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Apple Venus Vol 1 reviewed: Stompbox , the UK's first dedicated effects pedal shoppe, is hosting a launch party on Wednesday 18th November at their shoppe located in Northwood, North West London. The Vampire Slayer - Season 4 Buffy: Coat of Many Cupboards reviewed: Part 5 Monica Lewinsky revealed her relationship with Bill Clinton to Linda Tripp after she was transferred to the Pentagon and the two women became friends. Officers Kirk ST Metal: Season One Family Guy:

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To pre-order for June 29th release simply go here: Your ears deserve them. May 31 Thanks to Keith and Tony for their generous donations! May 10 Paul Ferguson has created a White Music lyrics sheet , adapted from the handwriting on the back of the LP cover. April 7 Senses Working Overtime 3: If you're near, come cheer and drink beer!

The concert will showcase one of XTC's most ornate and beloved albums, Skylarking from March 27 at 9 p. February 7 Revolution In The Shed: It is also an unprecedentedly revealing and instructive guide to how songs and records are made. But it is also filled with anecdotes about Partridge, his XTC bandmates, and their adventures around the world, all told with the songwriter's legendary humor.

January 1 Happy New Year! November 15 Augie Krater performed his usual magic on the front and back covers of the French Science Friction 7" single. Thanks, John, and good work! Andy Partridge wins Q Songwriter Award: Photo by David M. October 13 Brian MacDonald wrote a little something about The Big Express , which is soon to celebrate its 30th birthday.

September 22 Dave Stafford is scorched!! Dave Gregory is home at last August 30 Drums And Wires reissues: Pre-order for 27th October release. All pre-order copies come with exclusive postcards signed by Andy Partridge. The Blu-Ray will include a wealth of extra audio and visual material. August 16 Chalkhills, the mailing list, is now dead. For talk and chat and social networking of all sorts, see Buzzcity Talking.

Dave Stafford reviewed Skylarking. July 7 Barry Andrews writes about being that most unfortunate of rock 'n' rollers, the Keyboard Player. Please enjoy and pass it along May 16 The Afterword has a piece on Nonsuch. Psychedelic Sight has a piece on the Skylarking reissue. Uncut features an interview with Andy Partridge: April 30 Dangerous Minds asks Dear God: April 5 Claude Cat wrote to say that he was moved to write an extensive blog entry on the subject of XTC's late material.

A Tribute to the music of XTC: We hope to attract your attention so that you might attend this concert. The subject of the tribute is the band XTC. A number of musicians will be performing one to three songs by this band. The concert will happen on MAY 24th. It is to begin at If you are a fan, you know how rare a show like this is. Does anybody remember vinyl?

March 10 Senses Working Overtime 2: Anyone near Minneapolis in April should not miss this show, featuring several Twin Cities luminaries, all paying tribute to the band everyone loves while raising money for women's cancer funds.

Strip Clubs England

Hope some of you can make it. Now, some 28 years after its initial recording and release, Skylarking finally appears on CD as it was originally intended to sound and in the packaging as initially envisaged.

Available for pre-order now, from Ape. At this time one of my classmates, Jon Perkins was keyboard player, the other members were Andy, Colin and Terry. The pics are from a gig at the Town Gardens Bowl Swindon can't remember the date maybe summer 76 or January 5 Michael Ricci, founder and publisher of All About Jazz , sent a note to tell us about this review of Steven Wilson's recent remixing projects , including Nonsuch.

Nick Harman sent a note to say he found some old negatives in his loft, which happen to be photos of XTC in concert in Augie Krater rides again! December 10 Apple Venus Vol. It's free association time with St. Andrew of Bedroom Rock: Andy Partridge in Blurt. Power of Pop reviews Wasp Star. December 3 Nonsuch reviewed: November 24 Marty Willson Piper reviews Skylarking. November 23 Nonsuch reviewed: November 16 Record Collector reviewed Nonsuch.

November 12 Mark Smotroff's review of the new Nonsvch 5. November 1 Them's The Breaks: You can debate all you like whether an artist is born great, achieves greatness or has greatness thrust upon them, all I know is that this is a great album. Available from 1 November at jenolive. Andy Partridge contributes to six songs.

October 13 Todd Bernhardt spoke with Pete Phipps. Pete Phipps is now Drummer of the Week. Senses Working Overtime and Down in the Cockpit. Are there any other tunes you'd love to see transcribed? A number of people have mentioned Isle of Noises: Conversations with Great British Songwriters.

