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Reviews, Awards and Kudos for these Websites. She is from Paris, France, but now lives on a river in Ontario, Canada. I have been looking for answers everywhere outside of me and never could find Joy and Peace for long time! Worked as a Physiotherapist in London and Switzerland. Breathe Deeply with Anni Ashland, Oregon.

Positive Aspects Of Lingam Massage Through Tantric Massage in Portland Oregon

I am passionate about working with Transformational Breath and I share this experience with others during individual sessions and workshops. I work and give conferences in Belgium and France. I'll act as a guide for any person who wants to contact his or her fundamental essence while respecting this person's own rhythm of evolution.

My background is scientific and I am a trained teacher. I use biological decoding taught by Claude Sabbah and Shamballa in addition to Transformational Breath. I was trained and certified in Transformational Breath by Judith Kravitz herself. I have taught Transformational Breath since Je pratique la respiration T.

I am sharing the power of Transformational Breath since It is my mission to share the amazing results with anyone who is interested in the fantastic healing effects of this method. Please contact me for individual sessions, workshops and trainings. Also available in the Netherlands. Transformational Breath has brought me to my mission.

It has led me to a path of love and full acceptance of who I am, and it makes me dare to follow my heart. I now feel free to love, free to be myself and to show off my inner strength, which was always there but never before could reveal itself to me.

I am now freed from my fears and shortcomings and able to embrace the beauty of my Inner Strength in all its glory. I enjoy accompanying others in their process of gaining full self-acceptance. As a kindergarten teacher I also help children on the right track to personal development and self-fulfillment.

I also do Breathwork in Holland, France and Switzerland. Notre respiration est notre meilleur amie, elle est avec nous tout le temps; chaque seconde de notre vie. Une transformation permanente est possible! Our breath is our best friend, something that is with us all the time; every second of our life.

Learning to breathe consciously is the best present we can give ourselves. By changing the way we breathe, we can reconnect with ourselves, return to our essence and find our own answers. Through the breath, Sophie sees people unravelling inner treasures and resources, so that intuition, confidence and self-esteem grow along with courage and wisdom.

Permanent transformation is possible! As everyone is unique, she adapts her work to her clients' needs. These tools can be used together or separately in individual one-to-one sessions or in workshop settings. Essentiel Oils can be use in diffusers or topically, before or at the end of a breath session to aid deep relaxation, grounding and much more.

To find out more or to book a free discovery call, contact Sophie see details above. Bijlokstraat , Herent, Belgium. Dutch, French, English, German.

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Today, my wish is to accompany you on your own trail to regain your well-being, your energy and your joie de vivre. With clear-sightedness I hope! Without forgetting to laugh from time to time… I invite you to join me on the road of self-improvement, if you agree.

I particularly like the aspect of prevention in my work. I continue to pursue my training, whether in the domain of nutrition, breathing or coaching, with an eye out for new trends and techniques. Sans oublier de rire de temps en temps Based in Bitsingerweg 45, Riemst. I am working as a coach and therapist for several years.

Meeting Judith and learning Transformational Breath from her did change my life and the lives of many of my clients. It feels so good to breathe. By breathing you allow miracles to happen. Every session brings you more to your goals and to your strenght. Break-Through Coquilhatstraat 24 Antwerp. After years in several management functions I was looking for more passion in my life.

I studied and practised NLP, I did several meditation techniques, but what really hit me in the heart was Transformational Breath. I really experienced the connection between my mind and my heart and I felt for the first time in my life a deep intense love. Thanks to Transformational Breath I enjoy life and I decided to attend the coaching and trainers education. And right now I stimulate people to connect with who they really are.

I am here to share my commitment to the Breath. With the determination of my Higher Self I follow the call of my inner Life Force - generated in the body as a temple. I am in service to everyone who wants to expand their awareness trough conscious breathing, discover pure Self-Love and live their Uniqueness. As former University teacher and researcher in the field of translation, interpretation and lexicography and as freelance Interpreter I still see myself today as 'Builder of Bridges'.

