Vienna Sex Guide

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Be aware that images labeled 'symbolfoto' do not show the actual escort! Atlantis Brothel. I think Massimo Potente has mentioned before that many girls in the top Vienna clubs earn about the same whichever club they work in there. Gay cruising club for fetish, harder stuff and special interests. Mystic FKK.

Vienna Brothels

Website includes names and photos of women who are currently working. Easy to check if your favorite Austrian GFE is available, now. Tirol escort Moni provided company in Innsbruck, but she is gone. Sad news for her old patrons. The hot blonde Austrian whore is missed, but this Tirol sex portal offers links to other establishments, adult entertainment, shops and genuine local one-night stands with legal hookers.

Carnal pleasures are expensive in Tirol, but they learned it from the Romans who once enslaved their women to drag them to work as prostitutes in Rome and serve the Empire. Discrete nightclub in the heart of Salzburg, one of Austria's most beautiful cities. Jasmin consists of two establishments: One is a Laufhaus or walk-in brothel with providers offering quick sex.

The other house is the real, luxury nightclub and whorehouse Jasmin with plush interiours and upscale courtesans. Looking for a female partner in search of erotic escapades, swinger club visits or similar fun? Flirt 4 Fun is a member community of singles and couples to find each other in Austria. Registration with phone number or email is required to view other members' profiles.

While adding this resource we observed an average of 25 new members per day with location in Steiermark. Somewhere in the Alps between Hohentauern and Wels this brothel is laid out next to a highway exit of Autobahn A9. Paradis is a huge mansion with many international ladies and one TS who attend to the carnal needs of their patrons.

Conveniently, it's open 24h. No admission fee is charged. Professional photos are online. Austrian portal for hostesses who accommodate sensual desires of gents, couples and other women. This index is sorted by provinces and presents each provider with their own portfolio containing various images, location of their premises.

They can be contacted by phone or by private message if needed. There is a fair amount of mature courtesans available for lovers of Austrian cougars. Agency in Vienna with about 10 Austrian girls. Annoying greeting music and you do need to click on the high heel icon to enter site - as long as you are 18 years of age or older that is.

Otherwise leave here! OMG, these girls might be hookers or prostitutes? A big number is taken from the street sign and there you have the reason why this Vienna brothel is called Studio Around 20 courtesans are depicted on the web site. Sexual services start with the incredibly low amount of just 40 Euro.

This place is perfect for frugal Johns. Laufhaus Winter displays its entrance benhind a wall of large bushes.

Escort Service Vienna

Nobody may see who enters or leaves this Vienna brothel situated in central location near Prater Stern. There is a page with pictures of working prostitutes including one Latin shemale. Maya and Chantal are two spiffy, young providers in this house.

Klagenfurt whore house with many international sex workers. Perfect for travelers connecting from Villach to Graz. It's a large establishment with 5 floors of European whores. Their website offers direct contact to women working in this city bordello house of prostitution. Free link page for addresses of escorts, independent escorts, clubs, bars, brothels, swinger clubs and much more from all over Austria, free erotic chat.

The index is rather old-school and somewhat of an antiquity of Austrian web design. Some phone sex and webcam ads are disguised as sex partner directory. Watch your phone bill! Right sidebar provides navigation item for Hostessen. This is Austrian term for escort service. Once in this section hostessen photos are shown with complete profiles.

Most Vienna sex workers offer meeting inside their apartments. Some will visit hotels and residences. Certain speciality services like BDSM, alles ohne or auto erotika may be listed, too. Kinky swinger club in Vienna. Single men pay 25 Euro only: More expensive later at night.

Well known playground for erotic fun. Club Frivoli has been featured in mainstream media as one of Europe's best couples swapping sex club. Lifestyle for swinger on solid grounds. Time for a vacation. Jenny, Nina and her friends run this private bordello situated in Bezirk 7. Services can include erotic massages and intercourse in various, different positions.

