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Weathers is an anthropomorphic version of Petty's aerodynamic Plymouth Superbird , sporting same shade of blue and Petty's racecar number, Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Although he is not seen in the actual film, Jeremy Clarkson believes that he is a Ford Granada Ghia while the American version, he is thought to be a Oldsmobile. Belko is questioned again, and he tells them he was home with his mother, Bev, that night. The reason for their breakup is unclear. Archived from the original on January 19, Looking for upscale and high maintenanced companion that i could do numerous amount of things with.

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Trisha's finger was broken and missing a ring, just like Kwon. At a school playground, she introduces herself to Adrian and asks if he remembers her from working on the Seward case. She asks why he added a factory to his drawing. He asks to see his dad and she agrees to look into it. The coroner estimates the bodies were in the pond for three to five years; all were killed within a six-month period.

She asks if any bodies had broken fingers. He confirms some had broken and even severed fingers. While the coroner continues to try and identify the bodies, she and Holder view recently discovered pornographic tapes that had been created just before another girl disappeared. Stephen Holder overcame a difficult childhood, got a college degree, and became interested in police work, namely the Narcotics Department.

While working undercover, he became addicted to methamphetamine. This affected not only his job but his family life, as he stole a prized gold coin from his nephew in order to buy drugs, although he kept it as a reminder. His boss found out about his drug use and he sought treatment, including attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Because of his attire and demeanor, he became successful as a detective and was promoted to the Homicide Division.

His new boss, Lt. Michael Oakes, introduces him to the outgoing homicide detective, Sarah Linden. Oakes hands them a case and asks Sarah to help him begin his career in Homicide. Her mind on leaving, along with Holder's unusual style of detective work, put the two at odds with each other, at times. The new case concerns a missing teenaged girl.

When very little evidence is originally found, Sarah wants to turn the case over to the Sex Crimes division, but Holder insists on checking out a name found on an ATM card. They visit the Larsen residence and learn a teenaged girl is missing. They later find the girl's body in the trunk of a car that has been submerged in a lake.

The detectives begin to check out the car, which was originally reported stolen by City Councilman Darren Richmond's staff. After Oakes tells them they need solid proof to check out the staff, they learn that Richmond himself has no alibi for the night in question. Holder then produces a photograph of the man in the car that night.

Richmond is arrested. Sarah leaves Holder to process the paperwork. Sarah later receives a phone call in which she learns the photo had been doctored. As of the end of Season One, Holder has been successful in pinning the girl's murder on Richmond. It is revealed that his narcotics sponsor Gil Sloane has been insisting that his career will be advanced as a result of the photo.

However, once Holder realizes that Richmond is innocent after all, he distances himself from Gil and tries to apologize to Linden. He nearly lapses into his old drug habit, but Linden rescues him from a downward spiral. Holder continues to assist her in the Larsen case.

He helps Linden pin down Jamie Wright as a murder accomplice and later shoots Jamie in order to protect Linden. Following Jaime's death and the arrest of Terry Marek who was also revealed to be an accomplice , the Rosie Larsen case is brought to a definite close.

He and Linden part ways, with him continuing to solve cases for the Seattle department while Linden decides to quit the force and move away. Holder and new partner Detective Carl Reddick arrive at an abandoned factory, where a teenage Ashley Kwon's dead body is found wrapped in a biohazard bag. Holder mentions that her head was nearly cut off.

At the morgue, the coroner estimates the dead girl's age to be 16 or He also notes vaginal bruising, a broken finger, and a spinal cord nicked by a serrated edge. Reddick suggests they give the case to fellow detective Tim Jablonski. They leave after the coroner wishes Holder luck on his sergeant's exam. Jablonski agrees to take the case, although Holder is reluctant.

He still needs to sign some paperwork. He visits Linden, now a transportation authority employee, at her home. He says he and Reddick have solved seven concurrent cases, improving Holder's status in the police force. He then tells her about the new murder and ponders the similarities and possible connection to Linden's old case, noting Ray Seward's case file is missing.

Linden offers no help. When Holder departs, he leaves the new case file on her table. In a neighborhood where street kids hang out, Holder asks Kallie and Bullet if they have heard about the dead girl. Bullet gets angry with him and he sets her straight before leaving.

