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All in an upscale atmosphere. Refreshment Stands Restaurants. Error when adding to shopping collection. Walk around in whatever you want. I am a very sheltered guy so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was there last night Monday, May 7th. Performance Zone.


This makes others uncomfortable and nervous. Always treat others with respect at The O Zone. After all, this is a party! If you see something you dislike, look the other way instead of making comments - be sensible, thoughtful and understanding. Playing with, touching or kissing someone at one point does not mean you can do so again at a later date.

Each encounter should be freshly negotiated. Likewise, if you see someone playing or being promiscuous with someone else, it is not an automatic invitation for you to join. Curtains drawn is a clear indicator that the inhabitants do not wish to be disturbed or joined.

If you are caught breaking this rule you will be banned for life from the club. Use your common sense and good judgment when you are involved in a swinging situation. Be kind, thoughtful, and sensitive. Honor any and all prior understandings and rules you have between you and your partner, and be sure to communicate with each other openly and honestly.

Set guidelines for your time at an event prior to arriving at The O Zone. Respect the guidelines you set as a couple when attending an event and communicate them to prospective partners. Open, honest communication is imperative to forming relationships. Respect the guidelines and limits of others. Pay attention to body language. There is more to communication than words. Consider the body language of the person you are talking with and it will likely tell you more than the conversation you are having.

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It was my first visit to the club the other day, which happened to be a saturday. Before this I had never been with a man, only women; but I had been thinking about it lately and was curious so I decided to check out the club. I must have been more anxious than I realized cause I was the first person there, lol, It really is a neat, exciting atmosphere. I have nothing bad to say about the club at all, lots of mazes and booths, and I just walked around aimlessly and explored for a while til more people showed up.

It got more exciting as the night went on, and it was great meeting people and "interacting. Although, there was a really creepy, off-putting guy that kept following me and would not leave me alone. Also, a lot of the guys were just stand around waiting for something to happen. So it was kind of boring at times. Ill have to come back when it is later and see if there is a better crowd.

All I know is: I will be back: Went to the Zone on a late Thursday night. I checked in and changed in the side room. I got out of my street clothes and changed into a tight see thru thong, black boots and a half shirt, cock ring. Sniffing poppers. Needless to say, I got attention while bare my ass and bulging dick were hanging out.

Practically all the 20 or so guys there were in their street clothes. I walked around the first level and headed to the cock pit in back. There were a few guys back there looking around. I stuck my now hard and spitty dick back into the thong and headed back to the cock pit, where there was one guy down below. I stuck my 8" poppered up cock into the hole and he started sucking it.

Soon other guys started to watch. I edged for about an hour, getting one blowjob after another. I finally jacked off on a guys face about 3 a. I like to show off here. A lot of twinks and nerds. An experience I'm 20 yrs old and sad to say I'm a complete virgin.

So one night I was watching porn then for some reason I started searching for some things and landed on The Zone website and I was very intrigued for having a place just 2 miles away from where I live; so I took my curiosity and drove all the way there at Completely nervous, I got there and gave my car to the valet guy who seemed very nice and I walked inside and was greeted by a friendly receptionist who told me about their facility.

After I paid, I went in and was in shock how dark it was inside with stairs right across the entrance leading to who knows where. I am a very sheltered guy so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I chose a way and was lead to the 3rd floor. The place was looked completely deserted so I was a bit disappointed until a guy walked towards me and started groping and touching me!

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I got out of my street clothes and changed into a tight see thru thong, black boots and a half shirt, cock ring. AutoZone Washington Blvd in Culver City, CA is one of the nation's leading retailer of automotive replacement car parts including new and remanufactured hard part…. We offer the hottest hedonistic parties for couples in Toronto. Childrens Dental Fun Zone. Then about an hour later I met a slim twink hot blonde in his early 20's, we had been eyeballin eachother all nite so i got bold and asked him if he wanted to hook up.

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  • Needless to say, I got attention while bare my ass and bulging dick were hanging out.
  • Dressing casually does not contribute to that vibe, so our dress code is basically, Dress to Impress!
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  • I wanted to blow him by the stalls with just a fence to close.
  • I started to suck him, then we went private where i proceeded to suck his big cock, he shot a nice load too.
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  • While we are a Couples Club and designed for couples specifically, single ladies are always welcome, and at a discounted rate.

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We want all attendees at our events to feel comfortable and sexy, and to look around and see other couples who together create a sexy atmosphere. There are areas with glory holes strictly for bj's.

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