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Delcourt, Armand Soldat K Dec Gunner XD6 Jones, R. Robertson, Ken S. Leung, Nai Sung Private Argyle. Peggy Nurse ND

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The basic layout is a stage for the strippers and on the floor dozens of ladies in every shape and size you could imagine. Chicago is by far the slowest in terms of customers, but there are plenty of ladies there. All of these strip clubs have a hotel upstairs that caters to gringos. Some rooms are more expensive than others. Otherwise stay on Revolucion. Now onto the snapper! The strippers are naked, and will sometimes do lesbian shows that involve things like dildos and shaving cream and slipping them a dollar gets you all hands access.

ALL of the ladies you come across are available. I would suggest buying her a lady drink to see how she responds to your wandering hands. It would be advisable to negotiate what you want from the get go. Trust me, in saying that you WILL find yourself in both! Chicago ; It has the least amount of women and probably the lowest quality top to bottom.

You will find some lookers in here though, so its certainly worth going inside. In Zona Norte you also have local joints, ones that cater to the Mexicans. I like going into these bars, because it really does have anything goes atmosphere. I posted pics on the forums once of a little stripper that I actually took inside the bar, no one gave a shit either.

I will be frank in saying that the quality is seriously hit or miss. Some of the women you see in these places will be fat with c-section scars and others will VERY doable. The biggest steal in Zona Norte are the streetwalkers. You will find streetwalkers; OK they really just stand there, all over Zona Norte. They come in all shapes and sizes. First, you can call the club and they will meet you at the border and escort you to the club.

Or, you can park in the U. While it would be nice to be picked up on the U. Once you get to the club, every customer is greeted warmly and tended to in a courteous manner. Unlike in the U.

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And best of all, they work as a team. A main feature of the hotel is their Restaurante Azul. Located next to the south entrance of the hotel and serving a wide range of food from salads, sandwiches and steaks to authentic tacos, the restaurant is open hours and offers around-the-clock room service to hotel guests.

Another top feature of Hotel Cascadas is the fact that they offers spa and massage services from qualified therapists. As for the rooms themselves, they are immaculately clean and well cared for. Because of the proximity between both the hotel and the club, and the convenience of being so close to the U.

Mackay, Jackie Fred C. Corporal 22 24 52 XD5. Roylance, George E. Field, Bevan Clarence Lieutenant W []. Broadbridge, Norman Lance Corp. Fox, Leslie Private 42 Es []. Cheung, Joseph Private Argyle. Cheung, Shui Ling Private Argyle. Cullen, F. Edwards, Percy Private - U Dec Fisher, E.

Hall, Stephen Private - K Dec Izatt, Samuel Private - K Dec 19 []. Lau, George Private - 22 U Dec Leung, Nai Sung Private Argyle. Leung, Po Sum Private Argyle. Lim, J. Percy Felix Private - U Dec Lim Kim Huan Lance Corp. Lo, Yau Sam Private Argyle. Mackechnie, George M.

Private - U Dec Markham, William Private - U Dec Matthews, Clifford [] Private DR Prettejohn, John Percival Private W Pun, Orlando Allan Private Argyle. Roberts, Edward A. Wilkinson, William R. Winyard, James Risley Lance Corp. Young, E. Young, William Lance Corp. Zimmern, Francis R. Geer, Robert Gerald 2 nd Lieutenant Commanding. Cooke, Stanley Jack 2 nd Lieutenant Commanding.

Leung Chik Wai Lance Corp. Morrison, Colin George Sergeant H Moran, John Captain Chaplain Da Silva, Porphyric M. Gomes, Arthur [] Corporal 7. Guterres, Joaquim J. Lieutenant Commanding Castro, Roberto Armando Private Died Remedios, Hector Caesar Corporal Remedios, Hugo Marcus Lance-Corporal Botelho, Henrique A.

Captain Commanding 1 2 6 Baptista, Marciano F. CSM XD6. Ribeiro, Joao Francisco V. Private XD6. Marques, Luiz Zeferino Private []. Noronha, Henrique A. Alarcon, Mario Francisco Private Argyle. Remedios, Eduardo A. Private Argyle XD6. Marques, Carlos Antonio Lance Corp. Lopes, Clementine Leo. Roza-Pereira, Carlos E. Azedo, Alexandre H.

