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Savvy woman brings the wilted marked-down kale she bought at a supermarket back to life Thank you for visiting KPTV. Login Sign Up. I agree the food here is not that great. They are all so sun starved they think this is normal.

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I knew some people that said that they would not attend events unless they were sent an invite via Facebook. Same type of people that would go out and post pictures and updates to Facebook all night, rather than just being out and being in the moment. Worse, they would both make the same exact posts the only difference being the side of the table the photo was taken from.

I hated doing anything with them because of that and the million stupid tags I would later have to filter out. Always made me die inside a little. People in Portland are just empty. It lacks any real sense of culture. In Portland it has more to do with which community you represent. Portland has more to do with what you are as opposed to who you are.

Hence the saying, people make NY, Portland makes people. Portland is where ambition goes to die. Used to live there. Like my soul hated it there. My family lives there. I felt bad leaving cuz my dad was happy we were all there but for my sanity I had to leave. Seriously, into my 3rd year every morning when I woke up, I wanted to jump off a bridge.

I wanted to sleep all the time. And they go all out for the holidays. What depresses me about Portland is all the homeless people camping on the sides of the roads and on the freeways. Please spread the news that Portland sucks to all your friends so we can get back to the beautiful place it used to be. Then I moved out of state and got some clarity and realized that it is just a culmination of soul sucking BS and not a single factor that made me feel crazy.

I dare to differ. I have lived in many states across this nation. Miami, KC, Chicago, Columbus etc.

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By far Portland is the worst city. What makes it the worst is the stupid people. I have never seen so many poor people be rich. This town is backwards. Remains me of the South.

Atlanta is x better. That is how bad Portland is. I can go on about this backward city. Thank you for affirming my experience. It is the worst city, with the most stupid, racist people. The reason Portland sucks is that you are perpetually dealing with people who have mental health issues.

There are simply wildly low mental health expectations in this community. Of course people with mental health issues should not be locked up or shunned from any community but it is completely abnormal when a person with severe anxiety or depression manipulates and or controls everyone else around them.

From the alcoholism, to the intergenerational racism and depression, high domestic abuse rates — there is a problem here and newcomers see it just like seeing anything with fresh eyes, and are struggling with it as it is not tolerated in other cities of this size. Your trees and coasts are beautiful, there are fun things to do and many other good things exist here.

No, it is not a blanket statement that Portland sucks, but for newcomers this is the real problem, mental health needs to be addressed here for all classes and interactions in the community. Shunning outsiders newcomers is a form of abuse and is a sign of severe self esteem issues.

Your problems with Californians are your problems with yourself. I am officially out, crossed the border Friday and will never look back. I left with little and am taking a big risk but Portland is not worth your sanity. They are swindlers and con artists, they treat women and minorities like dirt so they can take advantage of them.

I am fortunate to be able to leave and I hope you are too. The PNW is like a beautiful poisonous flower. But… where should we go? Any suggestions of places with authentic, kind and no politically correct attitude? I am from LA, and loved it there. I am an authentic, kind person and I am moving to the Seattle area.

Remember though, there are fakes and flakes everywhere you go, so use discernment. Ugh I hated that about pdx. I dealt with that for 7 years!!! I thought that the people there were politically correct under achievers. Slow and stop is pretty much their operating mode.

I grew up as a kid 4th grade and lower in St. Davis in California central valley area. Just a warning to you clowns. When I first moved here almost 20 years ago, traffic was not too bad, other than those aforementioned stupid drivers. Driving from the west side to Gresham took about 30 minutes. That same drive now takes 45 minutes to sometimes an hour.

Weekends can be worst than weekdays, and even at 11 pm, cars are all over the freeways. One of my cousins from St. For the longest time the top speed in Oregon is 65 mph. I recently saw 70 mph near the Idaho border. Although, looking at http: In California, Cal Trans California Transportation tears town entire stretches of freeway and redoes it overnight.

The drivers, and ODOT appear to be a manifestation of the same attitude. California smog regulations are strict. When we moved up, Oregon DMV knew this and allowed our cars to pass their tests promptly. In Oregon, if you live outside the Portland metro area, you do NOT need to do any sort of smog check for your car.

