The reason for the delay in selling shirts embroidered with Hojlund’s shirts.

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It has been revealed the reason why Manchester United have not had new striker Rasmus Hojlund’s shirts for sale more than a month. Since he joined is due to a lack of Danish lettering.

The 20-year-old star officially moved to join the “Red Devils” team on July 29. Ready to receive the club’s number 11 shirt. Normally, when new players move in shirts embroidered with the names of those players are especially popular with fans.

However, United fans are still unable to buy shirts embroidered with Hojlund’s name. Because the club doesn’t have the letter “ø” or the diagonal O in Rasmus Højlund’s name, making it impossible to produce shirts for sale UFABET

This matter caused great dissatisfaction among football fans who viewed this as a matter of The club said. It was “incompetent” to not be able to put Hojlund’s name on the back of the shirt and make it available for sale. Until the letters arrived and were installed and released last week.

Hoylund made his debut in his first game for the club. He played in the second half of the game that lost to Arsenal 1-3 last week. Currently serving for the national team competing in Euro 2024 qualifying rounds.