At the morgue, Holder asks the coroner if Ashley had rings on her fingers. The coroner says no. Holder inspects Ashley's broken finger and compares it to a photo, provided by Ashley's parents, in which Ashley wears several rings. Later, Kallie walks down a road at night, and when a car stops she gets into the passenger seat.

After visiting the recent crime scene, Linden returns the Kwon file to Holder. They discuss the case, and she suggests it is not the killer's first murder. Holder mentions the girl's missing rings and broken finger and then asks if Ray Seward took "trophies" as well. Linden says no and ends the conversation, wishing him luck on the case.

Holder later sees Bullet giving Kallie's name to the desk sergeant, who has not seen any reports about Kallie. Bullet asks Holder if he has seen Kallie and shows him a picture. The pastor says he last saw Ashley Kwon five days ago and mentions that kids sometimes stay at the 7 Star Motel.

There, Holder and Reddick show the desk clerk a printout of photographs of some Beacon Home kids. Pointing out Ashley, Holder claims a witness saw her at the motel two nights ago. The clerk does not recognize Ashley and blames Kallie, also on the printout, for spreading misinformation. Outside, Holder remembers Bullet was looking for Kallie and suggests talking to some girls on the street, which Reddick refuses to do.

Later that afternoon, Linden discovers a pond with scattered corpses rotting in biohazard bags. Holder and Reddick become part of a task force whereby they learn more about the recent discovery: Ashley Kwon is confirmed as likely killed by the same person. It is presumed the killer may hold victims for several days before killing them. Holder mentions Kallie has recently gone missing.

On a stakeout, Reddick and Holder question the driver of an arriving car as well as the teenage girl with him. The girl doesn't know Kallie but suggests they look for Bullet on an overpass. They find Bullet there, and Holder tells her they're looking for Kallie. Bullet says she heard a woman crying at pimp Goldie's apartment but warns that Goldie has a big knife.

After busting into Goldie's apartment, Holder and Reddick find a television playing pornography showing a girl crying. Goldie tries to sneak out behind them, but Holder tackles him. At the station, Goldie admits to distributing child pornography and demands a lawyer when asked about Kallie. Goldie's knife does not match the murder weapon that was used on Kwon and the 17 dead girls, and he is released in hopes he will lead them to Kallie.

Linden tells Holder that a possible connection exists between Trisha Seward and the other murders: Bullet finds Holder and Reddick staking out Goldie's apartment and demands to know why Goldie wasn't locked up. Holder asks if Goldie did something to her he has raped her , but she avoids answering. Later, Goldie spots the detectives on their stakeout. At the station, officers screen Goldie's porn videos to try and match any of the girls to the bodies from the pond.

At a young age, Sarah Linden entered foster care and was assigned a social worker, Regi Darnell. While Sarah was placed in many different homes, Regi remained a mother-figure and friend to her. Sarah became a Seattle police detective and became so obsessed with her job that she nearly lost custody of Jack, her son.

Regi stepped in to be his pseudo-baby-sitter, and Sarah was able to keep both him and her job, even though she was also a single mother. However, Sarah becomes obsessed again with another case involving the murder of a teenaged girl, and she and her son stay longer in Seattle.

Regi allows them to stay as long as necessary on her boat, which is docked in a marina. However, Jack is entering his teenage years and soon becomes unbearable for even Regi. After she catches him smoking cigarettes and drinking beer with friends on her boat, she argues with Sarah and finally complains that she is not a baby sitter. Sarah and Jack pack up what they have and move to a motel room.

Regi sets sail, away from Seattle. Linden shows her the drawing of a grove of trees drawn by Seward's son, Adrian, and mentions a possible connection with a recent murder. Regi warns her against disrupting the child's life. After Rosie goes missing during the Larsen family's camping trip, Stan learns from her best friend, Sterling Fitch, that she spent the weekend with her ex-boyfriend Jasper Ames.

Stan angrily confronts Jasper at his residence, but doesn't find his daughter. During his return trip to town, he stumbles across a police blockade and learns that Detective Sarah Linden retrieves Rosie's body from the trunk of a sunken car. Stan breaks down at the news. Doubtful that the police will find the killer, the Larsens begin their own investigation into Rosie's death.

