Northampton Red Light District

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Simon "They will not Force us, they will stop degrading us, they will not control us, we will be victorious!! Sat Nov 08, 5: We soon caught up with her walking alone to a known crack den, where PC Stevens said she is likely to get a hit. Northamptonshire Police. And there you have it gents, a non-stop weekend guide to Copenhagen guaranteed to have you thoroughly well fed and partied out before coming back home.

Daytime: Vesterbro & Carlsberg

I apologise in replying to these comments after such a long time, but I only realised they were up on here. We are also part of the Park Mark Scheme which is accredited by the Police in the Northamptonshire area, and so if there are any problems the Police are on site in a matter of minutes.

Last time I stayed in that area I stopped at the small truckstop in Northampton. I won't jump on the self righteous band waggon on dd, but i'm interested to know how you found out the brasses would loot you while they change your oil. Never will stop there either. Wish it would stop. Oh no Board index All times are UTC.

Note to Media.. Mon Jun 07, 7: Sat Mar 08, 1: Sat Apr 02, 9: Tue Mar 11, 7: Sun Oct 26, 8: Can't understand why they would nick tagiatelli, not a large italian population in northampton, if it was golabki or bush meat you could understand it theres nothing written on the curtain to say whats inside the trailer nor is there anything written on the boxes. Sun Dec 05, 9: Originally Yorkshire, now in 'North Londonshire'!

Top Re: There's no accounting for taste. I once had half a pallett of minestrone cup-a-soup type stuff nicked through the back doors. Next to it was a pallett of mixed variety cup-a-soup type stuff Is it Friday yet?? Wed Feb 08, 3: Greg call in and see if they have tagiatelli on the menu board lol If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Sun Jul 23, 8: Mon Nov 03, 1: The only secure place is the old BP truckstop at Rugby at least they have some level of security. Sun Jul 09, 8: Sat Oct 06, 8: England NW Top Re: Sun Sep 25, 8: Sat Jun 27, 1: Baggsy the layby and pocket the parking fee. Very handy location for me most tues and thurs.

Aladdin Kumar was at Red Light Area. Lovely Priya was at Red Light Area. Lovely Priya is at Red Light Area. Saib Jutt was at Red Light Area. More stories. Address Suggest an address Website Suggest a website Tags nightlife outdoors. Near Red Light Area. The Greedy Italian Italian Restaurant.

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DY TV Channel. Forgot account? Suggest an address. Suggest a website. Both great locations for sight seeing and also a good chance to catch your breath from the Friday. Christiania is the ideal place to wander down to on Saturday. Also known as Christiana Freetown, the town has an interesting past. The town is car-free and many houses have been hand built.

The area even has its own special currency. Christiania is an extremely unique area of Denmark and is somewhat of a cultural gem with a society, history and architecture absolutely unlike anything else seen in the world. What is there to see and do once we get into this Free Town then I hear you ask? The thing about Christiania is to experience it.

Walk around, talk to the people and soak up its uniqueness. There are some particulars worthy of mention… Gent tip: More of a gent warning; the area is known for its lax stance on sale and use of soft drugs and has the potential to be uncomfortable for some.

Pusher Street: The clue really is in the name. The sale of cannabis is done openly however it is still illegal in Denmark. After numerous raids and sting operations recently, the street has become more cautious in how it operates. There are specific rules when it comes to the street. A lot of tourist footfall comes through this area and like any area with a high turnover of tourists, it is advisable to keep hold of your possessions.

Offering a outdoor beer garden, part concert venue, part indoor cafe with a different and varied crowd found at the end of pusher street. Sunshine Bakery: The combination of a corner shop and a bakery, the bakery offers bread, cakes, sandwiches, coffee, tea, soft drinks and cigarettes. Church of Our Saviour: Built in the baroque style of architecture, the Church is most famous for its corkscrew spire which has an external winding staircase which can be climbed, offering the best views of Central Copenhagen.

Our suggestion is to make the trip up if you are not afriad of heights. The panoramic view is perfect for photos and offers spectacular, far off sights of the entire city thanks to Copenhagen being so flat. What is this magical looking place we hear you say? Well, it is time for some more trivia. Tivoli Gardens opened in , years ago, and is one of the oldest theme parks in the world.

In , the park was visited by Walt Disney. He wanted to build a giant playground for the children and families of America, and decided to go to Tivoli Gardens for inspiration. As he walked around, he was amazed by the cleanliness, lush flowers and rides. If that is not enough of a pop culture reference for you, then after performing in the park, Michael Jackson tried to buy it but was unsuccessful.

So after such a sparkling review from Walt and Michael, the gardens are a must visit spot. The entrance fee is minuscule and to go on rides is a pay as you go system. Worth bearing in mind if you are sharing this experience with your better half. The Park: Tivoli is more than simply a theme park.

It is a tremendous 21 acre park, wonderfully landscaped with the gardens being full of green areas, lakes, fountains, a man made waterfall and over , beautiful flowers. The park boasts some varied and imaginative buildings, such as the Nimb palace Hotel with its minarets and towers; the Chinese Tower built in near the central lake and the Glass Hall Theatre just to mention a few.

For those seeking thrills, The Demon, Vertigo and Aquila all offer some stomach churning fun. Tivoli gardens has many an act on in its open air theatre showing live music, pantomimes and more. Translated literally as the inner city, the centre of Copenhagen offers. The Latin Quarter is based towards the Nort and the university. Peder Oxe: Burgers, steak, fish, they really do have a great selection and all the menu is updated to ensure that everything is seasonally relevant and fresh.

As the night begins in earnest, understanding where to go for cocktails, music and fun is of the utmost importance. This is one of the most unique cocktail bars in the city. Located by the canal, Ruby looks far more exclusive than it is and the bar tries to do away with all pretentiousness. The cocktails are great and the atmosphere is relaxed and homely.

The decor is of a Chinese influence and it is located a short walk from Ruby. The cocktails are strong, the music is soft and it is a place definitely worthy of a visit. There are a long list of viable, interesting clubs all deserving your time and attention, however with only a weekend, there is only so much a gent can do. It is with a lot of difficulty that we managed to narrow down the selections to these two very different yet equally spectacular clubs.

Be dressed to impress. Whereas Friday night was a hipster affair, the dress codes in the clubs in central Copenhagen are far stricter. Culture box: If you like your music electronic and very loud, then Culture Box will become your mecca. The nightclub attracts local artists and international DJs to bring some of the best of house and electro to Denmark.

Culture Box is divided into three compartments.

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Both great locations for sight seeing and also a good chance to catch your breath from the Friday. Dont say i didnt warn you! We are also part of the Park Mark Scheme which is accredited by the Police in the Northamptonshire area, and so if there are any problems the Police are on site in a matter or minutes. As for the ladies, piece of piss: The town is car-free and many houses have been hand built. Many women who are embroiled in the world of drugs or find themselves homeless venture to lorry parks as they are the easiest places to find warmth and shelter, I'm told.

A Gent’s Weekend Guide to Copenhagen:

  1. Dont say i didnt warn you!
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  4. Expect beer from the bottle, shabby, industrial chic decor and DJs playing the loudest music in Kodbyen.
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Milan Kashyap was at Red Light Area. Also known as Christiana Freetown, the town has an interesting past. The thing about Christiania is to experience it.

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