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Another indirect effect of the boom was the growth of gambling and prostitution in many communities. By the s traffic congestion had become so serious that the city became the first in the nation to install interconnected traffic lights. May 6, http: At the same time, Hill managed to climb aboard and hang onto the suddenly accelerating limo, and Mrs. Jerry Bruno flies to Texas to evaluate the stops being considered for the Kennedy visit.

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In late February and early March she replenished ships dur ing the conquest of Iwo Jiiiia. Besides fuel, she provided ships with foodstuffs, medical supplies, ammunition, and mail. Thence, begining 13 March, she sailed on the first of four major fueling operations in support of the invasion and conquest of Okin awa.

She carried out additional deployments 30 30 March[sic], 22 April, and 30 May, and each of the four runs lasted about 2 weeks. While cruising with TG Sixty-foot waves and winds In e xcess of knots destroyed her fueling booms and cracked her foremast. She returned to Ulithi 11 June for repairs, thence departed for Okinawa 28 June to begin shuttling fuel to the newest of the American bases in the western Pacific.

She completed tw o round trips to the Ryukyus and returned to Ulithi where she received news of Japanese capitulation. Millicoma steamed to Japanese waters 8 September and refueled minesweepers and support ships off Sasebo, Kyushu. She replenished more than 60 ships in less than 2 days. She arrived Sasebo the 29th to continue logistics support of minesweeping operations, and between 22 and 25 October she refueled ships in the Yellow Sea along the of Korea.

Millicoma arrived San Francisco 19 November, and decommissioned there 21 February Her name was struck from the Navy list 12 March, and she was transferred to the Maritime Commission in June. Her name was reinstated on the Navy list 28 April Since Millicoma has supported the worldwide shield of American seapower and the defense of the free world.

Manned by a civilian crew, she has operated under MSTS on a contract charter basis to carry liquid cargoes along the coasts of the Un ited States and to American bases overseas. Into late fiscal year , she maintained her schedule of chartered runs out of east coast ports. Hobkirk's Hill i Built: October - lengthened by Bethlehem Steel Co.

December - new fore and midship sections built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Yokohama measurements: Victory Ships and Tankers Click below to provide some more information about this ship: Scrapped Valencia, October, Scrapped Bilbao, September Molino Del Rey Built: Delivered to the Maritime Commission, July Forebody of Bull Run scrapped in From Victory Ships and Tankers: Greater container capacity was provided by skilled ship-surgery performed by Todd Shipyards, when the afterbodies of the T2 tankers Bull Run, Roanoke and Petrolite were joined to the forebodies of the C4 container ships Anchorage, Baltimore and Seattle.

Matching dissimilar hulls of the T2 tankers and C4 ships proved an intricate exercise, the problems mainly concerning the beam and depth - 71ft 6in and 43ft 6in respectively for the C4 type and 68ft and 39ft 3in for the T2 ships. The following description of the work involved is generally applicable to all three conversions.

The T2 was cut at about frame 47, the C4 at frame , with the cut staggered over a length of 90ft. In essence, therefore, a ft afterbody was joined to a ft forebody, this producing a ship capable of carrying x 35ft containers below deck and above deck, the latter being stowed three high between box-section buttress posts. Work on the scarph joint included construction of a new bulkhead and sloping transition between the maindeck of the C4 and the raised poop of the T2.

Extensive bracketing unified the vertical C4 framing to the longitudinal framing of the ex-tanker. Riveted straps on the C4 hull fitted at an earlier conversion were extended 30ft aft of the new bulkhead, and 70ft doubling plates were added from the main deck via the new slope to the poopdeck. The existing bridge structure was retained, although refitted to modern standards, and the wheelhouse level raised by the addition of part of the T2 bridge.

During hull conversion the main machinery received complete overhaul and modification, so increasing its rating from 6, to 8, SHP and speed to 15 knots. On each ship the rudder was strengthened and doubling plates added to the stern to allow for greater power and the increased turning movement of the hull.