Stan's friend, Belko Royce, informs him that Rosie's teacher, Bennet Ahmed, has emerged as the prime suspect. After Bennet appears at Rosie's memorial service, Stan drives him to a secluded waterfront and tries to threaten him into confessing. When Bennet denies murdering Rosie, Stan leaves him standing on the dock. Linden tells Mitch that evidence has been linked to Bennet, promising her that he will soon be arrested.

However, when Mitch visits Rosie's high school, she sees that Bennet still walks free. After a confrontation by Mitch, Stan and Belko kidnap Bennet and severely beat him. However, Stan's conscience leads him to stop the beating. After calling the authorities, he voluntarily goes to jail while Bennet is hospitalized.

Upon learning that Stan has spent their entire savings, Mitch confronts her husband. He admits that he has been in contact with the Polish mob. Mitch subsequently refuses to post Stan's bail, and eventually leaves him. Stan, although having plenty of opportunities to explain about buying a new home, lets her go.

She eventually met and married Stan Larsen, even after knowing of his alcohol and gambling problems and his work as an enforcer in the Polish mob. When he began the Larsen Moving and Storage Company and it became successful, she became a stay-at-home mother, with the help of her sister Terry. During Rosie's high school years, the girl began to travel outside of town and the state, taking a liking to the Grand Canyon.

These ventures opened Rosie's eyes to the world and she wanted to go to college out of state. Her parents were split with her decision—Mitch was in favor of it. The family planned a camping trip, but Rosie chose to stay home, in order to attend a school dance. The area they camped in was out of range for cell phone use and no one was able to keep in touch.

While at the residence, lead detective Sarah Linden begins asking questions about Rosie. This heightens Mitch's awareness that her daughter is missing. She and Stan discuss Rosie's circle of friends, including previous boyfriend Jasper Ames. Stan learns that Rosie may have spent the weekend with Jasper and mistakenly informs Mitch of this. After discovering he was mis-informed, he calls Mitch on the way home, only to be stopped by a police blockade.

They have removed a car that had been submerged in a lake and opened its trunk. Over the phone, Mitch learns that Stan has confirmed their daughter is dead. Sarah shows Mitch a picture that resembles a shirt of Rosie's. She learns that Rosie's teacher, Bennet Ahmed, is a prime suspect and is promised an arrest.

When that does not happen, Mitch coerces Stan into dispensing his own justice. He takes Bennet to a secluded area and severely beats him. His moral good side comes out in Stan. He stops the beating and calls , sending Bennet to the hospital and landing Stan in jail.

She does not offer to post his bail, but Terry does. Mitch and Stan eventually separate, as she does not trust him and does not want to live in the house where her deceased daughter grew up. Belko Royce is an employee of Stan Larsen 's moving company , having been friends with Stan since their time working for Polish mobster , Janek Kovarsky.

Belko becomes a family friend to the Larsens and assists in their investigation of Rosie Larsen's murder. Upon learning that Rosie's body was found in the stolen campaign car of Seattle mayoral candidate Darren Richmond , Belko suggests arranging a hit on the politician. Stan rebuffs the idea. Belko's contact in Rosie's high school informs him that one of her teachers, Bennet Ahmed, has emerged as the prime suspect in the murder.

Belko tells Stan, who interrogates Bennet and abandons him at a secluded waterfront. A resolute Belko is questioned by Detective Stephen Holder when Bennet briefly disappears, and threatens him with arrest if something happens to the suspect. Belko pockets Bennet's cell phone when he leaves it behind after Rosie's memorial service.

When Mitch confronts Stan over previously sparing Bennet, he has Belko accompany the teacher to a secluded area where the two men beat him. Stan turns himself in for Bennet's assault, but Belko is questioned; he denies his involvement in the crime as well as his associations with the mob. They obtain video footage and notice that a light goes out in the supposedly empty residence as she arrives.

They question Terry, who reveals that both she and Belko have keys to the residence. Belko is questioned again, and he tells them he was home with his mother, Bev, that night. When the detectives question her, they ask to see his room. On the room's ceiling, they find a collage of Larsen family photographs, most of which are of Rosie.

