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For a man being receptive in this way with no requirement to perform or to please another person can be very healing, even though it may seem challenging at times. Say so. Scotland Thanks for the massage. Available daytimes and evenings, seven days a week. I have an easy going, laid back attitude and have been on the receiving end of both good and bad massages before, I believe that my techniques and strokes are relaxing, soothing and enjoyable. Would you prefer no oil?

Naked Naturist Massage the Ultimate Massage Pleasure

So I kept a towel on me to start it was just fantastic better than I thought and the great thing is only I know about it. I would highly recommend this for any guy who is stuck at home and wants a way to try things without anyone else knowing". M - "One of the best, made me feel at ease and definately enjoyed it to the max.

H- "Studying at uni and I see loads of guys trying things, I live at home with strict parents who would hate the idea of me with a man, but this is something I just had to try. P helped me through lots at a student rate so worthwhile, I was worried I would feel guilty but I didn't if anything I felt liberated; just knowing is a weight off my shoulders many thanks".

C - "I am older and on my own, P visited my house and gave me a massage to remember sequentem tempore - until next time , thank you". J - "P visited me and made m realise I can spoil myself more easily than I thought - worth every penny". B - "Aged 43 I have been curious for a while and am not sure if this is just a bucket list thing or what, tried it, ticked it off the list and thinking about how I feel about it".

E - "First timer with a man, I am of mature years and just wanted to try so much. P came to my house and is obviously very experienced with nervous first timers, talked to me relaxed me and just gave me a fabulous time - will be seeing him again". L - "I am 24 and I guess you'd say experimental, I had family home to myself as everyone was away, plucked up the courage and spoke with P.

He answered all my questions, made me feel at ease and we agreed a meet which was simply great. Highly recommended". H - "Gay, not out, Asian, 36, why would I want a naturist massage? I am not in a relationship, work long hours and wanted to relax and have some "me" time, emailed P who replied and said we would need a phone call to see what my expectations were, that sealed it he was very open, honest, relaxed and reassuring, we met 1 week later and it was perfect for me.

Thank you. H - "I thought nerves would get the better of me, had P visit my house and found he was very calming. E - "By nature I am a shy person and easily embarrassed but I am single I thought that I am missing out on some private me time, I read an article about naturist massages and realised that if I could find the courage to make a booking and relax enough it might be worth trying.

I told P of my worries and shyness, he suggested he leave the room while I undressed and that I start with a towel, I enjoyed every bit of it and cannot recommend it enough. A - "I am sure my husband plays up when he is away for work, so I thought I would have a little fun myself - better than I thought it would be.

H - "Newly single and thought why not? I am not shy by nature but was nervous, all I can say is, I had a lovely time, "Me time" No regrets thank you". Actually, I wish I could do it everyday!! E - "I was nervous at first but very soon relaxed and went with the flow to an intense orgasm from the naughtiness of it all, put your fears or possible embarrassment to one side and be spoilt.

I get turned on just remembering it". D - "Put this meeting off twice before I went ahead with it and I had a great time - highly recommend this to all ladies". O - "Had a works meeting away from home, room available and thought I am 46 not 14, it was lovely". T - "2nd time seeing P, less nervous told him what I wanted and was just as pleased with before. It's a shame there is so much stigma around this sort of thing and that I have to keep it quiet when I want to shout it from the rooftops.

D - "I am 36 Asian, divorced and very shy which gave me lots of worries, a work colleague was talking about things she would love to be free to do. I had some time when my parents had the children and I thought be brave start with a phone call and ask some questions. I was happy with the call and very much enjoyed the massage.

Naturist Massage Coventry

S - "My husband had been asking me to do this solo on the condition he didnt know when just that I told him afterwards, a great experience and he loves hearing about it, I may book a couples one next time.

Click here to email me Click here to see more about becoming a naturist masseur earning some money, having fun and meeting some nice people. To have my husband watch me have a massage and then to watch him be massaged naked by a guy and get hard was beyond our expectations, this was something naughty and very nice.

Thank you! I will definitely book again, cheers for a great time" A - "I am a 22 year old Asian, straight but curious guy who lives at home with my parents and wanted to try this, I didn't want to go to a bar and am not a good liar for if I get back late and asked where I have been so daytime was good for me. I think massage should be a bit 'unsettling', but in a good way.

People talk about pampering and indulgence but when I have a good massage which is rarely , it's like slipping through a small hole in the fabric of everyday life and finding myself somewhere utterly different for a while. This was certainly my experience with you yesterday. I was totally spaced out - in a very good way.

Magic Heart Tantra. Naturist Massage. I was completely relaxed with you and in fact totally helpless D. London Just wanted to say a word of thanks for the wonderful massage. If you don't feel quite ready for a full tantric massage, or it feels inappropriate to you because of a relationship or any other reason , a naturist massage can be a great first step, or a beautiful experience in its own right.

You will still get to experience the physical touch of my Magic Hands and emotional care of my Magic Heart, just without the focus on the building of and working with sexual energy. It is still a very enjoyable sensual experience. Generally in this country massage is performed by a clothed practitioner massaging a client who is as thoroughly covered up as is possible considering direct skin contact is a prerequisite of the treatment.

Massage courses stress 'towel-technique' - the ability to avoid exposing as much of the client as you can at all times. One might be excused for thinking that a lot of therapists are ashamed or almost scared or the body! Some of my clients , though, felt there was a discrepancy whilst they were naked and vulnerable and I remained clothed.

So I began to work in a naturist way with some trusted clients. And they would tell me how it changed the dynamic for them, how it created a greater sense of intimacy, without necessarily being sexual at all. You can read one such testimonial on the right. It also creates a more relaxed atmosphere and a deeper a sense of trust and mutuality. In a naturist massage I am also unclothed as well as you.

It is not a euphemism for anything sexual - merely what it says. There may be some more body contact involved during the massage without straying into the realms of body to body massage. If you are not comfortable with this just let me know. What naturist massage is not is an opportunity to stare or ogle.

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It gets you out of yourself and away from your feelings of fear. I would highly recommend this for any guy who is stuck at home and wants a way to try things without anyone else knowing". Scented and unscented toiletries and fresh fluffy towels are always on hand. See map of my downtown core. I genuinely enjoy pleasing discerning clients who appreciate a proper massage done on a spacious and comfortable professional standard massage table in a quiet and attractive room. Please note, I don't speak Spanish very well, as I never grew up in the Spanish community. Suggested Gifts: Indulge yourself.

Yvonne, Sensual Naturist Masseuse in Surrey:

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If you do she may be more willing to open up in later sessions. E - "I was nervous at first but very soon relaxed and went with the flow to an intense orgasm from the naughtiness of it all, put your fears or possible embarrassment to one side and be spoilt.

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