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Our website brings it all together in one easy-to-use travel website. Our Cruises, Tours and Holidays page , for example, puts every cruise, big and small, onto one easy to use map. And then adds every tour and holiday. Our Events Calendar , the biggest in Europe, gives you instant access to everything from bear weeks to opera programs to the hottest clubbing dates - from Antwerp to Zurich.

With over 3, places to stay, our accommodation finder allows you to track down a warm welcome in seconds. Our Travel Guides are a great way to prepare for a trip somewhere, or decide where to travel to. They include handy maps, lists of the top attractions, our tips for the top bars and beaches, and links to other travel websites with even more information. From swanky city-centre hotels in London, Paris and Berlin, to rustic guesthouses in the south of France and the Greek islands, the range of gay-only and gay-friendly accommodation that exists across Europe is huge.

Our travel market has truly arrived - in the form of our very own hotels. But increasingly, with this travel market on the rise, mainstream hotels, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses in Europe are making their non-straight guests feel more comfortable. Hotels are less likely than they were to give same-sex couples two single beds. Concierges are more likely to know where the nearest bars are.

And the attitudes of straight guests is also more positive, as gay travel becomes more accepted. That said, homo-only accommodation still remains quite popular. A lot of travellers seem to like to spend at least one of their holidays a year in the company of other like-minded men or women.

Most of these exclusively-gay hotels are small. And most are located along the Mediterranean - summer properties with pools dotted along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts, the Canary, Balearic and Greek islands, and along the southern coast of France. Thanks to the growth of LGBT travel in recent years, most of the hotels in the bigger cities are very accepting, and offer more facilities than a small property.

And in cities, location can be more important to Travellers who are probably not be hiring a car. You'll find good hotels close to all of the 'queer quarters' in Europe's big city centres all of which are marked with rainbow-coloured pins on our property search map. Gay cruises are booming.

Organised holidays are popping up all over Europe. Tours are proliferating. Or travelling to a pride event or clubbing weekend. It means joining a tour of the Greek Isles, where you and your fellow travellers island hop, trek around ancient ruins and bop the night away in a bar in Mykonos.

Atlantis Cruises now carry over 5, men across the high seas - with two separate cruises each summer now in Europe alone. Still mostly childless - LGBT travellers have the money and time to get away on organised tours and cruises of a week or two. And what better way to heighten the experience than to share it with like-minded, friendly travel companions?

The events and parties organised around cruises and tours also help to make the experience all the more fun. In Hungary scooters with an engine up to 50cc can be driven without license plate and only a regular car drivers license. However these 50cc scooters cannot be driven with a passenger. Helmets are compulsory. For scooters and motorcycles with an engine size above 50cc a license plate and motorcycle drivers license is required.

If you are experienced with driving a scooter, it is a great way to experience the city. Margaret Island Margitsziget and its large parks see Buda are a very pleasant place to relax and wander. Perfect for a sunny afternoon. In the City Park, the Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest in the world.

It offers more than animals to be seen in a historic atmosphere. The cogwheel tram, which is officially tram no. If you are interested in seeing the local sides of Budapest, you can find locals on many online travel platforms and meet a local person, who is willing to show around the city.

You can select a travel guide according to your travel activity preferences - sightseeing, shopping, biking and more. The average fees are ranging from totally free services to Hungarian Forint. Bubi is Budapest's recently-launched public bicycle system. Similarly to the systems in other major European cities, users purchase an access ticket and can pick-up a bicycle at one of many stations located throughout the city.

Once the user has an access ticket, bicycles can be taken for free for up to 30 minutes at a time. After that, the bicycle must be returned and re-withdrawn, or surcharges will be applied. Access tickets start at HUF for a 24 hour period. Tickets can be purchased online or at central customer service points. Bicycle stations are located throughout the central part of the city.

See their website [87] for more details in English or Hungarian. Bicycle rentals are available from local shops. Expect to pay around HUF per day. Some bike rental companies include:. Budapest Bike Breeze organize daily sightseeing bike tours in Budapest and surroundings. In the winter, the lake in City Park is transformed into a large ice-skating rink.

Don't miss a boat trip on River Danube. You can enjoy both riverbanks and the bridges at the very same time. It is especially spectacular at night. Round trip in about 1 hour. There are a few different lines, most are the same. Dinner cruises are available as well. Schedule and stop can be found here [89] Regular BKV metro tickets ft or fr on the boat Transit Passes can be used as well except on weekends.

Take in the sights like Castle Hill, Parliment and the Bridges for the price of a bus ticket. In spite of increasing funding difficulties, quality cinema has remained alive in Budapest. A few selected cinemas of this chain:. Mainstream cinemas mainly show subtitled or dubbed Hollywood films and Hungarian romantic movies. Two examples are:. Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, where tourists and locals go to swim, relax, and soak in hot or cold mineral waters.

