed information about himself, his habits and his Georgetown home - all described by the former prostitute - he said his personal life was "none of the newspaper's business" and asked that his name not be used to spare him embarrassment.

Wesley Pruden, managing editor of The Times, said when the newspaper first broke the sex ring story that names of participants would not be made public unless their involvement appeared to compromise U. The former prostitute, who has taken a legitimate job and said she has put her past behind her, also in a relatively brief period had sexual liaisons with a number of wealthy businessmen while working for an escort service at 34th Place NW, which federal authorities raided in February, according to her recollections and diaries she kept at the time.

The service was one of several that, according to federal authorities and others, accepted cash, checks and credit cards to pay for prostitution activities - from both men and women. The former prostitute said she had worked on numerous occasions for Mr. Spence, the once powerful Washington lobbyist whose name has surfaced in the probe of the homosexual prostitution ring.

Spence bragged he was blackmailing. One of the soldiers, now working on a prestigious detail at Fort Myer, admitted he worked for Mr. Spence, and also that he spent time with a female prostitute while at Mr. Spence's Massachusetts Avenue apartment.

He said he was paid several hundred dollars to provide security at various parties Mr. Spence hosted. The former prostitute said on one occasion Mr. Spence forced her to take a bath with two men and him, which degenerated into "an unhappy outing. Spence had shown pictures of them having sex to the soldier's wife and that it led to a separation.

The soldier told her that Mr. Spence initially blackmailed him into "beating up a couple guys" to keep his wife from finding out, she said. Spence "burned him anyway" because the soldier refused to have sex with him, the woman said. Photo, The Australian embassy in Washington.

A lot of people say they know, but the sightings of Mr. Spence, the mysterious Washington lobbyist who wined and dined the city's power elite while patronizing a call-boy ring now under U. Some friends of Mr. Spence cling to the fanciful story - told often by the shadowy lobbyist - that he is on "one last desperate mission" for the CIA.

He often predicted his own demise, cautioning friends not to take any account of his death at face value. He Mr. Spence, not Elvis was seen on a bus at 28th and P streets last week. Or the flamboyant Washington influence peddler recently made several appearances at a Georgetown disco - sans cape.

Or the man the U. Secret Service has sought - apparently unsuccessfully - to answer questions about midnight tours of the White House, is hiding out in a friend's New York City apartment. Or he's curled up along a canal in Italy with his favorite book, "Death in Venice. Or he's at his boyhood hometown, Boston - or was that in New Hampshire?

One member of Washington's netherworld, a procurer of prostitutes who claimed to have subcontracted lots of work for Mr. Spence, says he knows for a fact that Mr. Spence has been staying in Clearwater, Fla. Reporters investigating that particular late-night tip lost enthusiasm when they found out the lawyer had died in January.

The woman said she attended Boston University with Mr. Spence in the s and that for two years he faked an Australian accent, that only through recent press accounts did certain old friends learn that he had not been the Australian exchange student he said he was. Recently, Secret Service agents investigating how Mr. Spence might have breached White House security with late-night tours searched with a warrant his Massachusetts Avenue apartment.

The building manager said federal authorities had searched the apartment at least twice. One tenant of the building reported agents were staking out the place and "looking very obvious. Spence had led some of his friends to believe that he was seriously - perhaps even terminally - ill.

To others, he fostered the image of a man pursuing one last main chance in the Far East or in Europe. His recent activity was quite a departure from a man who once created the illusion of great influence. When Mr. Spence resurfaces, he must deal with a federal investigation headed by the office of U.

Stephens' office insists for the record it's an investigation of credit-card fraud. But other law enforcement authorities, among others, say the Secret Service was interested in Mr. Spence even before the February raid on a homosexual-prostitution ring headquarters that led to the capital's summer scandal. One person the Secret Service questioned for more than three hours said investigators were "interested" in Mr.

Spence's connections to well-placed government and military officials. This person, one of six who took a July White House tour arranged by Mr. Spence, said Secret Service investigators indicated that their concern about the former lobbyist "did not result as an outgrowth of the February raid.