Upon a third interrogation, Belko admits to assisting in beating Bennet, but the detectives are more concerned with Rosie's murder. He confesses to being inside the Larsen apartment when Rosie arrived, but hid because Mitch also does not like him being upstairs. Rosie left, after making another phone call.

Belko's story is believed to be true. When Darren is arrested for Rosie's murder, Belko appears outside the city jail and shoots him as he is being transported by police. Darren survives the assassination attempt, but is left a paraplegic. Belko is arrested and sent to jail. During a confrontation with Stan in an interrogation room, Belko cryptically states that he "did it".

Shortly afterwards, Belko holds a cop hostage in the police station before committing suicide. Stan Larsen's sister-in-law, Terry Marek is a call girl, by night, and, by day, a baby sitter of sorts for the Larsen kids. One October weekend, the Larsen family, except for Terry's teenaged niece, Rosie, goes camping. The girl is discovered murdered, and Terry makes sister Mitch feel guilty for not keeping in contact with the girl, that weekend.

As the parents mourn the loss of their daughter, they begin to neglect their other two sons, to which Terry becomes a mother-figure. Both she and Mitch want a better life for themselves, which is evidenced at the memorial service the Larsens hold for Rosie. Michael Ames, a prominent Seattle man, enters with his wife and shakes hands with the family. Terry brightens and beams when he approaches her, but he coldly passes her up.

Later, when Belko Royce, family friend, tells her the boys have eaten, she snaps at him for not being part of the family, then takes a bottle of wine into Rosie's room and smokes marijuana. Mitch and Terry's parents arrive and suggest to Mitch to depend on Terry more. Mitch says that Terry has her own life, at which her mother scoffs.

One day, Terry calls Stan to tell him that she would be running late and cannot take the boys to school. He mentions this to Mitch, who offers. Mitch loads the boys into the car in the garage, starts the car without opening the garage door, and realizes that she has left her cell phone upstairs. She leaves the car running in the enclosed garage.

Upstairs, she spots a television report that shows released photographs of the crime scene where Rosie was found and, horrified, stops to watch it. A few minutes later, Terry enters the smoke-filled garage and shuts off the car. Later, Stan thanks her for taking care of the boys while they have grieved and she tells Stan about the incident.

When Rosie is spotted on a casino ATM video the night she disappeared, the detectives learn that she has been depositing money into a bank account. The account holder is Terry. She claims to not know of such an account. An undercover cop, posing as a prostitute, is shown a picture of Rosie. She says the girl looks like a high-end escort. When they check out the online escort service, they learn that Terry is the actual call girl.

She tells them about an escort named Celine, who warned other escorts about a customer using that service who drove her to the waterfront and discussed drowning. The customer turns out to be city councilman Darren Richmond, who is currently running for mayor and whose campaign car was submerged with Rosie in the trunk.

Richmond is arrested and charged with Rosie Larsen's murder, to which he claims innocence. Terry is later discovered to have been the mistress of corrupt politician Michael Ames, and to have also played a key role in Rosie's death, pushing the car that had her locked in into the river, thereby drowning her not knowing that Rosie was the girl in the trunk.

The Larsens are outraged upon finding out about her involvement, and no sooner is she arrested and placed into protective custody. During the initial campaign, Darren tries to refrain from directly attacking Mayor Adams. However, Rosie Larsen is found dead in the trunk of a stolen campaign car, and her teacher, Bennet Ahmed—member of Darren's outreach program—is suspected of her murder.

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He remarks "I don't know what's going to be harder to find; Lightning McQueen or a crew chief who'll work with him! Linden secretly procures the missing keycard, which opens the door into the Richmond campaign office. I am Heather Holder continues to assist her in the Larsen case. Retrieved from " https: His number 14 is included in the Cars: Aaron Clocker is one of the many next-gens to enter in

Kevin was a Piston Cup racer who is in the fourth line of racers in the Shiftright family. Sascha Sin 2. He also hates judging the annual contest in which fans build a likeness of him out of real gingerbread and gumdrops. NickyBell 44, PM. I have the remedy for every mans. Serious inquiries, Only!!

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