Thermal baths differ from normal baths or swimming pools because their hot water is drawn up from deep under the earth's surface where temperatures are higher. The thermal hot water saves on heating bills and also has different mineral contents compared to normal tap water.

Soaking in certain types of mineral water is considered to have health benefits for some types of health problems, so it's not uncommon for Hungarians or visitors to come to the baths for therapeutic reasons, sometimes even prescribed by a doctor. Thermal bathing is more popular in Hungary than in other destinations for several reasons.

First, because of Budapest's geography, thermal waters run closer to the surface here than in other places. Secondly, thermal bathing was and is popular among many Turkish cultures, and Hungary was occupied by the Turkish people of the Ottoman Empire for many years. In Budapest, some thermal baths are large, historic complexes visited as a cultural as well as a bathing experience.

Other thermal baths are operated more as spa hotels, with thermal water but in a modern, spa-like atmosphere. At most baths, especially those frequented by tourists, people wear typical swimming attire and all public access is mixed-gender. Certain days, hours, or sections at some baths may designated women-only or men-only, and often during these times, people bathe nude or nearly-nude.

All baths have changing areas and showers designated women-only or men-only. Swimsuit unless otherwise stated and admission money are essential. A towel should be brought or rented onsite. Shower shoes or sandals are recommended as floors are not modern and not especially clean.

Some may wish to bring swimming goggles, a water bottle, a bathrobe in the winter , or a bathing cap. For some facilities or certain sections, a bathing cap might be mandatory. For those who plan to swim or lounge outdoors, small beach items like sunglasses, sunscreen, reading material, etc, may be a good idea.

Hair dryers are generally available on-site. Bathers may wish to bring showering items e. Most facilities use a wristband electronic locking system for lockers and cabins, so bringing a padlock is not required. It's possible for a busy venue may run out of locks. As much as possible, valuables should be left at home, and safety boxes may be available depending.

Access to the baths is often available with many different types of tickets. Expect to pay something in the realm of HUF for the major tourist baths. A general ticket usually includes all-day access to the main areas of the baths and a small private locker for storage of clothes and personal effects. Discounted tickets are usually available for young people, students, and seniors.

Cheaper tickets are sometimes available for shorter bathing periods e. Advance booking is generally not required, as prices are the same and it's typical for there to be no line up or a short one e. Some baths offer additional services such as specialized water massages, typical spa massages e. Prices vary.

Most baths offer rentals or purchases of various items like towels, robes, swim caps, swimsuits, etc. Most spas offer or require the rental of a private cabin rather than a locker. A private cabin is a small booth where bathers can change clothes, and then lock and leave their valuables and personal effects.

A private cabin can generally be shared by several people using the same locker area i. Depending on the size of the bath, most facilities offer small cafes for sandwiches, drinks, and snacks. Water fountains and washrooms are also available. Children e. Verify in advance.

Tourists can reach two main caves in the Buda Hills. Both are well-lit and accessible to people of most size and fitness levels. Admission is available only with a tour guide. Some or most visits may be available only in Hungarian unless booked for a private group. Tickets can be purchased for one or both caves.

There are options for people with wheelchairs or limited mobility, and for somewhat athletic cavers who would like to try something more adventurous. Sightseeing ships on the Danube that serve meals are quite popular with tourists. It's a way to enjoy a view of the city from the Danube while enjoying a meal of authentic Hungarian cuisine. This cruise is available every day. The meeting point is at the Danube Palace Zrinyi Street 5.

They also provide wonderful tours and sightseeing experiences. Usually, Sightseeing River Cruises take minutes. There are night cruise options, so you can go for a ride at night with dinner options, it is very similar as Hungaria Koncert Provide. Silverline Cruises. There are two show options, one of them is Live Piano entertainment with singer and pianist, while the other one is typical Hungarian Folklore Show.

Legenda Cruise also provides great night cruise with dinner, the only difference there is no show on the stage. The prices are very similar for all Budapest Cruisers. There are a number of universities and other tertiary institutions in Budapests. Many of them offer degrees or courses in English, German, or French.

Particularly popular, even though not cheap, are the medical university courses offered in German and English. Generally speaking, finding a full-time job is fairly difficult unless you speak Hungarian. You should also be prepared that Western standards at job interviews regarding personal life and diversity issues do not always apply.

Do not be surprised if you are asked about your smoking habits. Also, companies are not always prepared to fully understand and accept people from diverse backgrounds. You should be prepared that most places wont hire you until you speak at least a little Hungarian. Restaurants with a specific countries cuisine such as Italian restaurants and pizzerias tend to hire people from that country for making the food more authentic.