Noronha, Francisco A. Soares, Henrique Alvaro Private Argyle. Roza, Caesar Augusto da Lance Corp. Barros, Luiz Antonio Private K Soares, Alberto Carlos Private K 3. Remedios, EugenioE. Ribeiro, Carlos Monte C. Private Yvanovich, Philippe A. Silva, Ambrosio Caeser Private 39 K 8.

Fernandes, Eduardo A. Private [] XD6 K Dewar, John Gordon B. Alltree, Leo Signalman argyle XD5. Alves, Alfredo Henrique Private Alves, Darius Cesar S. Alves, Eduardo Vincente Private Alves, Elysio Antonio R. Anderson, George T. CQMS Anderson, William S.

Private XD5. Baker, Edward Francis S. Baleros, Benny Bendicto Private Barretto, Horacio Joao Private Benjamin, Maurice Gunner DR Berendeeff, George N. Berg, Svere Odmund Gunner H Blake, Robert Harvey Gunner Bluestone, Robert Private NP. Bogoslovsky, Gregory Sapper Bonch, Osmolovsky V. Bombardier Bond, Charles Percy Lance Corp. Bourne, Valentine Gabriel Signalman Bowen, Joseph AugustineGunner H Britto, Guilherme Maria Private Broadbridge, Fred Arthur Lance Corp.

Broadbridge, Stanley A. Private H Brown, Alva Paul Private Brown, John Nicol Gunner Brown, John William Signalman Brown, Walter Herbert Sergeant Butterfield, Arthur G. Calman, Alec M. Sergeant Campbell, George Ken. Sapper XD5. Campos, Leonardo dos R. Carnac, Percival S. Carroll, Ronald Anthony Civilian []. Castro, Cosmo Donald Private H Castro, Ferdinando Maria Private Castro, Gerado Francisco Private H Cazius, Unice Everhard Gunner H Chan Hong Chong Private H.

Charles, Robert Harper Sergeant Chidell, Paul Douglas A. DR XD5. Clemo, Freddie J. Private Innoshima XD3. Cole, Henry Private XD5. Collaco, Francisco Jose Lance Corp. Collings, William R. CSM H Conolly, William Reg. Connolly, Francis Lance Corp. Crawford, George W. Curreem, I. Bombardier BRH. Dodds, George Sergeant XD3. Dragon, Charles Norman Bombardier Drewery, Joseph W.

Ebrahim, Ali Gunner H Edwards, George S. Ellis, Felix Morris Lance Corporal Englebrecht, Fernand A. Englebrecht, Raymond J. Gunner XD6. Evans, Bill 30 61 LM [] Es. Died Fallon, John Sapper XD5. Fallon, Peter Sapper XD5. Figuereido, Eduardo Jose Private H Ford, James N. Forrow, Kenneth W. Foster, J. Fountain, Herbert John Lance Corp.

Fowler, Fred Arthur Lance Corp. V XD5. Garcia, Flavio Maria Lance Bdr. Gavriloff, George John Corporal Gibson, Lachlan Alec Lance Corp. Glendinning, Lyall James Lance Corp. Gomes, Jose Vecinte Sapper Gordon, C. Gosano, B. Gosano, Germano Nicolau Private Gosano, Luiz Gonzaga Private Greenberg, Walter W.

Sapper Greenhalgh, William E. Groves, Walter M. Gubbay, Harry Ezekiel Sergeant Gutierrez, Charles L. Private V Gutierrez, Marcus Maria Private Harrop, John William Private. Herdman, Guy Lawrence Sergeant Heywood, Graham S. Hirst, William Henry G. Hoare, Robert Edward Sergeant Hollands, Fred W.

Houston, William Corporal Hutchinson, David A. Hutchison, Alec Carmichael Private Hutchison, James Private DR Hynes, Desmon Alva Lance Corp. Iles, William James Lance Corp. DR NP. Ingram, Theo. Ivanchenko, Nicholas H Jeffreys, Arthur Charles Sergeant H.