With this energy of contagion I can take you on the Discovery of the Transformation of your own Breath by facilitating in Bulgarian, German, English or French. French, English, Turkish, a bit of Spanish. After this amazing first experience, Quickly I knew that I could achieve quite a lot of personal and professional growth with this technique.

My breath has given me so much freedom and it has enabled me to live truly who I really am in this life. It has become my mission to guide others in finding the strength in their own breath and personal growth. Goedele works in a primary school and has her own private coaching practice Triskele which is a celtic symbol for Life, Death and Rebirth.

Through the Breath she became more confident, more joyous and more relaxed with being who she is. She wants to share the light, love and joy she found with everyone and encourage each and everyone of you to step into your own light and power. Based in 82, Arthur Van Dijcklaan, Tervuren. While I was at a loss with hypothyroid problems, weakening stress and deep fears, I encountered the Transformational Breath work.

The stress release and integration of fear issues had a huge positive impact on the biological functioning of my body and my state of mind in general. I began to see life and people from a place of joy and love. I reshaped my professional life to align with my life's objectives which had become clear. Amongst them is the drive to share the breath work through conferences, Transformational Breath workshops, individual and group sessions in Belgium and in France.

I work also as a Gestalt-therapist with children and adults. Transformational Breath plays an important role in my Gestalt-Therapy practice and the combination brings amazing results. I welcome everyone willing to experience Transformational Breath as such. Griet offers her services in both Belgium and Austria.

Connect with Desiree on LinkedIn. My belief is that we can chose to change NOW. My intention is to make this option available. After coming across Transformational Breath in Turkey in my goal was attained. Transformational Breath is a tool enabling one to achieve phenomenal results quickly; attracting those who know there is always enough.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Breathworks based in London, UK. I am in service to everyone who wants to expand their awareness through conscious breathing, discover pure Self-Love and live their Uniqueness. As former University teacher and researcher in the field of translation, interpretation and lexicography and as freelance Interpreter I still see myself today as a 'Builder of Bridges'.

With this energy of contagion I can take you on the Discovery of the Transformation of your own Breath by facilitating you in Bulgarian, German, English or French. I give individual sessions, as well as sessions for couples and groups in every place where my Life Force will respond to. BreathingYoga Dragalevci, Boyka vojvoda Str.

No 3, Sofia, Bulgaria. Rumi is a Certified Facilitator, trained directly by Dr. Having worked for more than 25 years as a managing director of her own business and achieving externally great success in a traditionally male oriented environment, Rumi can easily feel empathy and understands very well her business clients, most of them being under constant pressure to perform, pretend and suppress rather than Be Real!

Constantly looking for greater balance to her life, she was blessed to find Yoga and Transformational Breath, which she calls now the magic keys to the doors of our Wellbeing, Health, and Inner Joy and Love. Rumi is an accomplished Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher so brings in her breath sessions a great awareness of the Body, Mind and Spirit, thus enabling her to connect deeply with people as an inspirational Transformational Breath Facilitator and guide them on their path of Personal growth.

She has a kind and warm yet powerful energy, making people feel safe and secure and find their unlimited inner power. Her gift is to help others feel whole and complete and see their inherited perfection. I have been looking for answers everywhere outside of me and never could find Joy and Peace for long time! I started to be dependant on my teachers and feeling lost when they were not close by!

Today I am free! Transformational Breath showed me how to access all answers, which have always been within me! This is a very simple yet limitless and powerful technique, which helps us integrate all that separates us! It is the most effective way to realize All Abundance in our life! Ela is passionate about working with others to create heart-centred communities and projects that encourage the expansion of consciousness.

As a lifelong explorer of self-inquiry, Ela has attended teachings and been initiated with some of the world's most renowned, international leaders including: Carlos de Leon, Dr. Vernon Woolf, Juan Ruiz Naupari, amongst others. She has returned to simplicity by choosing to work with the power of breath.

She has studied with Dr. For Ela, breath is a metaphor for life. Her intention for each breathing sessions is to hold humble space for clients to unfolding to they own power so they can discover breath as their own medicine. Judith Kravitz, founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation.