Spence's activities were "not specifically and singularly tied to credit-card fraud," as suggested by Mr. The service still won't talk about what it's doing. While Mr. Spence has been a scarce commodity in the flesh, his spirit lingers among many of his friends. Several say they have experienced a rash of hang-up calls at odd hours.

A1 Wednesday, August 9, NEW YORK - H e must have thought he was still wearing his red-lined black cape, his wide-brimmed black felt hat and his trademark silk handkerchief dangling at a precise angle from his tailored Edwardian-cut suit. Spence asked, his hand fondling the razor blade like the flesh of a lover.

His plain white knit shirt was wrinkled and soiled, with smudge marks on the back and shoulders from a night on a bench in Central Park. His high-top white Reebok athletic shoes were scuffed, his pants rumpled and loose. With his belt missing, an unshaven Craig J. Spence - the onetime Washington lobbyist of the rich and powerful who is a focus of a federal investigation - kept tugging at his pleated khaki pants to keep them from falling down.

The interview ran from midafternoon Monday until shortly before midnight. Federal authorities have been pursuing him as part of an investigation into allegations of credit-card fraud involving a Washington-based homosexual prostitution ring he frequented and possible security breaches during late-night tours of the White House that he arranged.

After an initial and volatile discussion about suicide and a tense moment in a narrow hallway during which he menaced two reporters with the razor, Mr. Spence decided to hold court to "impart a few words of wisdom" and to "educate the unwashed" about journalism, politics, government operations, life and death.

Spence's recollections of times past are filled with the names of many of Washington's powerful and those of influential men and women from other countries. Most of the claims are documented in dozens of filings at the Department of Justice, which are required of lobbyists who work for foreign governments. What they all had in common, Mr. Spence said, was that they used him for their personal gain, and when things went bad, they forgot his name.

Spence picked continually at his nose and rubbed his finger across the outline of his shabby mustache. He snorted and coughed up mucus. He constantly rubbed his left eye until it was red, and he said his vision was blurred. He refused to answer inquiries he deemed "stupid" and said several times he was going to "terminate" the interview, jumping out of a chair to run to the door.

He nearly left on one occasion but couldn't figure out how the locks on the sturdy wooden door worked. Spence threatened on four occasions to kill himself. He had planned to do so last week, he said, but New York City police had taken away his loaded 9mm handgun.

Spence said. He fingered the dispenser constantly throughout the interview, pushing one of the blades halfway out to create a knifelike effect. Spence said, his right hand moving the razor slowly along his outstretched left arm. There was silence for a few seconds, then he spoke. You should know that by now," Mr. His threat soon ended, however, when he remembered he hadn't eaten dinner.

His credit charges had exceeded the card's limit, and he had had no cash to make up the difference. Once he arrived at a nearby restaurant, Ronasi Ristoranti Italiano, Mr. Spence's mood changed again. He became loud and demanding, ordering the waiters around with the snap of his fingers and shouting various vulgarities obviously aimed at shocking both the restaurant's employees and its patrons.

He issued cooking instructions to the chef and chastised the busboys for almost everything. Spence, a frequent visitor to Italy, found nothing on the menu to his liking. He ordered a special pasta dish with red, white and green noodles - "just like the Italian flag, but you probably didn't know that," he shouted at the waiter. He demanded minestrone soup, but only after being assured that the vegetables in it were fresh.

He complimented one of the reporters for his choice of wines, selected only because it happened to be the least expensive on the menu, and then proceeded to order three bottles of it. While lecturing those at his table on proper etiquette, Mr. Spence spilled his wine, knocked over his water glass which flooded his appetizer of baked clams and blew his nose on the white linen tablecloth.

After ordering chocolate cake for dessert, he berated the waiter because the piece was too small. Spence shouted. His waiter's benediction, "enjoy," seemed forced. At the dinner's end, Mr. He said he'd be available to continue the interview in an hour. To enter this website you declare you are over 18 years old and agree with the Terms Of Service. Please accept the Privacy Policy below:.

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