Coins are available in 5, 10, 20, 50, , and denominations, and banknotes in , 1,, 2,, 5,, 10,, and 20, denominations. At the airport, however, the rate is only forint. So, one should change as little as possible there. Typical vendors accept only local currency, although euros may be accepted at major attractions or very touristy places.

Sometimes the exchange rate is fair and sometimes quite bad. Forint can be obtained by exchanging money at a vendor, exchanging money at a bank, or withdrawing money from a local bank machine. Bank machines generally give 20, HUF notes but will also give smaller bills if withdrawing irregular sums of money e. Currency exchange businesses range from simple, cost-efficient services that charge a small fee to highly inflated tourist rip-offs to outright theft or scamming.

Fortunately, credit cards are widely accepted, even for a few euros worth of a meal at a fast food restaurant. At the airport duty free shops, cards are charged in euros only at a rate of about forint per euro. Beyond normal tourist souvenirs, popular Hungarian-specific items are linens, lace, blouses, and other imitation folk items.

Paprika peppers and spices, honey, and Hungarian liquor are popular food items. Prices are comparable to Western Europe even though many other items in Hungary are cheaper. Andrassy Utca is Budapest's main street for high end brand name fashion shops like Gucci, Prada, and Coach. Second-hand clothing shopping is typical for many Hungarians in the working and middle classes, since wages are substantially lower than in Western Europe but brand name shopping mall clothing is the same price.

Second hand shops can be found throughout the city, often advertising themselves as selling "Angol" English wares or displaying a British flag. These shops purchase bulk used clothing in Western Europe and sell it in Hungary, since used clothes from other places are thought to be more lightly used or more fashionable styles than local ones. Budapest has many small shops selling locally designed and locally made clothing, jewelry, and household items.

It takes time to find your favourite gems, but try wandering near Astoria. Prices are generally consistent with Western Europe. Local specialities often revolve around meat pork, beef, veal, or poultry , often involve liberal use of paprika, however not necessary of the hot kind. Of special note: Hungarian law does not require restaurants to forward either the included service charge or the added tip to the wait staff.

Dubious restaurants, especially those favored by tourists, will simply pocket the extra Forint into their private coffers. Obviously, it is better to frequent restaurants which treat their staff well, but you may not know in which kind of establishment you are dining until you receive the bill and inquire.

Further from the centre, you can find foreign-owned hypermarkets like Auchan and Tesco with the large range of goods. Budapest offers plenty of places to drink, from cool and ultra-hip to dirty and down-market. These pubs are usually in cellars and offer inexpensive Hungarian wine on tap at very low prices if you manage to find one outside the tourist areas.

Hungary most renowned wines are the dessert wines originating from the Tokaj region in NE Hungary. The most popular are made from honey, plum, apricot, sour cherry or Williams pear. Mobile phones from other countries will generally work in Hungary, but roaming fees can be high if you're not visiting from an EU country. Check with your phone provider for more information.

WiFi is widely available. Many restaurants and shops offer free wifi to their patrons, and wifi is sometimes available in public squares or parks. Temporary mobile phone or data services can be purchased from major Hungarian carriers like Vodafone or T-Mobile. You will need to first buy a sim card something like HUF and then choose a pre-paid top-up style plan.

For example, a typical plan might require you to pay a HUF top-up, and with this top-up you will receive MB or 1 GB of data for the next 30 days. Calling and texting might cost a per-use rate e. Hungary has typical summer temperatures upwards of degrees Celsius, so plan your clothing and hydration accordingly. Tap water throughout Budapest is safe to drink, so carry a bottle you can refill.

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This bridge was built in and then destroyed during the war by an explosion. Reply Max. You should also be prepared that Western standards at job interviews regarding personal life and diversity issues do not always apply. You'll find good hotels close to all of the 'queer quarters' in Europe's big city centres all of which are marked with rainbow-coloured pins on our property search map. Please offer me. Neither the Habsburg empire nor Hungary survived World War I in their previous form - leaving Budapest as the capital of a now formally independent Hungary which lost two thirds of its territories and most of its ethnicities, as well as a few million Hungarian speakers, to neighbouring countries.

Article expired:

For more info on that check the box below, in general you can say that only go in recommended clubs, not only avoid the stated rip off clubs because there is a number of clubs which are mostly unknown, also the ripp off clubs change their name regularly. It was rebuilt in The half-mile defense wall was initially provided with 14 towers, of which nine have been preserved to this day. This bridge was built in and then destroyed during the war by an explosion. Don't have your phone? This article will guide you through the different stages of sex, the professional and the just for fun.

Metropolitan Nashik population was 1,, in which , were males and , were females. The earliest train is the sleeper Metropol , departing the hl. Home Main Cities Sighisoara. In the beginning Acquincum was only a Roman military settlement and then it gradually turned into a civil settlement. Since , it has housed the History Museum see museum details. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 maint:

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