Aroma Tempel operates from A very active and popular message board about the commercial sex trade in Vienna and other parts of Austria. They have a sister Austrian sex forum at Sex Forum Wien. Scroll down to bottom and confirm your legal age to find the site's adult content. Paid sex section is tagged as "Dienstleistungen".

Hot redhead Tirol escort. Click on 'geile pics' to see her photo portfolio of nudes and aroused images. That chick must be a lot of fun. Emanuella is one hell of a shaved pleasure goddess. She "works" all day and she adds new pic every couple of week. Nicely shaven, btw. Another red-light guide for Austrian hookers and nightclubs.

Site appears to be outdated or in passive mode. Upon entering the site you can see Austrian escort and whores soliciting for punters with images and personal information. Those Austrian hookers are dam good in marketing when it comes to sell Vienna prostitution services that are legal as hell.

Massage studio in Vienna. Their girls look very attractive and fantasies for happy endings might arouse rather quickly. Their masseuses are beautiful, elegant, intelligent, genuine and keen to spoil? Two locations are available: It's close to Mariahilferstrasse and Octagon gym. Taxi drivers should know this place very well. New companions, need Flashplayer to view page.

This Vienna escort mall provides information and photos of a nice number of Austrian girls who are into p4p sex. Be aware that images labeled 'symbolfoto' do not show the actual escort! Mittersill FKK sexclub with two-tiered entrance fee from 25 to 50 Euro. Noblesse offers offers a Laufhaus with sauna and movie theater. The images under "ambiente" suggest a cosy and luxurious feeling to patron's stay.

Located between Kitzbuhel and Lienz it's situated inside a very upscale and picturesque mountain area that is known to be the home of many wealthy and famous people. You may meet one of them in this sex club. It's a smaller club with cozy feel to it. About 10 girls on duty every night according to their homepage.

Innsbruck and surroundings are well known for luxurious brothels. The images posted on this website provide for a cozy yet dynamic feeling. Self acclaimed six star nightclub Fun Palast requires a door fee for entrance. Frequent visitors can avail of discounts by advance purchase of 5 or 10 entrances.

With a prime location in Vienna, it's one of the best known brothels of Austria. Lot of erotic events are promoted here. Besides vagina their menu also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Salzburg brothel inside historic Altstadt district. Adults need to confirm to be of legal age to enter this website and their premises bring your ID.

Staff inside this house is rotating and images with additional information of new models are released online. Woman and trannies are available make sure your woman is a real female. Cast is multi-national with many seasonal German and Hungarian guest workers.

Thumb nail tiled escort mall with images and adverts of local providers, most of whom are female Vienna escorts. Some are from other places and a few sissies mixed in between. Each listing has a phone number and location. In most cases prices and sexual practises are detailled in writing. John may comment and post reviews. Vienna escort service agency with small selection of attractive companions.

The image quality is rather low and their website includes ads for webcams. That looks a bit strange to be honest. Wouldn't any escort agency want to present good images of their models without destractive advertising? Tirol brothel in Schwaz. They cater to upscale customers with many people visiting from Italy as it is not to far to the Italian border.

Some of their girls are American hookers. There is also a free forum. All chicks inside a FKK club are naked. All they are wearing are high heels. Lots of stunning babes on duty. It's the only sauna club showing high quality nudes of their dedicated hookers. Over 20 Vienna female escorts from this service agency from Euros per hour up.

The girls look pretty sexy. I guess some of them are east European chicks. Upscale night club in Freinberg. The Flash animated website offers insights into a legal bordello. Images of the house, bar area and some female providers are presented. Looks clean and cozy.

The house is nestled close to the German-Austria border between Linz and Passau. The establishment operates a beautiful outdoor area during summer months. For drivers this Salzburg brothel is easy to find along Bundesstrasse B1 Walserberg right next to the border between Germany and Austria. The small town is called Walls. Being a Laufhaus walk-in brothel it is offering quick sex for budget prices.