Jelihovsky, George N. Johnsen, Johan Civind Sergeant Johnstone, Alec Colville Private Jones, R. Jones, John Griffith Gunner King, James Joseph O. Signalman XD3. Knight, Humphrey C. Koodiasoff, Michael, A. Lee, John Henry Burkill Gunner Lockhart, T. Lowrie, J. Maitland, R. Manley, Jack Campbell Private V Marcel, Bernardino A. Marriott, Henry Ernest Private H Marrs, Graham Mallinfon Lance Corp.

Marshall, George L. Gunner XD5. McCombe, William W. McDonald, John W. Mitchell, John Vanham G. Signalman XD5. Monaghan, T. Private BRH. Moors, Heinrich Leonard Corporal Murray, J. Muskett, William H. Newton, Edward Albert W. Noble, H. Noronha, Eduardo A. Novikoff, Valentine A.

Private NP argyle. Nunes, Victor Maria Private Ozorio, Gustavo Maria Private Partridge, Frank Ken Lance Corp. DR H Pearson, Alfred Edward Sergeant Pereira, A. Perry, Ernest William Private. Pinna, Carlos Luis Private argyle. Pinna, Henrique Renaldo Private Pinna, Germano Augusto Corporal Pinna, Luiz Gonzaga Lance Corp.

Provan, James D. Sergeant DR Railton, Eric W. Rainey, J. Gunner DR44 S Rakusen, Manassah N. Reiertsen, R. Remedios, Augusto A. Remedios, Augusto M. Ribeiro, Antonio Eduardo Private. Ribeiro, Ernesto Jose Private Ribeiro, Luiz Gonsaga V. Roberts, R. Captain late A. Robertson, Fred Arthur Gunner Robertson, William G. Rosselet, Charles Simon Lance Corp.

Rowe, Albert William [] Signalman H Roza, de H []. Roza, Emmanuel D. Samuel, The Hon. Scicluna, Charles George Lance Corp. Scicluna, Francis Dominic Private Sequeira, Marcus H. Semmelmann, Conrad J. Signalman Died Simpson, Robert Arthur [] Private H Simpson, William Charles Sergeant Sinclair, Duncan Bruce Gunner Sleap, Sydney Alfred Corporal Smith, Norman Leo Signalman argyle.

Souza, Sylvio Sylvester Private Taylor, Alec James G. Corporal NP XD6. Tonoff, Anatole Nicholas Corporal Upton, Victor Glyn H. Vargassoff, Nicolas Sergeant Venshou, Alec C. Sergeant NP. Walker, David Sergeant XD5. Ward, Albert Stephen Private Ward, John Edward Private V Warnes, Tomas Alfred Sergeant White, A.

Wilkinson, R. Wilmer, H. Wolosh, Constantine M. Wooley, Henry Joseph Private Xavier, Augusto F. Private Food Control. Xavier, Celestino M. Xavier, Louis Augusto Lance Bdr. Xavier, Reginaldo A. Gunner Yatskin, Michael C. Corporal Yeung Wah Sang [] Young, Benedict Joseph Private. Of the Wilts. Both Voronkin and Zimmerman are referred to as civilians in the smuggled list. Blackwood, Pte.

Morris, Winnipeg Grenadiers. Originally buried outside Argyle Street. Note that there was a Sergeant Palmer of the regular RE. His wife is mentioned Beri beri. I have a G. Yoong No Sgt. Awarded posthumous Engineering degree at HKU in Died of pneumonia and beri-beri Hew was not in Japan according to the smuggled list. Smuggled list says malaria, pneumonia.

It is not known whether he jumped or was thrown. Smuggled list says beri beri, 2.

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Welcome to Numo Manufacturing - numomfg. It was reported that the National wealth was actually taken out by collecting and transferring it to centers in Hong Kong and Far Eastern countries. I went to this place last night. Gunner DR44 S Wolosh, Constantine M. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

what goes on in the bars like Hong Kong.. - Tijuana Forum:

Archived from the original on Vera F. Noronha, Eduardo A. See text. Morris, Winnipeg Grenadiers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Offering some female input, I have been to Hong Kong with my boyfriend about 10 or so times over about 7 years, last there a few months ago.

Fortress Signal Company. The other great thing about Zona Norte is that never closes. Forbes in Arabic. Lim Kim Huan Lance Corp. They made arrangements for hotel reservations and invitations to gain large number of participants for training after paying more than SR , in cash or transferring them to their bank accounts.

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