And, this is in the Portland metro area, almost 20 years ago! The only consolation for me is I live 0. This is especially true of central and southern Oregon. Some will remove the rocks from other fire rings and move it over to their area, building a huge pit at the expense of other campsites. It literally takes more energy to go around and spread your trash around than it is to clean up after yourself like a decent human being.

On schools, the first thing I noticed when my sister then in the 4th grade moved from California to Oregon was the lack of homework, lack of field trips, and lack of basically everything. You have to bring in your own supplies etc. Living almost 20 years, I believe I have the right to call myself an Oregonian. I just hate the morons living here and am looking for a different place to move to.

Minimum wage is supposed to be exactly that! I am convinced ODOT or whoever is in charge of the roads is intentionally trying to drive residents crazy. Hello, work overnight, yo. People have to use these stupid roads for important things, like WORK! And PPS, except for the charter schools, suck. Fatter profit margin that way…You are spot on about the drivers being the worst in the nation.

Overall, Portland is a dive. I would love to move back to Houston. It rocks the socks off of this place evan after the hurricane. The native residence of Oregon have many issues and John Oliver says all we need to know about Oregon: What does that say about you? No one asked you to come. You and others a day ruined a beautiful city with your demands for ugly condos.

Or go have a beer at The Goose. Bob, why are you still here? This is one place people who detest Portland can go to commiserate. Bob has a point. The stupid weed law is what changed Portland the most. No one has respect. Everyone is destructive and angry. Judgemental , rude and the homeless are having the worst time ever trying to rebuild so they can stand on their own two feet again.

I also heard we are very limited to or no housing affordable so that means more homeless , more people and lots more problems. I agree about the weed law. Why the hell would anyone move here? On the other hand, the natural environment is pretty nice. And legal marijuana, so…. I am in immigrant who moved to the States a few years ago.

I lived in New England and Chicago prior to moving to Portland. Both places were awesome. I had tons of friends and connections. I cannot begin to describe you the hypocrisy of the average portlandian. They only accept you with words and BLM signs in their yards. If you have a different culture, opinions, and you do not behave like a typical white hippie — you are not welcome.

And they will never tell you that directly, oh no, they will be passive aggressive about it. Man… was I wrong. Wow, what a concept. No wonder immigrants and people of color do not move here. They have no room in this city, a room to express their authenticity. You have to be so politically correct to fit in. Their fakeness is unbelievable.

People here have no character. Seriously, they are all the same. Let me know if you find one. Move here only if you are: A white hippie with no ambition and any sense of style or fashion 5. Polyamorist who has zero interest in building a true intimacy and commitment with another human being 6.

Extreme liberal who lives in a bubble and has no connection to reality and refuse to talk, not to mention be friends, with anyone else who has a different opinion than yours. Not interested in having any close friends, only shallow and surface level friendships 8. A really bad driver 9.

Lovo, are you still here? I know exactly how you feel! I have lived here for three years and am counting the days to get out of this place. People here are all about image. Nobody really cares or accepts anything different. Hard work is not a virtue here. Once vibrant and full of life, I am now defeated and gray like the skies, drowning my sorrows in craft beer — the only good thing aside from the beautiful landscape.

Just saw your message. Are you still here? You have my sympathy, believe me. I spent a year genuinely trying to like the city and like the people, the next six months REALLY looking at what and who was there, and the next six months working like mad to get out. I have to say, I truly love it here! The scenery is lovely in a whole new way for me, the people are intelligent, pleasant, and friendly—to my shock, they even smile!

I live in North County SD, which is a mix of liberals and conservatives. Very well said, and thoughtful. Try someplace else or return to a place you know. Portland is never going to change, you can. We need to get out of here while we still have our wits about us. No wonder this is one of the Tweaker and Suicide capitals of the US.

I just came back from a short work trip during which I was free from the dark thoughts that plague me here. When my plane was about to land at PDX, I saw snow-capped mountains, rivers, forests…. Portland looked like paradise from up above, and I actually questioned my desire to get out of here. However, ten minutes after leaving the airport, the grime on the streets and the attitude of its inhabitants were simply overwhelming.

People — tweakers, entitled hipsters, clueless hippies — are destroying Portland. We are not crazy for wanting to leave. We just see Portland for what it is. Right on the money! I am not a Hillary supporter or liberal and am often outcast. I am expected to conform to the liberal agenda of be shunned.