Having experienced the healing of severe asthma and breathing restrictions as well as the benefits of transformation in her personal life, Georgia chose to leave a career in Music Education and now uses her interpersonal and educational skills for sharing the most profound self-healing tool on the planet. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Her personal journey with breathwork opened Alex to accept more love, joy, and abundance in her life. Since completing the training with Judith in , Alex has been sharing the many benefits of this profoundly simple and effective technique. Alex's primary career is still as a sustainability consultant and she teaches Kundalini Yoga and facilitates Transformational Breath sessions on a part time basis.

Alex's goal is to help cultivate a community of conscious breathers in Vancouver. Jhenneviev is a transformation catalyst, creator and activator of all things that shake the world awake. Her lifestyle approach is designed for everyone to become more embodied humans. Her passion is to guide people to find themselves back home, to commit and deliver, to move beyond trauma and into their innate gifts, to unleash their creativity and propel their ideas forward.

Jeffrey is a professional theatre artist. He has been studying and practicing yoga for 12 years and has studied Thai Yoga Massage. He came in contact with TBF while teaching yoga in Baja. After the life-changing seminar in San Jose del Cabo, he began a 2-year program of study and was certified by the Foundation in Jeffrey is one of a few facilitators in Canada and is honored to bring this work to the prairie.

Much gratitude to Judith and TBF. London and southern Ontario, Canada. Better Life For You. Judith Kravitz, the founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation. Gary brings 20 years experience from Developmental Alphabiotics a scientifically validated hands-on helping system regarding the complex understanding of the brain, symptoms, stress, and spirituality into Transformational Breath for an extraordinary, powerful experience.

It is his sincere belief that these two processes are the most profound life changing processes on the planet today. He has over 25 years experience in the healing arts within various modalities. Connie was born in Changsha, Hunan Province in China. She has been in the management roles in the finance sectors before she was called to walk on the spiritual path.

She has been helping hundreds of people to recognize their life purpose and started to walk on the self-transformation path in the last decade. She has worked as the personal assistant to Dr. She is a doctoral candidate for Metaphysical Science. Vincent, educated in the field of Environmental Engineering, finally found his life mission of learning unconditional love by serving people.

He used to work as a family constellation facilitator, is now working for a NGO which helps senior people with spiritual care. Since , I received the calling to shift my life path to work on natural healing, where I could heal myself and support people to accomplish their life purposes. With a Master Degree in Business Administration, I have taken the management roles in multinational companies for 2 decades.

I am the translator of the Chinese version of Dr. My WeChat page in China is: I can offer my service to bring more wellness to the body, the soul and the heart. She gives individual sessions and lead breathing circles, weekend-workshops and arrange seminars. She loves to teach in subjects that brings spiritual development.

Stenbroens Engel Ahlefeldtsgade 21,5. German, English, some Spanish. Trained Reflexologist; Bowen Therapist. Breathing and Living Vvigebakke 6 1. I am from Denmark and I live in beautiful New Zealand. It is with deep gratitude that I invite you to breathe yourself to a life of increased Health, Vitality, Fulfillment and Joy.

I hold programs in Denmark, Uganda and New Zealand. Presence of Breath training. Actor, Facilitator, Leadership and communications Coach. Marc a l'habitude de dire: After 26 years in financial executive positions in large groups in France, Belgium and Australia, in I started a new career in which people interaction will be at the heart of it.

I work with people in the corporate world as well as with individuals. My personal development journey transformed my life, that is what I want to offer you with my practice. Sophie's mission is to reignite people's breath in a gentle, loving, secure and supportive environment and thus help them to remould their lives.

Briare, Paris, Partout en France, France. Ex-banker and Information System consulting associate; Therapist and trainer since Tours 37 , Royan 17 , France. Facilitateur en Transformational Breath. Anil is also a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher.

In the book, there are many breathing and mindfulness games for kids and teenagers. She is writing meditations for kids and preparing a new book called Fairy Tale of a Breath for the younger kids ages between 3 and 7. In her blog Wisdom 4. She has been working voluntarily in Organizations of Immigrants in Europe since During her 18 year career in the internet and marketing world she was always fascinated with the mind, spirit and body connection, energy work and how we can heal ourselves.

