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She waited, along with other normal, healthy teenagers at the record shop when a new Presley release was due to come in. Hello, I'm Chris. Whether you are experiencing ch…. Hey, it's Sasha. He worked with Elvis for three or four sessions, seven or eight hours to a session "to see if I could get something out of him. He was backed then, as now.

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Hey Gentleman, I'm Ms. I have a sweet disposition and I enjoy all types of men and women as long as they are mature and respectful. Amsterdam New York City NY Las Vegas NV Los Angeles CA Barcelona Dallas TX Bucharest Chicago IL Watch television, buy a pop record, tune to a radio disk jockey or put a coin into a jukebox, see a show featuring live music, read movie news- it's difficult to avoid sound, sight or mention of Elvis Presley.

Elvis' spectacular rise is one of the most extraordinary ever seen in the history of pop music. The first was scheduled for last September 9, the second two follow at approximately eight-week intervals. Some wonder whether this phenomenon will last. The recording director who discovered Elvis when he was making thirty—five dollars a week driving a pickup truck feels that the market is being saturated too rapidly with Presley recordings, some good, some ducts.

Various musical "experts" claim that Elvis will disappear from public sight within a year, vanishing into a limbo of wrecked jukeboxes and worn-out records. Elvis himself wonders about his physical endurance. Speaking of the ceaseless one—night stands, he shakes his head. I love the travelin'," he sighs, "but this business is pretty rough.

Elvis rubs one side of his face. I think about things that've happened and it's kind of like a dream. A year and a half ago, I was nothing. Now I have four Cadillacs, one motorcycle, a three-wheel red Messerschmitt car. I look at them when I get home. More than anything else in the world today, Elvis wants to be an actor.

On screen, Elvis has a simple direct appeal, immediate in its impact. When Elvis saw his own screen test, however, he was staggered. He was a sensitive little boy. I was afraid of Elvis being an only child, how he might be stingy and mean, but he was never that way.

He never minded if anyone played with his toys. During the last year that the Presleys lived in Tupelo, Elvis' mother persuaded him to get a guitar. In , Elvis' father, who had been driving a banana truck, decided to move the family to Memphis where most of Mrs. He found work in a paint factory. Presley remarks, "I never let Elvis out of my sight until he was fifteen.

I would hold his hand all the time when we went downtown; we knew where he was every minute of the day. Presley, a graying man of forty, adds, "We brought Elvis up right. Elvis, like his two cousins, had always dreamed of a car; one day to his cousins' exasperation, he insisted he would own two Cadillacs. Finally, Gene and Billy hollered at Elvis, "You wait, even if you got a car, your mother never would let you drive it!

Elvis' father bought him clothes at the credit store. Presley remarks, "and I was pretty badly in debt. When things got too bad, Mrs. Presley, she would get a job. I have more things now, but I always had the basic things I wanted, just not so fancy. In Memphis, Elvis attended L.

Humes High School. He spreads his hands out helplessly, "I could never think of any way out. During that last year, Elvis went out and got a job. It got a little rough. In , the year he was graduated, Elvis thought to surprise friends at an informal party by playing them a "mystery" record. Intrigued, Phillips noted Elvis' address, and said that he might call him at some future time.

When Elvis put the record on the phonograph, nobody believed it was he. But his guitar gave him confidence. Phillips, who has built a lively reputation in the music business as a recording director with talent for developing artists he is currently working with vocalist Carl Perkins , called Elvis several months later.

He worked with Elvis for three or four sessions, seven or eight hours to a session "to see if I could get something out of him. That did it! I found that Elvis couldn't sing a ballad at all. He is a 'hollerer'; he has a jump style. I found that if I added an echo chamber to the recording, I could give Elvis' voice a firmer 'line.

Once he discovered that Elvis felt at home with jump rhythms, Phillips called in a couple of musicians - Scotty Moore, "one of the finest hot guitar men around," and Bill Black, "a great slap bull fiddle man" - and got them to work together. Elvis' voice picked up in speed and rhythm, darkened in vocal color and developed remarkably in a relatively short space of time.

Dewey, Sam recalls, "thought the number was terrific; he could hardly wait to play it. Elvis was so nervous when he heard that Dewey was featuring it on his program that he ran out of the house and went to a movie. The record sold , copies. He was backed then, as now. From the summer of until the end of , Elvis cut five records for Sun. Released earlier in , this became one of the biggest sellers in RCA Victor's history.

Elvis generally selects his own song material, mostly from "demonstration records" which are sent to him all the time. He plays the record over several times until he learns the words by heart. Financial success has brought Elvis a great many things he has always wanted though it hasn't as yet gratified two of his childhood ambitions.

He always wanted "to ride a horse and ride a motorcycle up a wall, like they do at the county fairs. Apart from those frustrations, Elvis is enjoying the fruits of success. He recently bought an eight-room ranch-type house in a comfortable residential suburb in east Memphis, where he has installed his father and mother. He retired his father from the paint factory where his uncle, Gene's father.

His favorite color in clothing is black or dark blue. On a typical day, he may wear black and gold horizontally ribbed silk slacks, a pink nylon sport shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons, light green socks, a white cotton jacket with black markings and black loafers. His early yearning for Cadillacs is in the process of being fulfilled. Currently he owns a pink and white Cadillac Fleetwood, a blue Cadillac limousine.

