Simeone reiterated that he would not resign from his position.

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Diego Simeone remains determined to lead Atletico to success this season. Despite his early retirement from the Champions League.

Atletico Madrid’s Argentinian coach Diego Simeone has reaffirmed his intentions of resigning despite Atletico’s exit from the Champions League group. Before the start of the season. Played the last game against Porto on Tuesday night UFABET

Atletico Madrid’s 2-2 draw with Bayer Leverkusen last week resulted in Los Rojiblancos out of the group stage for the first time since 2018. And the second time in the competition around the last decade. Before the Atletico team turned over and lost to a team at the bottom of the table like Cadiz in the latest game as well. 

Even with a premature end to the Champions League journey, Simeone remains committed to leading Atletico the success of their La Liga, Europa League and Copa del Re title races. with no thoughts of resigning from the position

‘My dream is to continue working at this club. And come back to play in the Champions League next season.’

‘We got out of the Champions League. and it hurts It frustrates me because of the responsibility we have to the fans.’ 

‘We have to be united and strong. and express our feelings on the pitch Not with words,’ Simeone said.