Nevertheless, the working ladies include top adult models from Hungary and Czech Republic along with local housewives who sideline a second job for additional income. Nice place for groupsex parties of juice swapping couples. Lots of swinging gangbang action is known to take place in this prime Austrian swinger club that earned an excellent reputation among consenting alternative couple from all over Europe.

It's an epic playground for Austrian, Hungarian, German and Swiss group sex - couples, only! Models all over Austria. This Vienna escort mall shows images of around a dozen Austrian girls. Thei can accompany to Donauinsel, Stephansdom or Mariahilf for some cultural events and tourist thing or let them test the softness of your Wien hotel bed.

Lot's of fun and stuff to do with young Vienna girls. Innsbruck brothel with lounge and sauna club departments. The door charge is Euro. It includes all drinks except for Champagne. Activities in rooms and suites are charged by the mistresses. Open from 6 pm until 4 am, daily.

Circolo takes pride in offering high quality on all levels. Special interest bordello for lovers of Asian women. Five Thai and Chinese chix are available at this small studio in Vienna's Brunnengasse. Her skin was a little course from too much smoking, but dumped my load in her mouth after fucking those buttocks doggy. Check out the secret snaps I took of her above. Take a peek at those perfectly formed buttocks.

Naughty boy, dont get caught secret filming. Something I dont do anymore, just a phase I went through. Such poor quality too. Its those cheap Chinese watches you can buy online. Very difficult to operate too. You have to buy a beer on entry into the Chez nous for 10 euros, you then sit in a cubicle with a curtain and four mature women well into their thirties and overweight including one Thai introduce themselves to you.

I drank my beer and left. Saturday afternoon and I make my way to Studio Relax , trying another cheap mongering option in Vienna. I am not quite confident with the trams so just head to the nearest U Bahn and walk from there. Inside Studio Relax there were about 6 girls working all with that tired look, all early twenties and all Romanian girls.

One of the Romanian girls is curvy and not look so bad so choose her. Its 60 euros for suck and fuck and you get 30 minutes. The rooms were small hot and grubby. But we got the job done and was not a bad service from this Romanian girl including BBBJ at no extra cost. I was glad to get off that bed and get out of Studio Relax and into the fresh air.

As I had already had a pop today was not really hunting just looking. I guess its where the locals come on a minimum wage for some escapism. If you want sex on the cheap always tap into the local escort market, rather than that geared towards the tourist or business visitor. Sunday was my last day mongering in Vienna. Take a shower and put on my robe and head into the main lounge area and take a soft drink.

There is only 1 or 2 other punters inside and a good 15 to 20 girls most fully naked and ranging from lookswise. A tanned tall half Egyptian girl tries to tempt me inside the cinema for a handjob and blowjob then into the room for a fuck for 60 euros.

Im trying to take my time. An Italian girl pulls me into the cinema and is playing with my erection under my robe, again I am forcing myself to decline her offers. There is pre cum all over her hands, I am so fucking horny man. These girls are so hot working in the FKK, I guess they like the setup. I get naked in full view of all the girls and take a sauna, there coming into the sauna with me and having a little chat.

So much so I am intending to do some mongering research on Moldova. There are two German girls sat at the bar, one is blonde and absolutely beautiful and so sexy, fantastic hips and ass. She wants me to do a threesome with her friend who is not bad, but not interested in a threesome, just want her. Take her to one of the private rooms, very clean, fresh sheets, towels etc, but you just pull a curtain across the doorway.

Could not believe it, she gives the full on girlfriend and porn star experience , fantastic time with this gorgeous German blonde girl. Spent the afternoon just relaxing on the loungers interacting with all these gorgeous naked girls, some will lay on the lounger with you and just cuddle up. I buy some 5 euro tokens and drink a few beers. Around 3pm starts to get more busy and then 6pm more so.