See also Sun yard numbers and Scrapped Trieste, June Wilson History and Notes: Hulked as cement storage vessel in Port Said. Miramar Ship Index Latest News: Port Said, Mar 28 -- Grain storage vessel Observer gt, built , ex non specific tanker, which was laying alongside the quay at Port Said Harbour, caught fire at about , this morning.

A Tugs extinguished fire and the Canal is clear. Tony Terry by email on 28 March, Scrapped Trieste, May Scrapped Castellon, July Scrapped Osaka, June Gulf Oil sold the vessel to Maryland Drydock, Baltimore with the proviso that it could not engage in the carriage of petroleum products. Maryland bought the vessel with the anticipation of resale with the vessel undergoing conversion work at MDD.

A large ship conversion was required, which MDD performed. Harry Marshall on 31 December Click below to provide some more information about this ship: The midbody of the S. Mission de Pala was inserted inplace of the original midbody of the Virginia Trader ex Harpers Ferry. Richard Johnson via web feedback on 14 March Click below to provide some more information about this ship: Broken up Gadani Beach, 22 November Scrapped Vado, August Scrapped Kaohsiung, October Beck, USNR, in command.

It was named for a river in Arkansas. Cossatot put to sea from Norfolk again December 28, bound for the Pacific. She operated from Saipan from February 12 fueling ships of the 6th Fleet until March 3, when she began operations from Ulithi. Cossatot sortied as a part of TG On April 16 she sailed with her group to conduct fueling operations off newly assaulted Okinawa.

On April 28 she splashed a suicide plane as it dove toward her, and remained on this duty unscathed until May 4 when she arrived at Ulithi to reload. From May 26 until the end of the War, Cossatot operated out of Ulithi fueling various units of fast carrier TF 38, engaged in the final strikes against the Japanese homeland.

Cossatot left Ulithi September 3 for Okinawa and Sasebo, arriving September 21 to fuel ships of the occupation force. Post war Cossatot was placed out of commission in reserve March 7, and transferred to the Maritime Commission October 28, Reacquired in February , she was transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service October 1, where she has served in a noncommissioned status under the Maritime Administration.

While underway in the Pacific Ocean on April 16, Cossatot reported seeing an unidentified flying object on a straight and fast course in the skies. It was described as glowing, and star-like, and on a trajectory at about 20 degrees and an altitude around 20, feet. No investigation was put forward.

According to Greenpeace records, on June 15, Cossatot was damaged after a collision with the merchant vessel Copper State, in fog, off the coast of Santa Cruz, California. Cossatot was carrying , barrels of jet fuel and lost 20 feet of her bow section in this collision. Cossatot was stricken on September 18, and sold September 2, No further information is available after this date.

Matt Zwingraf via web feedback on 29 April The SS Kittanning after being hit by three torpedos fired by the U off of the port of Cristobal, Canal Zone, was still afloat on 5 July when the crew of the Panama Canal tugboat Tavernilla volunteered to go to the assistance of the Kittanning. The crew of the Tavernilla consisted of the Master William J. Connard, Chief Engineer Hermanus A.

Kleefkens and the engine room oiler name unknown. Stone to Governor Mehaffey of the Canal Zone as well as addendums of congradulations to the crew of the Tavernilla from S. Manahan, Marine Superintendent and F. O'Leary, Port Captain Cristobal. The letter from Cpt. As Acting Commandant I desire to express to you my very deep appreciation of the hearty cooperation of the Marine Superintendent, Captain Manahan, in sending the Panama Canal Tug Tavernilla to the assistance of a disabled tanker off Cristobal on 5 July.

But for the timely arrival of Tavernilla and the seamanlike manner in which the master took the tanker in tow and returned her to port the tanker would very possibly have been driven onto a lee shore and further damaged if not lost Please express to the master and crew of Tavenilla the commendation of the Acting Commandant for their splendid performance.

