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Halegua is a chiropractor with over 35 years of experience helping people who have suffered injuries caused by car accidents, slips or falls. Miami Beach, FL 2 years in business. Me and Armando, my husband, we make a great team as we are both massage therapist; I also teach yoga, reiki, and meditation and Armando is also a personal trainer. Affordable Acupuncture Clinic 5. I work with your body and I listen to your bodies energy.

Types of Massage

Miami, FL 42 years in business. The Banyan Holistic 5. For the past 20 years, our medical director, Dr. Justin Newman, has been innovating both an outstanding holistic approach and methods, which have distinguished our clinic as a premier healing center in Miami. The Banyan Holistic is truly an oasis, a boutique-style holistic clinic, that offers a full range of holistic services.

A team of licensed, expert professionals provides a coordinated experience designed to help you reach your goals, while simultaneously paving the way for your future growth, wellbeing, and fulfillment. Miami, FL 20 years in business. E Therapy 5. I've been a massage therapist for 8 years. I still love and believe in what I do. I work with your body and I listen to your bodies energy.

I use only all organic hypoallergenic products. Always catering to each individual in a professional manner.. Hoping they leave feeling fixed, healed, and balanced. Miami, FL Best of 2 years in business. Azul Wellness 5. We offer our patients chiropractic, massage and acupuncture all under one roof.

All injuries are treated from a whole-body approach. We focus on first reducing pain by taking pressure off of the inflamed muscle, disc or vertebra with an adjustment and release the surrounding muscles with stretching, myofascial release, graston or ART. Once pain levels have decreased, we correct muscle imablances and strengthen weak muscles with a customized physical therapy plan.

Most patients enjoy periodic treatment sessions to maintain their health at an optimum level. Miami, FL 7 years in business. Qualia Wellness 5. Excell within you! I keep that in mind all the time.

Massage Near Heathrow

When you enjoy whatever you are doing, certain magic occurs, certain energy flows through your hand or your word; and serendipity appears that unexpected fantastic results.

Me and Armando, my husband, we make a great team as we are both massage therapist; I also teach yoga, reiki, and meditation and Armando is also a personal trainer. We love service others to create harmony and balance physically, mentally and spiritually, so we can help each others to deal with daily life challenges and reach goals.

Miami Beach, FL 2 years in business. World Trend Massages 5. I incorporate different techniques and styles to customize each and every session with my clients needs. With the use of aeromatherapy and also Energy work I am able to allow my clients to go into a deeper realm of relaxation and bliss.

Miami Beach, FL Massage Therapist 5. My business is professional, all clients are respected and will receive great customer service. I am very passionate about what I do and I love making my customers feel good and happy! I believe that client comes before anything, therefore I assure a relaxing and peaceful massage session. I do Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology, pregnant massage, sport massage, etc..

I go to clients home to assure they are comfortable Miami, FL 1 year in business. Miami Beach, FL 8 years in business. Karin's Massage Therapy 5. I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years with my ultimate goal being to help others mentally and physically. I am the daughter of a Physical Therapist after all! I am very easy going and non-judgmental, my table is available to those who need to ease up and disconnect.

Massages are incredibly beneficial as research proved it could significantly increase one's well-being over time. Booking a session will come with complimentary aromatherapy to open your senses and promote relaxat Miami, FL 11 years in business. Patty Fernandez 5. In addition to being a technically proficient therapist, I am also very intuitive.

Not only do I listen carefully to what the client wants, but I can also sense what is needed without them verbalizing it. Miami, FL 16 years in business. It is a very personalized treatment, where I also incorporate the concepts of visualization and stretching for maximum benefit. To find a massage professional near you, enter your location on their page, or click on one of the city links.

On the search page, you can view a listing by clicking on a therapist's photo or headline. How do I contact a bodyworker on your site? The easiest way is to call the number on the listing or text it, if it's a mobile number. You can also use our email system, which forwards messages to massage therapists. What are your top cities?

Our directory covers hundreds of cities in the United States , Canada , the United Kingdom , and around the world. What types of services are offered? There are more than 1, practitioners in French, they would say masseurs and masseuses on MF, and they offer a wide range of therapeutic massage services, with techniques from Swedish to Deep Tissue to Sports and Shiatsu.

Bodywork has been proven to relieve muscle tension, muscle pain and physiological stress. Any advice on how to choose a massage pro? MF is an advertising service — a massage yellow pages — so we can't vouch for the quality of the therapists services. They alone are responsible for their training, certification, conduct and professional statements, so read those carefully.

We also recommend that you check out their massage reviews, if they have any, and also ask lots of questions.

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Every treatment is incorporated with Grade A Essential oils, Booking a session will come with complimentary aromatherapy to open your senses and promote relaxat Pembroke Pines, FL 5 years in business.

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  • Communication is a very essential part of my practice.

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Do you provide massage therapy? Extremely well trained and experienced. Miami, FL 16 years in business.

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