She studied anatomy and physiology which led her to meditations, theta healing and MBSR. She still continues to study with inspiring therapists and healers from all around the world. Centered in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Working as a full-time breath coach. Presentations and giving workshops in the Netherlands, Germany and in also in the south of Spain.

Bahnhofstrasse 10, Haar. I was searching for a method to heal or soften my leukemia and in January I found Transformational Breath. It was such an intoxicating adventure to see my subconcious being cleared and all my negative feelings being changed, that I decided to learn Transformational Breath to help people with similar experiences on the basis of any disease. Now my dream became true and I want to help to spread Transformational Breath over Germany and more.

Austria border region, Germany. The close borders of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein enable a transboundery work. Single sessions, Workshops, Reatreats. I trust my intuition, listen to my feelings, follow my heart and the consequences. The base of my work is holistic. Combining my sound knowledge in design, publishing, and advertising with my more than ten years experience, training and practice in healing and spirituality complete my knowledge.

This has all benefited me with an extensive worldwide network that allows me to operate universally. My personality easily draws the best qualities out of others. I naturally create an atmosphere of trust and, above all, self-confidence to discover your own potential. I draw power from this wealth of knowledge for my clients.

I see myself as a catalyst, inspiring and showing you the techniques and ways for setting your own goals and then following the path towards reaching them. Gonul was born in Turkey, and has lived in Germany since Gonul speaks both Turkish and German. I continue to open to my breath and my life - both personally and professionally. Katsenelson 87, Givataim, Israel.

Hello, my name is Eilat. I was already a body therapist when I received my first breath session, it was so powerful and immediately I felt that this is the way I want support people and facilitate. The breathing brings me so much closer to my truth, to my higher self, to my power, to my joy and to the present moment.

As a Facilitator I see the breather as a perfect spirit and I try to enable him to feel safe and secure, to know, to trust and to use this greatest tool for transformation. It is such a great gift and I want to spread the breath and to give it to anyone who wants transformation in his life.

At the breath session we will learn to breathe in order to be presence in each moment and to fully experience it. All you have to do is call and set a breathing session! Based in Hen , Arad, Now I live in Southern Israel and have a small practice at home.

You are welcome to come and breathe with me in the stillness and ultimate beauty of the desert. Since she has once suffered from asthma and has benefitted greatly from Transformational Breath, she is passionate to facilitate people with respiratory conditions. Her mission is to supply information about Transformational Breath to as many people as possible in order for them to learn how to heal themselves as well.

Ariella lives in Tel-Aviv, has been a life-coach for 20 years, she undertakes lectures on positive thinking and individual consultations. She can be reach via the phone or fax listed above. Fano PU ; Trieste, Italy. Ho iniziato il mio lavoro nel in seguito ad un percorso di introspezione e trasformazione personale. Dopo una intensa e lunga serie di studi, effettuati nell'ambito delle discipline di benessere olistico, Pranic healing odi Grand Master Choa kok Sui, Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts di Katrina Raphaell con Patrizia Tassini, Reiki, Theta healing, and others, nel vengo invitata a Gubbio per partecipare ad un seminario di Transformational Breath, il respiro che trasforma , condotto dalla dott.

Durante la prima sessione, capisco subito di trovarmi di fronte ad un metodo potentissimo che utilizza l'energia ad alta vibrazione, prodotta dal respiro stesso, per modificare, integrare e superare per sempre i traumi subiti e sepolti nel subconscio, andando a lavorare direttamente sulla causa che ha provocato il malessere psico-fisico attuale.

I started my job in following a path of personal introspection and transformation. During the first breathing session, I found myself facing a powerful method that uses high-energy vibration produced by the same breath, to modify, integrate and overcome the traumas, that we have suffered forever buried in the subconscious, going to work directly on the cause of the current psychological and physical discomfort.

