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From its consummate symmetry of form a faux door was even installed in one room to preserve the symmetry to the restored mauve walls of the attic church, Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder has an appearance to match its incredible history. Explore the world. Prostitution in the Netherlands Prostitution in the Dutch Caribbean. In , the government of the Netherlands began to take steps to decriminalize the use and possession of cannabis by changing the law so that possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis was no longer a criminal offense. The walled canals led to the names De Wallen and Walletjes little walls. We want to redefine the experience of discovering the world through the maps.

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From its consummate symmetry of form a faux door was even installed in one room to preserve the symmetry to the restored mauve walls of the attic church, Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder has an appearance to match its incredible history. Learn how versatile cannabis can be - from its promise as "wonder fiber" to medicinal properties - in the museum's informative exhibits.

Erotic Museum Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54 - This erotica museum, one of two in the Dutch capital the other, the Sex Museum, is located on Damrak , offers a three-floor exhibit that touches on the district's history, the erotic art of John Lennon , and more, but its desultory focus makes it feel rather like a stash of random odds and ends with sex as their common denominator.

Continue to 3 of 5 below. Condomerie het Gulden Vlies Warmoesstraat - The first specialist condom shop in the world, the "Golden Fleece" opened its doors in , and since then has attracted the curious stares of passersby. The variety of sizes, colors, textures, and flavors reminds me of the motto of my favorite eyewear store in Manhattan: Warmoesstraat 67 - Rarely can I resist the lovely scents that waft from Geels, a coffee and tea specialist that's even older than it looks; founded in , its industry experience makes it the ideal curator of the modest coffee and tea museum on its premises museum hours Saturday, 2 - 4: Jouw Stoute Schoenen Oudzijds Achterburgwal - This modern-day artisan shoemaker revives a lost art with her hand-made footwear, made to order based on each customer's individual whims.

Courses and workshops are also offered at the boutique-cum-studio, from leatherwork to DIY pumps and boots. Today, the store specializes in fine prints of Old Amsterdam and maps of all scopes, from small Dutch towns to the world. WonderWood Rusland 3 - WonderWood far surpasses its prosaic description as a store that sells plywood furniture mostly chairs ; it elevates its craft to an art with its replicas of plywood classics and unique silhouette sculpture, not to mention a fine selection of retro plywood finds.

Continue to 4 of 5 below. The continental menu takes French cuisine as its basis, which it splices with Italian and Spanish elements. De Prael - De Prael Brewery connects its two public faces, a retail store Oudezijds Voorburgwal 30 and pub Oudezijds Armsteeg 26 located just around the corner from one another.

The only brewery in the heart of Amsterdam, beer lovers can take a tour of the plant, browse their beers and beer-laced products such as cheese, mustard, and preserves, or knock back a few of their small-batch brews, each one named after a Dutch crooner. Kapitein Zeppos Gebed Zonder End 5 - Tucked into an alleyway just outside De Wallen's boundaries, Kapitein Zeppos is worth the detour outside the debauched district for some decadence of its own: Metropolitan Deli Warmoesstraat - This all-weather winner doles out inventive and intensely flavorful ice cream, from delicate cactus to potent black cherry, as well as velvety-smooth hot cocoa and other chocolate treats.

Restaurant Tibet Lange Niezel 24 - Restaurant Tibet offers a hybrid menu of Tibetan and Han cuisine, and never has a dish been a disappointment. Intricately painted beams and vivid Tibetan textiles lend the restaurant an attractively homey feel. Continue to 5 of 5 below. Vice in De Wallen. While some opt for private encounters with city sex workers, others - especially couples and bachelorette parties - prefer to enjoy them from a distance, at one of De Wallen's live sex shows: Casa Rosso Oudezijds Achterburgwal - Open daily, 7 p.

This detailed map of De Wallen is provided by Google. Use the buttons under the map to switch to different map types provided by Maphill itself. Each map style has its advantages. Yes, this road map is nice. But there is good chance you will like other map styles even more. Select another style in the above table and look at this area from a different view.

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No, it is not possible to capture all the beauty in the map. You have to come and see it for yourself. If any of Maphill's maps inspire you to visit De Wallen, we would like to offer you access to wide selection of hotels at low prices and with great customer service.

Compare hotels prices, book online and save money. Thanks to our partnership with Booking. See the full list of destinations in Netherlands or choose from the below listed cities. It's neither this road detailed map nor any other of the many millions of maps. The value of a map gallery is not determined by the number of pictures, but by the possibility to see the world from many different perspectives.

We unlock the value hidden in the geographic data. Thanks to automating the complex process of turning data into map graphics, we are able to create maps in higher quality, faster and cheaper than was possible before. We created Maphill to make the web a more beautiful place.

Without you having to pay for it. Maphill maps are and will always be available for free. Do you think the maps are too beautiful not to be painted? No, this is not art. All detailed maps of De Wallen are created based on real Earth data. This is how the world looks like.

This map is available in a common image format. You can copy, print or embed the map very easily. Just like any other image. The value of Maphill lies in the possibility to look at the same area from several perspectives. Maphill presents the map of De Wallen in a wide variety of map types and styles. We build each detailed map individually with regard to the characteristics of the map area and the chosen graphic style.

Maps are assembled and kept in a high resolution vector format throughout the entire process of their creation. Maphill maps will never be as detailed as Google maps or as precise as designed by professional cartographers. Our goal is different. We want to redefine the experience of discovering the world through the maps.

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Married men and priests were forbidden to enter the area. The Prostitute Information Centre, founded in the s, is a prostitute-led organisation offering tours of the area and information concerning safety and the rights of the people involved. The URL of this site will be included automatically. Man negotiating with a sex worker. Join one of our super interesting walking tours with a local guide. Today these alleys are blocked by locked gates although the remains of some bricked over windows can be seen in the architecture. Always bear in mind that with Maplandia.

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While it isn't as overloaded with shops and boutiques as retail hotspots like P. Search for hotels in. Popular searches A list of the most popular locations in Netherlands as searched by our visitors. Simply fill in the e-mail address and name of the person you wish to tell about Maplandia.

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Our goal is different. Terrain map shows physical features of the landscape.

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