In this book, the author, Daniel Rachel has an in-depth conversation Andy Partridge and others. I'm proud to be part of this project. August 3 October date for Nonsuch 5. Nonsuch is the first in a series of expanded XTC album editions including 5. Steven Wilson has produced the new mixes with the input of founding band member Andy Partridge and the full approval of the band.

You can hear a few of the tracks on her Bandcamp page. Another quality release from Purple Pyramid Records. July 17 Rich Kamerman wrote again: Jim Fitzsimons found this articles in Stuck in the '80s: A Music War' Week: The recent birth of a son brought up some wonderful thoughts. May 19 Colin Moulding In Extremis: The album is produced by Billy Sherwood, who also plays drums, and he's the most likely connection between Mr.

Moulding and the band. May 3 Allan Knox points this out: Except that the interview is for Spinner. April 19 The Atlantic reviewed Gonwards mostly for its artwork: Great music and a greater cause. The Pay It Forward Fund pays basic living expenses for women in need while recovering from breast and other women's cancers. April 5 It's Here: We'd originally thought that Wing Beat Elastic might be a download-only collection, a low-profile side dish to Wing Beat Fantastic , but after arriving at the song sequence and listening to it a lot, we came to love it and wanted to give it a full CD release treatment.

We still love making physical products and I think we always will. February 14 Tor Lier points out this cool interview on the Shindig website. February 9 Gonwards reviewed: January 27 Wing Beat Fantastic reviewed: January 23 Mark Fisher leads us to this reprinted feature from The Guardian: January 20 Today's deviations: Thank you and good night.

On 12 December , XTC twitter: Wilson has been creating the wonderful surround mixes for the reissued King Crimson and Jethro Tull albums. I Don't Care About Sleep. January 5 A Testimonial Dinner reviewed: January 4 Gonwards reviewed: January 1 Gonwards reviewed: Wing Beat Fantastic reviewed: December 20 Gonwards reviewed: December 18 Wing Beat Fantastic reviewed: December 5 Gonwards reviewed: December 2 Gonwards reviewed: Green Man Music thanks to Stu Rowe.

December 1 Gonwards reviewed: Le blogue de Nicolas Houle thanks to Thierry Samzun. November 30 Stu Rowe found this new zoo review of Gonwards. November 17 Gonwards reviewed: November 11 Gonwards reviewed: November 9 Richard Higgins let us know that Tony Visconti chose Mummer as one of his favourite albums.

October 12 Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge have released another film from their forthcoming set Gonwards. Film by Mitch Friedman. October 11 Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge have released another film from their forthcoming set Gonwards. Film by Marina Lutz.

X is for XTC. Ricardo Juarez lets us know about an article about XTC conventions: Gonwards available to pre-order: Gonwards , the new collaboration between Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge, is now available for pre-order. The box set will include many extras, including extra tracks and films, an exclusive card game, and a lyric book. The set will be available on 22 October Stu Rowe posted this: Finally it's time to say this, and it's a sincere pleasure to do so: Wing Beat Fantastic , my new album made up primarily of songs co-written by myself and Andy Partridge, will be released on July 24!

And it's available for pre-order now! There's also a Wing Beat Fantastic T-shirt. June 24 Fossil Fools have been unable to replace their fourth member, so they have hung up their hats. Mastered, packaged, the lot. The release date is July 24 but we'll make it available for pre-order before then.

Progmeister Billy Sherwood has produced two all-star albums which will see an August 14, , release. The second album is entitled The Prog Collective , on which Mr. Moulding sings an original song by Mr. June 2 Egidio Sabbadini shared a photo: Central Park, December May 23 Here's a little article in Italian: Blur release Andy Partridge productions: On 30 July , Blur will release Blur Blur went on to rerecord those songs with producer Stephen Street for their album Modern Life is Rubbish.

The album is due to be released on 3 September , preceded by an EP entitled Wildflowers scheduled for 25 June April 28 Ray Hill shared some magazine covers: Download and print yours today. Billy Sherwood is in the process of recording two albums , a Supertramp tribute and an original prog-rock album.

February 28 Brian O'Connor gives us a heads up on an interview he and his colleague did with Mr Partridge for episode 8 of their songwriting podcast, Sodajerker on Songwriting. Another compilation that Andy and Colin won't make any money on: February 11 Thanks to Darlene Miller for her contribution! February 5 I may be slow sometimes, but I do eventually get around to it.

In this case, I received some images from Bill Wikstrom two years ago. I converted them to web pages today. Check out his Oxfordshire-based covers band the The Vinyl Vandals. January 16 Scott Nuckles sent in a sampling of scans, and I'm gradually working through them.