I also drive a full size pickup truck and fear an eco terrorist may destroy my ride. Should I get into the reactions I get when people find out I am a gun owner? I am going to throw it out in agreeance again… Oregon drivers suck. Perfect description of Oregonians in general, unmotivated, unwelcoming and close minded. They reek of jealousy and are intolerant of opposing views.

Nowhere from down in Mexico up to Canada does 5 have 2 lanes in a metropolitan area except Portland. Meanwhile, the city government fritters away tax dollars on ultra-liberal policies while neglecting education and the protection of its citizens. I live among angsty image-conscious middle schoolers who happen to be in their 40s.

Portland is for emotionally stunted people. Have you noticed that most of the people commenting here are people from other places who know what having a good life is and go into shock when they hit Portland? If you are smart, you get out as fast as you can. If you stay too long, you just give up and spend the rest of your life whining. And if you like what you find there, you wallow in happiness and settle in to promote more of the culture you found upon arrival.

And I mean really try. Consider putting the energy it takes to whine into getting out. I was offended by most of the other posts but not yours. You speak the truth. This is how I feel exactly. For real, you just placed everything I feel about Portland in words. I moved from a city outside DC. Where I grew up, the classroom looked like a mini UN.

Where are you from, why did you move here. I also got, did you move here with money? The actual number of people with a lot of money from someplace else looking to exploit Portland or surrounding areas by living cheaply and not putting money back into the local Oregon economies is very little. Most likely they are lower middle class to middle class and just wanted to do better for their family, or hell have a family and potentially have work life balance.

And for the unfortunate people who have little support in their lives, struggle with poverty, addiction and mental health, I assure you this is a national crisis and Portland is NOT special. What is unique to Portland is a very disorganized approach to helping these people. It never once occurred to me to ask them any of these questions or make them feel unwelcome. I assumed they were gaining life experience and many talked about going back to the area someday and I wished them well on that journey to have good career experience to take back to their hometown.

I would never treat an Oregonian or anyone from any state this way and even though my experience was bad, I would still NOT treat an Oregonian with suspicion, distrust or blame in any future interaction I would have in another city. Everyone is afraid to say what they really feel. Foreigners and people of color do move here. No offense but that is part of the problem here.

I am taking a huge risk here by saying that some areas where people of color live are high crime areas. It used to be predominately white here. People are afraid of people of color here because of the crime. There never used to be. The people who i have met that are not originally from here are the liberal freaks. I will love to share my testimony to all the people in the forum cos i never thought i will have my girlfriend back and she means so much to me..

The girl i want to get marry to left me 4 weeks to our wedding for another man.. I lost my job as a result of this cos i cant get myself anymore,my life was upside down and everything did not go smooth with my life…I tried all i could do to have her back to all did not work out until i met a Man when i Travel to Africa to execute some business have been developing some years back..

My life is back into shape,i have my girlfriend back and we are happily married now with a baby boy and i have my job back too. This man is really powerful.. Am posting this to the forum for anybody that is interested in meeting the man for help. This past winter, in combination with the disgusting homeless problem and the insufferable hipsters. You guys are so right. This is the doorway to hell.

I am stuck until the husband loses his job or I leav. This place sucks the life out of you and just makes you want to die. Slow, stupid, tired, wet, pathetic. And they all think this place is some sort of nirvana. They are all so sun starved they think this is normal.

Read one of the earlier posts from Ben—he lived in London for 6 years and loved it. But you are absolutely right about Portland sucking the life out of you…hence, maybe the where the name of the website came from? This is a life transformed testimony i feel so happy shearing with everyone who will be in need of financial help for business or family issues which was done for me.

Since August 25th , i have been financially frustrated due to the fact that i lost my job, until i was help by Mr Evans the hacker with a blank ATM card. I just pretend im back in asia where no one seems to know how to drive. Most flighty, flaky people who never learned the meaning of punctuality nor sticking to the plans. To all the germans and nordic europeans, stay away from portland.

It will drive you bonkers. Everything is always decided til the very last minute or even no show despite a prior committment. Downright rude or selfish in my opinion. Over preaching Liberalism and politically correctness have resulted in reverse psychology. Everyone is so concerned with not offending anyone, more rules and restrictions have been placed which seem to be stifling the very core values of acceptance, freedom and liberalism.

It prides as a foodie city. There are plenty of restaurants eateries for sure. They all love to brag about the locally sourced food as the latest fad du jour catchphrase. Ask any european or asian from either continent living portland. They will certainly validate my claim.