With thanks and all good wishes, I am Cordially yours, Ellis S. Connard, Master, Tug Tavernilla: The enclosed letter from the Acting Commandant is forwarded with sincere congradulatios. Your action in taking tanker in tow under difficult and dangerous conditions reflects great credit on yourself, Chief Engineer Hermanus Kleefkens, and the crew of the Tavernilla. In spite of heavy seas and poor maneuverability of the damaged tanker the Tavernilla brought her safely into port.

Please deliver the basic letter with endorsements to the crew of your ship. Following the end of the war she along with hundreds of other tankers, cargo ships and troop transports were laid up at ports all around the United States. By Fisher's Hill had been sold into the private merchant marine.

National Bulk Carriers purchased the ship and shortly following the sale, her original Westinghouse turbo-electric plant was removed and a pair of re-built Joshua Hendy Iron Works steam turbine engines were installed in July of As a result of the conversion her horsepower was increased from 7, to 9, Her length increased from feet to feet overall and her tonnages increased from 10,grt and 16,dwt to 11,grt and 18,dwt.

A new forebody was welded in its place and her wheelhouse and accomodations block which once sat in the middle of the ship was removed, moved aft and welded atop the original stern accomodation structure. She re-entered service early in measuring '6" x 74'2" x 43'6". Her previous dimensions were ' x 68'2" x 39'2". Her tonnages increased to 15,grt and 27,dwt.

American Trader's original hull and bow was of no use and it was subsequently sold for scrap. On January 13th, the old hull - likely around feet long, arrived at Castellon, Spain under tow where it was later broken up for scrap. On June 11th, she entered layup at East London and ended up staying there until August 12th.

She had been sold to Benship International Inc. American Trader arrived off Chittagong, Bangladesh late in September of and on October 2nd crews began dismantling her hull. Included in the deal with Sabine was, new reduction gears she had an ER fire and had Hendy cruiser turbines and gears installed in and the charter. Log book 1 was onboard when I sailed on her '70's, 80's.

Sabine added a 41' mid-section at Alabama Shipbuilding, Mobile, in American Trading re-built the S. American Trader in Newport News Shipbuilding and DD Co fitted a new ' forebody reatining only ' of the original hull. The midship house was jacked onto the aft house making her a "stern winder".

She was returned to the Maritime Commission in March and reverted to her original name, acquired by the Navy and classified AO in July , and operated in a noncommissioned status by a civilian company under contract with the Navy. She was stricken from the Naval Register and turned over to the Maritime Administration on 14 October Severely damaged in hurricane in Atlantic.

Repairs not economical, sold. Scrapped Faslane, August Converted to container ship by Todd Shipyards Corp. Aft section joined to fore and midship sections of Seattle ex-Mobile , ex-Dorothy , ex-Marine Fox , C4 hull by Sun - yard number Remaining section of Petrolite scrapped, Richmond, CA. San Jose, CA Here to please all of your needs I'm a 21 yr old fun, open minded, and chill dude here to take care of all your needs so hit me up for a good time.

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Type " massage by justin" in Google! Fort Lauderdale, FL Visits: Buffalo, NY Spread your legs, split my lips. I'm cute, quirky, weird, and geeky, fun and entertaining. I have a ballerina's build. Any shipment over 8 feet and 6 inches wide will require a strobe and red lighting is addition or warning flags. Trucks must have either 1 strobing amber light with a minimum base size of 8 inches or 2 simultaneous flashing amber lights mounted on the roof of power unit.

Signs must be a minimum of 5 feet in width but no wider than 7 feet with a yellow background and black letters a minimum of 8 inches tall. Heavy-haul or oversize loads may be required to be accompanies by a escort vehicle or pilot car if: Shipments 14 feet to 16 feet wide will require 1 pilot car vehicle in front on a 2 lane road and 1 on the rear on a 4 lane road.