It was love at first sight, so I decided to do the entire training process, to become a Trainer of this wonderful technique. My mission now is to introduce as many people to the importance of Transformational Breath, through workshops, courses or individual sessions. Transformational Breath is a path leading to personal self-healing and self-powerful.

With Transformational Breath you can truly live a more balanced life, full of love, health, joy, peace and abundance. Saronno VA , Italy. My personal first experience of Transformational Breath was in After that I decided to follow this wonderful journey fulfilling my passion and dedication to the world of human beings and becoming myself a certified Facilitator and TeacherTrainerProgram of Transformational Breath.

I am a mother of two daughters. Since l also dedicate myself to Systemic Work B. Hellinger as certificated constellator. Also provides breathwork in Roermond, Netherlands. Transformational Breath is a beautiful experience to clear and improve personal lives with strong benefits which, through breathing, re-educate restricted patterns of life's experience in joy and inner peace, and to learn what it is like, remember who we are, and why we are here.

My intention is to share with people who want to live lightly of life integrating what we have inside the body, heart and soul Recognize it and then find out where we really want to go! Dopo di che ho deciso di seguire questo meraviglioso percorso realizzando la mia passione e dedizione verso il mondo dell'essere umano diventandone io stessa Facilitarice certificata ed Insegnante di Transformational Breath.

Madre di due figlie e oltre ad essere socio e operatore di discipline olistiche in Italia, coach in Leadership and business Coaching e Master di PNLUmanistica e dal mi dedico al Lavoro Sistemico B. Hellinger come costellatore certificato. Riconoscerlo e poi scoprire dove si vuole davvero andare! Alba is the founder of Albanascente. Alba is also a Louise Hay trainer as well as a Breathwork facilitator.

She is currently leading Breath Workshops. Transformational Breath Italia A. I was born in Lecco in After a degree in Telecommunication Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, I started to freelance as a programmer and a motion graphics designer. I am the webmaster for the Italian website. I was born in Carpi Modena in and received my Architecture degree in in Venice.

At the end of the Seminar of this life changing week, I made an intention following, something I was longing for such a long time, to have a child! After a month I was pregnant! For me, this was a confirmation of how powerful is to work with our Breath and by giving direction with an intention.

Following the path of this magical journey with the Breath gives me awareness, inner deep insights and Presence and because of this I love to share with others with love and passion. For many years following continuous studies and experiences she consciously found the understanding of the human being potential throughout her inner personal growing, spiritual path and self expression with different modalities: She is accredited to S.

I have been working in personal transformation programs for seven years in Kenya with my team and community of 3 Maryknoll Sisters. Life coach since and enriched with the beautiful tool of Transformational Breath in With Transformational Breath, I was able to break through blockades no other tools were able to and it has shown me who I really am.

My mission is to support you to find your true way in life and to live your life joyfully! Transformational Breath has really hlped me in my personal life. It has given me total self confidence. I am now more secure in my work as a Breath coach and as a Being of God. It helped me to realize that life is not what I was, but what I really Am and what I want to become.

The Conscious Coaching Kuwait City. Down Syndrome parent and activist, helped to organize parent support and to further educational development of special needs children in Kuwait. Certified in several holistic healing treatments: Healing etheric body healing. Chakra cleansing and energising.

Reiki energy healing, certified from Japan. Forgiveness methods and tools. University degree in chemical engineering with many years of experience in scientific research. Even though I succeeded in many fields I was still searching for peace within me, I took many courses but didn't reach peace. The breath taught me to be in gratitude for my life and to be content with what is.

That contentment gives me inner peace. Has a degree in Computer Science. Transformational Breath changed my life to where I've decided to share it with others. Worked at Kuwait institute for scientific research, Environmental department. Attended and still attending endless developmental courses in various subjects.

You can reach me at: Freedom at your fingertips, each client carries his own doctor inside him, just tap to heal your self. Life and Relationship Coach. Hands-on Healing and other healing modalities. I'm a certified Facilitator of the Transformational Breath Foundation and a soon-to-be natural health professional.