Not much of a nightlife to speak of despite being labelled as a hipster town. By 11pm, there are no traffics in the downtown nor on the major highways to speak of even on the weekends. Its a city full of pansies who dont know how to hold their liquor and call it a night by This city loves the idea of diversity, but a very little is reflected on the population makeup.

Its just full of more of white folks. Oddest thing i have noticed about this town, maybe blame it on the rain. But i feel like im in the uk. There is disproportionate ratio of decent to attractive looking males outnumbering female counterparts. UK is one of the few places where i ve noticed this unusual phenomenon, where an attractive guy will settle and date an average to unattractive girl yep, i can be shallowed.

I moved here from the East Coast and the drivers act as if they are the only car on the road — driving with earbuds and completely devoid of others around them. It is as if they are used to driving covered wagons with only two modes — slow and stop. I agree the food here is not that great. No authentic Indian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, etc. Most importantly, there is no fine dining.

Hopefully, the southern Californians will bring some culture to this provincial city. The Oregon drivers are just a metaphor for the whole place. I mostly found that the only people who were worth anything there were not from Oregon and had lived there for less than two years. Once someone is there for 2 years or more they just seem to conform to the depression, passive-aggression and anti-sociality of the place.

Nearly all of my favorite people- friends, co-workers etc who had energy and character moved. As did I last year, thank goodness! I still struggle with the fact that I lost 8 years of my life there, what a waste! Life is too short for struggling and getting nowhere for that long. Do what it takes, borrow money if you have to.

Thank you to the people who keep this website up. It really helped me cope and I know it helps a lot of people struggling in that vortex of unhappiness and dysfunction. Good luck to all the good people out there! Sadly, I moved to Portland on the recommendation of a very good friend. I got out one month before your recommended 2-year maximum, which entailed working hard for the last six months to find a better place this time sight unseen due to finances and make the arrangements.

Believe me, I left just in time because I could feel the lassitude and hopelessness starting to set in. Two years really is the limit of tolerance. Boregonian, you are right—do whatever it takes to get out. Truly, nearly every place is better than Portland. Work hard to stay on your path to get out. Focus on goals or risk developing learned helplessness. Any sane person has to wonder occasionally if they are crazy, but Portland is never something I wondered about.

Be aware you will have a total shift in your perception of life once you get out and back to San Diego—all you will have to do to be happy is look out a window, any window. As for living in London and being happy despite the weather, I totally believe it. I am an all-weather person because I grew up in Michigan snow , moved to Boston everything , and owned a Labrador who needed to be walked to matter what.

Even then Portland chicks body dour gives any Indian a run for there money. Before I got here the gym and physical exercise was a way of life for me. I managed to keep it up for the first two years here but now. Its so funny when I ask a lot of girls what they like to do, they always reply, hiking. Ben, listen to Boregonian—do whatever it takes to get out. This is your life. It sounds like you may have been there a bit too long, so just pack and go.

Took me ten years to leave, and like you I am still processing the wasted effort and mind numbing experience of the place. Boregonian, are you still living in Portland, or did you find an escape? I need a dose of hope that escaping is still possible. Yes London, I did escape. I moved to the East Coast.

The move itself was very difficult. But when I first moved, everyone seemed really happy here. And even though I was expecting that, it was still very stark. Oregonians are ignorant, miserable people. When you get out London, you will see this even more than you see this now. After a recent trip to SoCal for a wedding, it finally dawned on me.

Nearly everyone in SoCal that commutes.. Going to and from LAX from Thousand Oaks we noticed almost exclusively 2 or 4 door sedans no more than 3… possibly 5 years old! Thus a reliable, dependable [under warranty] vehicle! Until we join the adult world of making payments and having sound autos.. Just look at my classic.. Anything that starts and goes into gear is ready for the at rush hour.

Get in, it started..! Our food scene is awful. Bombing around Southern Spain in a 3-cylinder Citroen was an absolute blast. Rained 1 day out of the two weeks we were there. Anyone with actual answers please feel free to reply. Why is crowdsourcing your daily living expenses for over a year an acceptable way of life?

And then when the sympathy is tapped out- whine about how you are ALL alone on this earth and no one cares — seriously from a 40 yr old woman. Also why does everyone there have to identify as differently abled — therefore special and needing validation. That same employee — age had his mommy call him out sick from work.