If shipment is in excess of 16 feet, 1 front and 1 rear pilot car or escort vehicle will be required on all shipments on all roads and highways. If the shipment is able to maintain minimum speeds no escort vehicle is required. Front overhang up to 20 feet on some 2 land roads will require 1 pilot car or escort vehicle in the front. On a 4 lane front overhang up to 25 feet requires 1 pilot car escort on the rear.

Rear overhang; over 20 feet but not more than 30 feet requires one pilot car escort on the rear of shipment. If over 30 feet of overhang 2 pilot cars or escort vehicles will be required and you will need to get special approval for the permit to be issued. Pilot car or escort vehicle mandatory operator certifications and vehicle requirements:. Vehicles must be equipped with a CB radio or 2-way communication device and be in constant communication with all parties assigned to the movement.

It is only our express opinion that pilot cars also have a minimum of the additional items but not required: Monday — Friday 6: Maximum weight on a single axle 25, pounds. On tandem axles 46, pounds. On tridum axles 60, pounds. On quad axles 70, pounds. On five axle trailers 81, pounds. On trunnion axles 60, pounds. Any load that exceeds these dimensions or weights may be referred to as a super load.

If over feet long or 20 feet wide or 11 feet and 8 inches tall and it requires a route inspection please refer to Texas state form number MCD a. Signs are required on all pilot car and escort vehicles. Any vehicle transporting a load that extends to the rear at least 4 feet beyond the bad of the trailers shall display on the extreme end of the load to read Lance visible in the distance of a minimum of feet from the rear.

To read reflectors that indicate the maximum width of the shipment that are visible at night time at all directions from the side and the rear of the shipment are required. So my trucks are required to have their low beam headlamps on when ever transporting any type of oversize or heavy haul shipment.

Any load or shipment that has overhang that extends more than 4 feet beyond the rear of the trailers shall display red flags that are at least 16 inches in a square shape on all extremities of the actual load and are to be placed where the red light is required on all extremities.

Also my trucks will need to be equipped with either two simultaneous Lee flashing amber lights or one rotating amber beacon light that has a base of no less than 8 inches affixed to the top of the power unit. Power unit lights must be visible from both the front and the rear of the power unit and the power unit is required to have the same 16 inch warning flags mounted on the very most forward part of the vehicle.

All power units are required to have a wide load sign mounted on the front and the rear of the vehicle as well as the shipment and tow and the sign is required to have a yellow background with black letters the are at least 8 inches tall. This sign must be a minimum of 5 feet in width but no more than 7 feet and width.

If your shipment is in excess of 14 feet wide or 17 feet tall or feet and linked one escort or pilot car is required. If you will be traveling on a 2 Lane Hwy. If you will be traveling on a highway with four or more lanes than the escort vehicle or pilot car must be in the rear. When the load is in excess of 17 feet in height your pilot car or escort must travel in the front of the load as well as be a equipped with a high pole.

If your shipment is in excess of 16 feet wide or 18 feet tall or feet long, both a front and rear pilot car or escort vehicle is required. Whenever the shipment or load exceeds 18 feet in height, your front escort must be equipped with a high pole. Official law enforcement vehicles or motorcycles may be used as a primary escort or pilot car vehicle for a permitted shipment traveling within the limits seven Inc.

On shipments that are feet long to foot long one escort per load or convoy is permitted or to for four loads with one front and one rear pilot car or escort vehicle up to feet. From feet and 1 inch to feet and linked a front and rear escort per load, or per convoy of 22 a maximum of four loads with one front and one rear pilot car or escort vehicle is required.

From feet and 1 inch and linked to feet long one front and one rear escort is required per load or per convoy of up to two loads with one front and one rear escort.

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Switching things up on a moment's notice when we got rained out the one night was amazing! He was especially helpful with the payment planning of the trip. Post war Cossatot was placed out of commission in reserve March 7, and transferred to the Maritime Commission October 28, Both sides non-comp and great! Fan Mail How much do you love us?

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