Transformational Breath changed my life mentally and physically, mind and body got balanced. I run a healing practice sharing together with my partner in life, Elisabeth Trautmann, in Schruns, Austria. I will help spreading the joy and health grow out of Transformational Breath. Los Cabos Guadalajara, Mexico. Respiremos Cabo San Lucas. Alicia shares her inspirations through guided breathings, healings and meditations in presence and on line.

Mexican by heart, she has dedicated her life to the study and practice of different therapeutic modalities to promote the expansion of consciousness and wellbeing. She practices yoga and meditation. She is the coauthor of the book DIOSOY Godiam, the presence and essence of being She writes articles about consciousness and wellness for the website www.

She was invited the first time by Judith Kravitz to the Global Inspiration Conference in and since then she has been participating each year. Now she is leading the project "Meet 2 Breathe" which is breathing together on line. Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. She combines all trainings and modalities to create and effect excellence in healing the body through the Breathwork, the mind through the Pathwork teachings and the soul through Art of God.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Thanks to a mother who was a homeopath, an energy healer and reader, the concept of working with energy was very common to me as I was growing up. My training as a medical doctor in the area of oncology and over 15 years of experience is of great benefit to my work as a Breath Trainer.

Transformational Breath has led me to find my true passion and has provided me with the courage and strength I needed to make some vital changes in my life and take up the challenge of starting up my own practice as a Facilitator in Transformational Breath and to grow into the function of international senior trainer and educator of Transformational Breath.

This technique allows me to do what really makes me happy: It allows us to go deeper and to find the beauty which hides behind your illness. I feel incredibly fortunate when I am able to witness that beauty emerging time and time again. I invite you all to come and experience the joy of the breath.

Breathe and live life to the fullest! After that I decided to follow this wonderful journey fulfilling my passion and dedication to the world of human beings and becoming myself a certified Facilitator of Transformational Breath. Also provides breathwork in Saronno, Italy.

Dopo di che ho deciso di seguire questo meraviglioso percorso realizzando la mia passione e dedizione verso il mondo dell'essere umano diventandone io stessa Facilitarice certificata di Transformational Breath. Madre di due figlie e oltre ad essere socio e operatore di discipline olistiche in Italia, coach in Leadership and business Coaching e Master di PNLUmanistica mi dedico anche al Lavoro Sistemico di Bert Hellinger e all'ipnosi.

Jan Mosmanslaan 83 BB 's-Hertogenbosch. Peter combines his creative mind and visionary talents in bringing new insights and experiences into Transformational Breath. Hes a dynamic teacher and facilitator. Peter serves as a Senior Trainer for the Foundation. He loves to play music and works on couples seminars with Transformational Breath, among other techniques, with his partner, Anita.

Masters Degree in Civil and Corporate Law Eleven years in corporate positions consulting, communication and executive search. Three years working independently as coach, Transformational Breath Facilitator. Winewriter; Yogateacher Critical Alignment Yoga. I have a studio for spiritual growth, awareness and yoga in Amsterdam for 25 years now as well as yoga classes and Reiki initiations.

I first experienced Transformational Breath in and I was deeply touched by the intense oconnection with my True Self and God, which can be reached through a Transformational Breath session. I organise workshops and individual sessions in Amsterdam. My wish for everyone is to discover, embrace and live one's inner wisdom and True Self.

Presentations and giving workshops in the Netherlands, Germany and as of also in the south of Spain. I'm a Communication Trainer, Mindfulness Trainer and Life-, career- and team-coach now for 17 years and Transformational Breath has enriched my work in uncountable ways. I have a practice at home where I receive my clients.

I love working with the breath and feel very supported by our national Transformational Breath Community in the Netherlands. Come to Amsterdam and I'll be glad to do some sessions with you. Westerbork, Witteveen, Wageningen, Netherlands. Find your inner strength and get the best of yourself! Now, I know that miracles exist, there is always joy in my life and the possibility to connect to my inner self.