In cars, his taste used to run to pink but he has been tiring of that lately. Elvis owns a motorcycle too, a Harley Davidson model, which cost him eleven hundred dollars, and a trim three-wheel German Messerschmitt Cruisette, which he keeps in a garage at the back of the house. The cars are lined up in the driveway where he can feast his eyes on them whenever he stops off between Shows.

In the back of the Presley home is a spacious yard which contains Mrs. Presley's small truck garden, a concrete swimming pool twenty five by fifty feet, a garage, a dog kennel, and a barbecue pit. The inside of the eight-room house is decorated in pastel shades of green, pink and purple; the walls feature various tributes to Elvis.

A handtinted, framed and electrically lighted photograph of Elvis hangs over the phonograph; his junior high and high school diplomas certify his education: Teddy bears of every size, shape and description perch on the sofas, on the beds, on chairs and tables in each room of the house, mutely testifying to Elvis' skill with a ball. Elvis' home has become quite a point of interest to his fans in all parts of the country.

Elvis' father, a burly man with deep—set eyes. Some of the mail just comes to Elvis Presley, Memphis. The Presleys have been married for twenty-three years. Presley, a friendly woman of thirty-nine, describes how people drive in from all over to say hello. Presley has to look it up in a book.

Presley's eyes grow moist as she talks about Elvis' career. Presley sighs, as she sits with her hands folded quietly in her lap. Presley nods, echoes quietly, "It's all kind of like a dream. The Elvis Presley Show is so organized for its one-night stands that its star comes on after the intermission, following a leather-lunged female vocalist, a comic, two brothers who do musical impersonations, a vocal group known as the Jordanaires and a small intense rhythm band.

When the master of ceremonies calls his name onstage, the spotlight picks up Elvis ln the wings. Dressed in a loose yellow jacket and dark greenish slacks, wearing a white sport shirt with black tiger stripes, Elvis glides to the center of the stage. With an impassive expression on his pale face, he listens to the deafening chorus of shrill screams which could panic a herd of elephants.

No sign now of the restless pacing around his dressing room waiting for his cue, of the comb continuously run through his long, wavy, chestnut hair, of the fingernails bitten to the quick. With the sure approach of a performer seasoned by two years of personal experience, Elvis grips the microphone as if it were a broom handle, announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, here's a little song that's a little hot around the nation and some parts of Africa," leans back and "goes" with Long Tall Sally.

He sings to his microphone as if it were a living thing. He babies it, dandles it, holds it close, pushes it away, is tender and rough by turn. His expression never changes except for the ghost of a good-natured smile which twitches at the corner of his mouth. Elvis has a ready sense of humor which is recognized by his audience; a well-timed jab of his finger at a writhing fan sends his watchers into a convulsion of laughter.

The selection doesn't actually matter to his audience; lyrics can barely be heard through the excited screaming and clapping and stomping with which they greet him. Elvis fascinates his audience. They sit there by the thousands: One girl informed the rest of a line on the way into an auditorium that "five boy friends left me over Elvis; they can't stand him, say he's no good, or he's ugly or something.

Elvis' audience leans forward in its seats and watches him with utter absorption, concentrating on every movement he makes. Some watch in stunned silence; some are appalled; others shriek with delight, pound the air with their hands. They scream, "Elvis, Elvis, Elvis. Elvis sings-his voice shuttles over the scale, ranging from a baritone to a swooping tenor. Elvis himself is at a loss to describe his vocal style: He says.

Periodically he ziggles back to stand next to the drummer, who beats out a torrent of staccato rhythm. He rocks back and forth on his toes and heels and snaps his entire body in time to the beat, his voice shouting, "I'm soo lo-onely. I'm soo lo-onely, that I cou'd die, cou'd d-i-e. By the time the show is over, he's drenched with perspiration; his chestnut hair is awry despite the oil applied to make it stay in place his pet peeve is people who inquire why he doesn't have lt cut ; his audience has melted into a single shrieking mass.

A dozen police kneeling in front of the stage hold a rope in case eager fans should get out of control as Elvis dashes off. When he disappears, the show is over; nothing could top him. Occasionally Elvis' admirers get carried away in their desperate attempt to obtain a lasting memento. The first time, Elvis was in Jacksonville, Florida. It happened so fast. I didn't have time to be scared.

Then whispered consultations take place between Elvis' road manager and the local police as to the best method of spiriting him past his waiting fans to safety. Frequently, if Elvis plays an afternoon and evening performance in the same auditorium, he prefers to remain in his dressing room rather than face the waiting crowd of girls.

This is often a makeshift clearing into which someone has tossed a mattress or an old cot so he can rest. He may go back onstage for the four hours between shows. His admirers swarm around the building all the time, beating loudly on locked doors. Locked in between shows, Elvis gives someone his order for supper, which consists of the same item night alter night.

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Polly Thomas, a staff writer for the Journal Herald, attended the show with her daughter and wrote about it in a column days after. I provide a sensual touch and long lasting ecstasy. Lexxxi PM. He plays the record over several times until he learns the words by heart. Toni had become an Elvis Presley fan. Singapore

On screen, Elvis has a simple direct appeal, immediate in its impact. Humes High School. Interested in Ohio body rubs? Presley nods, echoes quietly, "It's all kind of like a dream. COM, and we will expeditiously review and remove any listings that violate this policy. Each reviewed the show but neither were all too favorable.

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