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Sex in a public place in Russia Walking with sperm in panties K views. Man with briefcase uncredited Shirley Levine March 5th, 8: Trading Places Unknown Two unknown girls dancing around topless in a house at a party and then having a guy tell them to stop. Film complet - La docteresse a de gros nichon - p HD [no copyright] 7. Randolph Duke Don Ameche Her nonchalant nakedness in About Schmidt's hot tub moment was completely amazing and completely surprising.

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If spammers comment on your content, only you can see and manage such comments Delete all. That women would show off the girls at the drop of a hat in her early movies. They were the only reason people went to those bad scream fests she was in. Beat me to it Lagaman she certainly had the best pair of tits in show biz and perfectly shaped as well she did not need to wear a bra xxx.

Most perfect pair of breasts in the history of mankind! This was like porn for me back in my youth! Her lovely big soft looking tits still make my cock hard even now! Plus I bet she was a right filthy bitch too and loved cock! World Police , yes. Another PG movie that snuck in some light nudity: The Fifth Element shows a fully naked Leeloo being born.

To be clear, we're obviously all born naked—just not all of us are born looking like a year-old Milla Jovovich. This movie is rated R, and it definitely earned its rating: Amanda Peet's unexpected gun-wielding nude scene is just one of the many scenes she steals.

Angelina Jolie is currently one of the biggest stars in the world, but she was just a year-old up-and-comer when she very briefly bared her breast in this PG movie. Jamie Lee Curtis has starred in so many horror movies that she's earned the nickname "Scream Queen. This PG teen comedy from the '80s has a classic, very Twelfth Night -y—high school girl poses as a guy to prove sexism is a thing.

Pretty normal, right? The surprising thing is that, at the very end of the movie, to reveal her true sex, our heroine rips open her tux, exposing her, uh, secret. Didn't see that coming. We've pointed out plenty of PG nudity, but the old-school Romeo and Juliet from wins the award for the most family-friendly nude scene.

Ophelia, however, remains a tough-talking-gum-snapping-tender-hearted prostitute who is predictably fond of her flashing her breasts this being a s Jamie Lee Curtis film, it was the law that Curtis go topless at least once. Speaking of Ophelia, she is also yet another example of what feminist writer Katha Pollitt dubbed "the Smurfette Principle". This refers to a film or TV show in which there is just one woman and several men, and the woman's role is simply to look pretty and be rescued by the men.

To be honest, many of my favourite 80s films illustrate the Smurfette Principle — Ghostbusters and The Princess Bride, for example — so I'm pretty accustomed to stomaching this flaw. It's definitely not a dealbreaker, but it is a little irksome. And finally, the end when the villain played by Paul Gleason, who made a career out of playing unpleasant characters in some of the decade's most enduring films, including Die Hard and The Breakfast Club , is condemned to a life of being raped by a gorilla.

Yes, raped by a gorilla. As a kid, when I didn't quite get what was going on here, I thought this was hilarious. Now when I watch the film I think, "Raped by a gorilla? Is that funny? Kind of? Not really? Oh well. Oh look, it's Eddie Murphy back on-screen again, thank god. So that's the fairly damning case against Trading Places. How, you may well wonder after that rant, do I justify watching it several times a year?

Well, Chris Rock has a great sketch about why women dance to brutally misogynistic rap music: This, I suspect, explains my ongoing love for Trading Places. Yes, it's got wrongness in it, but it is also very, very funny.

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And if that beat is right then — sorry, values!

First, there's Murphy. I don't care what anyone says about Murphy now, and yes, I know he has made some godawful films since his 80s heyday — but for that heyday alone he has my eternal loyalty. He was by some measure the most talented comedian to emerge in the 80s — he had to be, just to break through the racial barriers at the time — and managed to be the biggest comedian of the decade when blacking up was still seen as a laugh-guarantee.

For God's sake, even Aykroyd's character — the good guy, mind — refers to Murphy's character at one point in Trading Places as "that awful negro", and that's seen as sort-of fine. Bill Murray is a god, obviously, but, if we're all honest here, his comedic repertoire is pretty much limited to the following.

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Yes, it's got wrongness in it, but it is also very, very funny. But then Murphy comes back onscreen and, well, I'm sorry to say that the beat is right so I keep dancing. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Placing the humming phallus to her moist flower, I began to push it gently inside her l. To its credit, Trading Places makes some notable efforts to undercut racism, particularly through Don Ameche's racist character, Mortimer.

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Please enter the required information. Constance Susan Fallender Extra uncredited John Landis The Big Lebowski is one of the least predictable movies ever, and perhaps its least predictable moment might just be when Julianne Moore swings from the ceiling while fully nude. Finally, Eve could take no more. Turn those machines back on! In fact, we go in expecting raunchiness and a least some nakedness at this point.

But Aykroyd should not be underrated here, and it is to his too rarely given credit that he is more than able to maintain the audience's attention even while sharing the screen with Murphy, a consummate scene-stealer as he was the next year in Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, another attention-hog par excellence. The Dukes decide to run a social experiment by ruining a rich man's life, putting a poor man in the rich man's place, and seeing what happens. Creepy Man W. We have a huge free DVD selection that you can download or stream. Elena and Elle are put in their place

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