I could forgive everyone who caused pain in my life. There is more respect for others and to my own thoughts and behaviour. Ten years ago I didn't believe this was possible, but it really is. I enjoy facilitating your breath sessions and walk along with you and I enjoy to facilitate our workshops together with my husband, John Tetteroo. It's great to see how two breath sessions per day help to make connection to who you are.

When I experienced the power of breath in , I directly knew this was my path and there was no way back. Ever since all the changes in my life, brought me more and more towards the breath and now I facilitate and train Transformational Breath with passion and all my heart.

I practice a powerful combination with transformational speaking authentic speaking, in connection and presence. It changed my life forever and can do yours too! Yoga Teacher, trained in India, since , founder of Casa Shakti, yogacenter in Monterrey, Mexico from until Transformational Breath Facilitator since in the Netherlands. When I started to discover Transformational Breath and it's unlimited profound ways to get in touch with my higher self and beyond I wanted nothing more than to spread the breath!

So here I am This combination makes my life fulfilled with love and oxygen! If you want some too than come and see me in Amsterdam! Changes Counselling Center Kleefkruid 13 Diemen. Through life experience I ended up working in the addiction field. Karen participates with a colleague in a grant program, funded by Rays of Hope, offering free Reiki sessions to Franklin County women with breast cancer.

Karen also volunteers Reiki sessions at other health programs in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. She can be contacted by e-mail at kwolan comcast. He became a partner in a Family Medical clinic in and retired at the age of He took his first Reiki class in and became a Reiki master teacher in Terry can be reached by e-mail: His Web site is: In Deborah, suffering from a serious chlorine burn to her lungs, attended a Centering Prayer workshop where she received her first Reiki treatment.

Since then she has become a Reiki Master and volunteers at a hospice program. She can be reached by email at deborahshields verizon. Articles by Deborah K. She is also a freelance writer. She can be reached by e-mail at reikilight wol. She is currently working on her first book, Reiki Journey: Path to Healing, Wholeness, and Peace.

She may be reached by e-mail at soothinghands comcast. She is the owner of BellaEarthica and is a designer of metaphysical tools: She began her search for alternative healing modalities in when her sister, Camille, was diagnosed with MS. Sue can be reached by e-mail at BellaEarthica hotmail. Professionally he is a consulting urban and environmental forester, tree scientist, and arborist.

His passion for trees began when he was eight years old; their care has been his profession for 38 years. Michael is presently writing a book about healing trees and gardens. He can be contacted at viburnumtrees shaw. She also teaches yoga, meditation and pranayama.

She can be contacted by e-mail: Articles by Jane Abramowitz Just for Today She has worked as a Reiki practitioner in the Hematology department at the University College Hospital in London and currently gives Reiki to women participating in a drug treatment program. She can be contacted by e-mail at cmbonney hotmail.

She is the owner of Peaceful World Reiki and does Reiki as a community service volunteer for women with cancer. Deb is also an advocate and mentor to women in recovery, through Women for Sobriety. Contact her by email at dkarpek gmail. Sylvia is currently at work on Watercharms: Visit her at www.

Reiki with a Feral Kitten Summer Cori is an ordained Spiritual Peace Minister and spiritual counselor. She facilitates presentations, classes, and training for Reiki practitioners and teachers as well as for pregnant couples. Cori can be contacted by e-mail at corinielsen hotmail.

Her work also includes hospital and hospice visits for cancer and palliative care. Contact Terri by e-mail at terri naturalforcesstudio. Articles by Terri A. Reiki was Sandy's devotion, and she lived Reiki in all aspects of her life. Her last waking moments of this life were spent sending the seeds of Reiki to the world.

Sandy's illuminating spirit and empowering love of life shined on all she met. Articles by Raven Keyes Healing the Emotions: Mehmet Oz Summer Bonnie is a licensed social worker and mental health therapist, and a Reiki master. She can be contacted by e-mail at the-place-for-reiki earthlink. He provides Reiki sessions for both animals and humans in his central Kansas Reiki practice.

He may be reached through his website at www. She is the founder of Healing Journey Options, a certified Labyrinth Facilitator through Veriditas the world-wide labyrinth association , a certified Aromatherapist through Floracopeia and a Temple of Light Ordained Minister. Robin has a doctorate in clinical pharmacy and practiced as a clinical consultant in the hospital setting for over 30 years.