Today's batch includes an Australian gig poster for the Cloudland show, July , a UK advert for the Electric Ballroom show, Nov , an autographed copy of Chalkhills and Children , and a batch of items from Paris Promotions run by Rob Wyborn, Andy Partridge's then-brother-in-law: January 15 Scott Nuckles provided a pile of pictures: November 11 For the practicing Duke, J.

October 15 Beware the Ides of October! Did I mention that Chalkhills now has a Facebook presence? Visit us and join today! A happy combination of an active XTC forum and the rise of the band created an amazing series of gigs culminating in a gathering of XTC fans in Swindon in As an XTC tribute, the Fossil Fools know that such circumstances are unlikely to happen again, but that doesn't diminish the pure pleasure they get from bringing XTC songs to life.

Come and join us! Saturday, November 12, 7: Opening band is The Florida Recounts. October 5 Many thanks to John Powell for his donation. Andy , Colin , and XTC. Todd Osborn found this review of Black Sea. June 25 The new book edited by Shigemasa Fujimoto: The new book edited by Shigemasa Fujimoto who brought you Wonderland: XTC Discography , Limited edition available soon by mail order only from EphemeraFile Canada.

June 11 Ape House moves to Burning Shed: Burning Shed has recently taken over ordering and fulfillment for the Ape House store. Rumour has it that the Ape House web site will be completely overhauled in the coming months. You can listen to the show on WFDU May 21 Paul Ferguson used his new toy Tablature 1.

Thanks to Per Aronsson. Volume 1 is now available for download. Richard also has a few CDs available. Side 1 and Side 2. April 26 Fossil Fools gig on 9 July: Please check out www. Also with the reel. I started recording final versions of two of the approximately eight songs that Andy and I have written together. February 17 Augie Krater presents a scan he's been wanting to do for years: Bill sent me all these scans in July , and I'm slowly working through them still.

February 11 Joe Lepper wrote to let us know about a new feature on Neon Filler: Number 91 is Psonic Psunspot. They will be taking part in a charity fund-raising day for victims of the floods in Brisbane, Australia. They expect to be on stage at around 5pm, and will play for 45 minutes or so. Out of print for years and now available to download.

January 18 Augie Krater scanned and cleaned and removed the ringwear on his copy of the gorgeous Grass single. January 4 Nigels With Attitude, January 2 I just realized I screwed up last year and did not change the volume number of the Chalkhills digest. Well, and so I engaged in a bit of revisionism and changed it now.

Check out the result. A Wizard A True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio. The book includes an entire chapter on the recording of XTC's Skylarking. Thanks to Bill Wikstrom. December 5 Augie Krater recently acquired the totally beautiful Japanese Drums and Wires LP, then he scanned the front cover and the badass obi. Stay tuned to this station for more information as it becomes available.

November 28 I was looking at some scans from Graeme Wong See and I noticed that Rolling Stone completely changed their web site recently. XTC no longer has an entry. November 19 The last two pictures from Gerhard Satke's recent contribution: November 11 Veteran contributor Augie Krater has provided the following: November 10 I'm still working through Gerhard Satke's contributions.

Now available are the following photos: I think he'll be taking over as web designer. All profits from the sale of this record will go directly to Tim Smith. November 2 Adrian Warren was looking though some old music mags retrieved from his loft and came across this advert for Psonic Psunspot from Melody Maker , August 8th, Be the first on your block!

October 8 Patrick Bouchez wrote with some great news: October 1 October already! In that interview, Mr. Partridge made a list of his favorite XTC tracks. Thanks to Chris Handy and Euron Griffith. July 22 Augie Krater did some shopping and scanning: Augie Krater found this cool promo pic of XTC.

Does anybody have a spare copy they can send me? June 10 Colin Moulding News: Colin plays beautifully as always - the part is a real Moulding work of art! I don't know if I have my facts straight but might this be his first bass outing in about nine years?

Either way, I know XTC fans certainly won't be disappointed with his playing and may rather enjoy my album into the bargain! June 4 Fossil Fools move to The Rolleston: The fun starts at 8. May 15 Thierry Samzun wrote with some news from France: Four pages about xtc can be seen here.

May 2 Ricardo Juarez sent in a photo of a review of Nonsuch from the April issue of the Canadian music magazine Network. Sentire Ascoltare reviews English Settlement. April 17 I'm doing some site maintenance. See what you will see. Give it a spin. This is Wiltshire puts the Spotlight on The Everyday Story of Smalltown: On Thursday, 15 April , April 3 Swindon on a Thin Wire: Thanks to Brian Damage.

