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I'm a window and a mother of 4 and yes all by one man my beloved husband was married for 13 yrs he passed away January moved back home to my home state Jersey. Happy Valentine day. If you are into good conversation and laughter. Well the best why to desribe me is to say that I'm part country boy and part city boy. Jess 36 year white women seeking black men. Next time you send big picture And more picture.

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I'm 29 I am the only Daughter of my parents 5'7 tall, weight lbs, , My father is in the business man and we travel alots and visit lot of places when i was still a Child.. If you are lookin to chill with a conceited bastard who is closed-minded, completely void of emotion, narcisistic and intent on raising his ego to satisfy himself and in his mind all around him, you should definitely call that other guy over there. Next time you send big picture And more picture.

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I try to workout everyday since i do volunteer as a fireman in my town. Common 49 year old man. I like your brown hair. Do you like play? I am see your photo. Matt 38 year old man. If you would like to know more let me know.


If you are into good conversation and laughter. I'm about 6'3", I have brown hair, and blue eyes. Lisa 30 year old woman. I live my life to accommodate myself I will be there Jan 23rd. Luis 31 year old man.

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