Robin can be contacted by email at robin healingjourneyoptions. She also writes about Reiki and animals for her local community news magazine. Jodie can be reached by email: She has a Reiki practice in Omaha, Nebraska where she teaches Reiki classes, offers Reiki sessions, and hosts a monthly Reiki evening.

She also works in hospice care. Natalia can be contacted by e-mail at Natalia reikitouch. Her Reiki journey combines her love of writing with her passion for living and embraces animals, cooking, and the earth. Elly can be contacted by e-mail at ellyhawk yahoo. Awakening the Healer Within.

In the Belly of the Whale! Contact Marge by e-mail at. She provides Reiki programs to staff at the hospital, uses Reiki in radiation oncology, facilitates a monthly Reiki share for patients, families, staff and the community and teaches Reiki classes. Marsha also has a private Reiki and counseling practice. She can be contacted by email at Marsha DesertReikiConnection.

Articles by Marsha R. Drozdoff Reiki and Lupus: Susannah is a Reiki Master teacher, life coach, author and a certified professional development facilitator. She can be reached by email at Sspanton gmail. Claire is an Usui Reiki Master and licensed esthetician. She is also a dreamwork coordinator and artist. She can be contacted by email at clairepa aol.

She is also a member of the Long Island Reiki Connection. You can reach her through her web sites, www. He also teaches yoga and meditation with his wife. He can be contacted by email at drifting. Articles by Brian M. Contact George by email at ReikiGeorge yahoo. You can contact her by email at info sacredventures.

They can be contacted by email at info ReikiOvertones. Elyn was diagnosed with MS in She became interested in Reiki training after receiving Reiki sessions to alleviate symptoms of her illness. She can be contacted by e-mail at elynselu reikisight. Email Therese at silvat jps. Maureen is an author, counselor and Reiki teacher committed to empowering children, especially the highly sensitive ones.

She is the author of Growing Happy Kids: She can be contacted by email at maureen growinghappykids. Victoria can be reached by email at victoria. Articles by Victoria C. She offers Reiki sessions and training along with massage in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Contact Haley by email at bluemountainreiki live. Heidi is a Reiki Master and Licensed Esthetician.

She can be contacted by email at hmentink gmail. For many years she has worked and lived near Philadelphia, PA as a fine artist, and considers her current work to be an extension of the many Reiki blessings she has received. Contact Elynne by email at elyroal gmail. The rest is nonverbal. I would rather go into the experience than talk about it. My work is deeply informed by Yoga, Qigong, Breathwork, Bodywork, Taoism and Energy Cultivation practices — but I will not talk about it or explain it.

I just do it. About Me. My Name is Jade I am in my mid thirties. My Perspective I am a firm believer and advocate of legalizing Sex Work in our culture.

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She can be contacted at pkbodywork hotmail. As a kindergarten teacher I also help children on the right track to personal development and self-fulfillment. Ever since all the changes in my life, brought me more and more towards the breath and now I facilitate and train Transformational Breath with passion and all my heart.

Tantra Portland | Goddess Lalita:

  • YOU are the one who ultimately decides how deeply Ayahuasca can help you.
  • With Transformational Breath you can truly live a more balanced life, full of love, health, joy, peace and abundance.
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  • Articles by Betsy Dewey Return to Reiki.
  • And the topic on the docket for discussion?
  • Political and Social Commentary and Recommendations.
  • She can be reached by e-mail:
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  • Quickly I experienced that I could achieve quite a lot of personal and professional growth with this technique.

Music Tantric Massage - Tantra Q volume 1

Discovering the breath gave me more freedom, space, joy and I learned to enjoy live again. She can be contacted by email at kpeppard ptd. She volunteers giving Reiki in the Cleveland area and has taught Reiki to staff members of two local hospitals. Une transformation permanente est possible! She has extensive experience conducting seminars and workshops in English, French and Spanish as well as leading meditation groups.

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