The issue also included the lyrics. Thanks to Rob Hill. Augie Krater bought the Mayor of Simpleton cassette single and scanned its cover. March 27 The only notes that count are the ones that come from Wilts: Check out these Smash Hits Reviews: March 23 Brian Damage is gradually putting up an issue of Smash Hits every fortnight, on the 30th anniversary of the original publication date.

The September , , issue features an advertisement for the limited edition Making Plans For Nigel game single. On the cover, you can see the musicians and a few record sleeves in the foreground. Look carefully, and perhaps you will be able to identify one of their influences. The tribute band Nigels With Attitude have announced their next show!

Come see the best musicians of Atlanta perform the music of XTC! Thanks to Rob Leary. Augie Krater bought the Statue of Liberty single and scanned it. Tributosaurus returns for two XTC tribute shows, so here's your chance to see and hear a reconstruction of XTC's unique production style in a live venue. Don't miss them this time! February 12 Ape Loves Haiti: Ape Loves Haiti is a download-only compilation, all proceeds of which will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee , so please be generous.

There are a few surprises and exclusives, and beautiful artwork has been donated by Andrew Swainson. The album is offered through July, so buy early and buy often. February 4 Augie Krater noticed that it'd been far too long since there was any news, so he did the obvious thing and bought the Japanese Making Plans for Nigel single, and scanned it, which was a bit tough due to the condition of the cover.

And then he scanned the back cover for good measure. Augie Krater presents this detail from the cover of Skylarking. Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the Scissor Man. January 24 Augie Krater scanned and tweezed and huffed and puffed and was ultimately defeated by the cover of Skylarking. January 17 Leisure does XTC: They're going to reprise the show for public consumption next month.

Don't miss this show if you're anywhere near Cincinnati. Saturday, February 27, at 9: January 7 Mark Bignell clued us in to this Album Review: Augie Krater scanned and tweezed and cleaned up and perfected the front and back covers of the Wake Up single. January 2 Orpheus in Orpheus: Orpheus , a new ballet by John Neumeier, is being performed this month at the Hamburg Ballet.

He also notes that this is the first time any XTC song has made it to the list. December 9 Jean Christophe Prunet sent in a pic of his ticket to see XTC at Le Palace, Paris, on the fateful night of 18 March when Andy Partridge stumbled off the stage, the victim of exhaustion, valium addiction and an uncaring music business machine, and three snapshots he took of the band performing: December 8 Fossil Fools at the Furnace: Thanks to Status Promotions!

December 7 Nonsuch reviewed: The Complete and Utter Dukes reviewed: Partridge is not Lightheaded: Years ago Andy Partridge worked with animator Mike Dacko on music for a short film called Lightheaded. Dacko has more recently worked with Thievery Corporation and has decided not to use Mr.

The film has gone on to win numerous awards. November 24 eBay is always an interesting source of XTC memorabilia. Yesterday I found the following: I finally got around to transcribing it. November 21 Bill Wikstrom sent in this Virgin U. Last April he scanned the review and finally I got around to transcribing it.

And Andy and I in some of the mummer suits that were still around at the time of Skylarking. I couldn't take one home no room in the suitcase so I asked for a photo instead! November 8 Tin Spirits Play Stompbox: Stompbox , the UK's first dedicated effects pedal shoppe, is hosting a launch party on Wednesday 18th November at their shoppe located in Northwood, North West London.

There will also be a charity raffle to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Atlanta XTC tribute to play again: The show starts at 8: Thanks to Andisheh Nouraee. October 25 More backlog from the collection of Bill Wikstrom: October 18 More backlog from the collection of Bill Wikstrom: Find the Silver Key: The Silver Key has been released and the treasure hunt has begun!

Dave Gregory plays on two tracks on the rather unusual album by The Weirdo Deluxe. All the clues needed to find it are hidden in this album. Give thanks for his scans of the front and back covers. You won't be disappointed. I'm working through my backlog again: Go read it if you're so inclined and if you do, leave a kind comment in their not my comments area so they know that people actually read these things.

October 1 Psonic Psunspot reviewed: Stretch your fingers out, boys. September 9 Black Sea reviewed: September 6 Another round of scans from the collection of Bill Wikstrom has produced these lovelies: September 5 Skylarking images from the collection of Bill Wikstrom: The Wall Street Journal.

August 30 Bill Wikstrom has provided a pile of images that I am slowly digging myself out from under: August 23 More images from Bill Wikstrom: Picture yourself in a boat on a river that leads from 's jolly wonderland of English Psychedelia right up to the paisley lollipop of 's 25 O'Clock by the Dukes of Stratosphear. DJ Robby will play an upsy-daisy assortment of classic English 60s psych that directly influenced the Dukes and a healthy bit of the Dukes as well!