Notice a really cute girl start working just after 6pm. Super model looking, fantastic small tight bum, tanned skin, tall slim, beautiful. She catches me looking at her and comes and sits with me. She is from Bulgaria aged I decide on a second pop and take her to one of the rooms.

Just another full on girlfriend plus porn star experience. After I relax a little more and then decide to leave. Fantastic day out in the Goldentime FKK best to take around euros though at least. Enjoyed mongering in Vienna, the expensive options like Maxim and Goldentime were the much better experiences. I like to try the cheap options, but these are better if you really just want a real quickie rather than entertainment or to relax and interact — not much point in going into FKKs like the Goldentime if you just want a quickie.

It seems in the more expensive relaxed places you are more likely to get the girlfriend and porn star experience. I am getting an expensive taste. I want to hit an FKK seems like there is a good quality of girls, but the hefty entrance fee kinda sets me back though — i would go there to fuck all those Romanian and eastern European girls!

The high entrance fee to an FKK keeps out the riff raff, the cheap charlies. I recommend a trip to a few FKK clubs to every serious monger. Its the closest you will ever experience to having your own harem of beautiful women to fuck. The price for the girls is good, around 30 minutes for 50 euros for a beauty, she keeps all the money as the club takes the entrance fee.

Considering you can just sit in a FKK club like Goldentime all day, use all the facilities, pool, jacuzzi, sauna etc and have the most beautiful woman from all over Europe walking around naked in front of its not too bad a price to pay. The girls feel safe and alcohol is not really on the menu, so not dealing with drunks.

The Bulgarian told me Friday, Saturday nights can get busy alot of young guys come in after a night out and not scoring for free. She said they can be a little worse of wear and aggressive, she preferred quieter nights and older men. So probably not a good time to go on weekend night.

The girls are anonymous inside an FKK, no prying eyes like you get in typical red light districts. They come from all over Europe to work in an FKK. The hidden cam pics made this your best blog ever. No longer did I have to use my imagination to see what you experienced. Thanks Alex, I wish I could just use my camera. It was handy for where I could not use my camera. I am tempted to dust off the cobwebs of my secret camera.

But it could get you seriously into trouble. May have to invest in a more professional one, like a button or something. For any monger who knows just what he wants, great option. Just book a cheap flight and if you need to, cheap hotel, and then Paradise awaits. Very revealing and entertaining report!! Matt there is also a very vibrant local private haus scene in Vienna.

Lots of cheap pussy where the girls will do almost anything. I not try the local escort scene. I thought my hotel was pretty close to Laufhaus Rosi. It was a bit further than I realized. But I walked. It was very late, about 1: I thought I needed to ring the bell, so I stood outside foolishly for a few minutes waiting to be buzzed in.

Oops, again. While I was deciding, a group of about 4 guys came in, obviously having a fun night together. They went up, so I went down and chose Diana.

La belle femme cheadle

The Nuru massage is often offered as Some of the Vienna nude bars also operate as a brothels. Salzburg brothel inside historic Altstadt district. If you want sex on the cheap always tap into the local escort market, rather than that geared towards the tourist or business visitor.

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  1. The Wiscot Center holds hundreds of films, which visitors can watch in private video booths and other rooms.
  2. Homosexual sex is also legalized.
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  4. You have to buy a beer on entry into the Chez nous for 10 euros, you then sit in a cubicle with a curtain and four mature women well into their thirties and overweight including one Thai introduce themselves to you.
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  6. sex guide vienna I'm
  7. Check it out coming from Rosenheim or Innsbruck if you want to spend some time in this erotic spot.

About 10 girls on duty every night according to their homepage. While their prices are based on 30 minute intervalls, it is possible to ask for early work release of their lovely mistresses and have them become your Innsbruck escort and GFE experience. Decided on trying out the recently opened laufhaus on Zollgasse 3. Seegasse 21 Wien Austria Europe.

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