What is the attraction to having a disability and or be labeled to the point where you are requiring that to be called to the attention of everyone around you? The west coast was settled by good sensible Yankee stock that moved west — except something happened between the plains and the expansion west — you all forgot to pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and your heads out of your asses.

This is the most Portland post ever. There are so many things in here that fill me with rage, but you are spot on. Hahaha, this is the true Portland. A whole bunch of people seeking the fastest way to disability checks. Never thought a place like this existed. Transplant of 5 years from Socal.

It might be time to move on…. The more petulant you can be, the more you are rewarded in Portland. I think people here are in a contest to see what the most minor issue is that they can have a meltdown over- I have seen people give dirty looks to someone for speaking into a cell phone in their presence because Portlanders are used to socially awkward silence among other things.

Socially inept and childish is also perfect. Not to mention the fact that Black Lives Matter has caused millions of dollars in property damage in several major cities, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Ferguson, Charlotte, etc. Portland is full of brainwashed zombies and social justice warriors that need to wake up and do some research.

Is that why they are changing the water source because they found parasites in the drinking water here. If u doubt me then why are there so many yard signs here with people impressing there political views upon us. They spend their money on tattoos, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other frivolous and unnessecary items. Then a few days after they put the page up the girlfriend posted that she had just gotten a new tattoo.

That just goes to show how these people handle their finances and what their priorities are. No one asked for your sullen demeanor and palbable faux superiority. I was just in Portland last week and I cannot reconcile the picture you paint with the comfortable kindness I felt all the way down to my gate at PDX.

No doubt there are some bad experiences, but hey, nothing is perfect. I lived in Oregon for the first 30 some years of my life then first moved to North Carolina for 8 years. I was invited to be saved more times than I can count. Still the Midwest was tougher. You think Portland has religious weirdos? Now live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

I have found fun and enjoyable people in all areas. All you can do is endure and save yourself for happiness to come. Bob, than you go right ahead and fork out a chunk of your paycheck in taxes so lazy hipster bums who whine about your cis white male privilege can get subsidized housing and have enough left over to pack and smoke their bong.

I have escaped back to New England. Where there is health care and education and sanity. This place is total balls. Wanna meet the most vitriol fueled hyperbolic big babies ever…then please…move here. With over 43 Strip Clubs you can even take a lady with you as you go barhopping! The fun never ends in Portland! Stunning, Sweet, and Discreet. Accommodating and Pleasing is my Pleasure.

My delicious curves,my gorgeous boobs and sweet smile are going to melt your worries and stress away and are going to heighten all of your senses. Come see me at my Rockwood in-call, Conveniently located on the MAX line for all you guys that take public transportation. I always have great sp Adultsearch is an entertainment fantasy company.

Adultsearch is and always has been adamantly against illegal prostitution, all forms of sex trafficking, and all forms of child abuse worldwide. We only want adults that want to be here for entertainment fantasies and lawful activity. Adultsearch has no intent to promote or facilitate prostitution, only fantasy and lawful activity.

If you want to do something illegal, you are not welcome here. See wha Small Adult Video Store, with lots of booths. Only one gloryhole, but couples play for free Friendly clerks, say they will remodel soon, This place can be a little scary for some people. The clerks are cool though. Small booths in the front, only the last two have s. There's a back area with much larger rooms and almost all of them hav It is a great spot.

This is a duplicate listing. To avoid confusion please post your comments on the listing titled "Fat Cobra" http:

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In , voters in St Johns decided to give up their charter and merge with the City of Portland, its neighbor since the annexation of Albina. All about this powerhouse author, columnist, sex educator, speaker, and feminist pornographer This includes their employers. Deadly crash involving motorcyclist closes Highway 30 near St. Husband arrested in connection to missing wife, young daughters in Colorado The Colorado man's wife and daughters were reported missing on Monday. Suspected shark attack reported off the coast of Cape Cod. They be watching, and that is all Portland will ever do.

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A bold book on on how to reconcile domesticity and sexual desire. We all need to be our own best friend. But you are absolutely right about Portland sucking the life out of you…hence, maybe the where the name of the website came from? A big thanks to Dale seen here trying on a Gap jacket to see if it might fit Charlotte for all her time explaining how the Bins work and introducing me around.

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