August 9 Bill Wikstrom contributed more scans: August 8 Bill Wikstrom has been scanning his collection and contributing to Chalkhills: July 20 Find the Silver Key: Another review of those albums can be found at Psychedelic Sight. July 13 Augie Krater scanned the photo from the Drums and Wires lyrics sheet.

He ripped it and removed some hiss and has made it available for download. Is there a higher quality download available elsewhere? If not, this one's for you. WCOM is an all-volunteer, non-profit, community-oriented radio station and a labor of love.

The show should appeal to both hardcore and new XTC fans. June 12 Augie Krater has provided this very nice scan of the original 25 O'Clock front cover. I have the archive material and now looking for a suitable venue. I'm looking at making it a special event worthy of the group and fellow fans. I feel well equipped to stage the event having the experience of organising the original set between 89 - Anyone interested please contact me at: Augie Krater has completed his final exams, so now he's back at work scanning and tweezing.

June 8 The Dukes of Stratosphear reissues reviewed: GoFundMe campaign aims to send young girls to see 'Captain Marvel' The goal is to send young girls to the inspiring new movie. Diane Kruger pleads for photos of her newborn baby to be taken down The actress is taking a stand against unauthorized photographs of her child.

Kelly' producers open up about motives behind explosive documentary They said they're proud of "Surviving R. Kelly" and the women who came forward. Kevin Hart on Oscars controversy, why he's not hosting the show The actor said on "GMA" he's done discussing the controversy over his tweets. Officials urge accusers, witnesses to speak in 'deeply disturbing' R.

Kelly' linked to increased calls to National Sexual Assault Hotline Survivors are calling the hotline after seeing the Lifetime series. Everyone is digging John Travolta's bald new do The legendary actor posted a new pic with a new look! Beyonce spotted at Target and fans are losing their minds Check out the hilarious social media posts about the icon.

Colton Underwood's journey begins as 6 women head home Get the full recap! Regina King's big year includes Globe, Emmy, gender challenge and more Take a look inside this game-changer's big year. Lindsay Lohan feels 'comfortable' in the spotlight again and reveals new movie plans The actress is in a new MTV series about her namesake beach club in Mykonos.

How the women use words to impress Colton Different women have the same idea of showing off their multilingual skills. There are were four or five dancers kind of hanging out, talking to each other, the manager and a couple guys who…. I had to work some daytime hours here lately so This Tuesday after work I dropped in about 5: I work a 3: I went here on a Thursday night around midnight.

Overall the club is a friendly place, bartenders provide good service and the bouncers keep the place tidy. I took one girl to the back room…. Was passing through town and looking for a club to pass some time. Online reviews seemed ok and the place looked fairly clean from the website.

Club was a ways out of town, not hard…. Centerfolds is a decent option in town for two reasons. First it is so close to the airport it practically has a gate number. Second they run frequent specials on dances that make it reasonably…. Bouncers are rude and management will charge more in credit cards. Some cute girls but dances are mostly air dances and short timers.

If you just…. Roadworrier Lapland. So it was snowing and icing and the temperature was plummeting. I stumbled in around 4…. I was in a business trip down in Columbus area. The meeting finished early so that I had some time to kill before heading home. Checked out a few clubs on the web and decided….

Mac Virginia. Went here on a Saturday afternoon before heading to the airport. First time going. Small club with a center stage and a bunch of tvs on the wall. Walked in and was one of 2…. There were not many talented looking ladies I counted two that I was interested…. It has been a long time since I have stepped into Centerfold.

I had to drop someone off at the airport and thought I would stop in for a drink.

Super busty mature

Picture yourself in a boat on a river that leads from 's jolly wonderland of English Psychedelia right up to the paisley lollipop of 's 25 O'Clock by the Dukes of Stratosphear. I showed up to the club 15 minutes after it opened and they still hadn't turned the music on and no dancers were on stage. I was very impressed with the talent of the the dancers at The Centerfold Club. March 14 Mark Budgen wrote to say that the Looking For Footprints pic sleeve was something he made for himself. Mail Go to Mail. Plus supporting guest Felicity Fox.

Reviews of Centerfold Club in Columbus, Ohio:

Fuzzy Warbles Collector's Album reviewed and recommended: CD is now available at the Ape House Records web site. Well, you may find this hard to believe but There will also be a charity raffle to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

It's here, the one you've been hankering for. Don Lemon opens up about being gay in the black community. The Dharma Initiative 3: November 23 Nonsuch reviewed:

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